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Hi FoodTube it's Anna Jones here I'm gonna show you how to make my
winter soup three ways. I'm gonna show you a basic
master soup recipe that you can then add-on and change
into three different delicious soups throughout the week
Soup is amazing this time of year it's warming
it's really cheap, the ingredients are available in any shop
your local corner shop and it's super, super nutritious
So for me there's 5 elements to any basic soup
We start off with the base, the onion
carrots, garlic. They're gonna be the flavours that we build upon
then we've got the herbs, I'm using thyme today then we move on
to the spices I've got cumin and fennel here
they add a bit depth and then we're moving on to the hero,
the main event. This is kind of the backbone of the soup. Affordable hearty veg
We'e using sweet potato and squash today and the fifth element
the last bit is the backup flavour we're going to use some spinach today
that sits behind the hero and to bind it all together
we've just got some lovely vegetable stock. So I've got my base
already chopped up. I've got one large onion or two smaller ones
a couple of carrots and a couple of cloves of garlic
I've got my pan on a kind of medium heat. A little drizzle of olive oil
and then I'm gonna pop in all of my base.
The next thing is some thyme, we just want a small bunch and I'm just going to pick the little leaves
just like that off the stalk. So let's think about the spices
tablespoon of cumin and a tablespoon of fennel seeds
So we're just going to leave that sweating for about 10 minutes until it's really really soft
and sweet and the onions are sort of translucent in colour. Right so onto the
main event of the soup I'm using a couple of sweet potatoes
and I'm using about half a butternut squash
You always need to be really, really careful with your fingers when you're chopping up squash
I'm using squash and sweet potatoes here but you could really use any vegetables that you've
got in your fridge and I'm just going to chop these up about the same size
come over and have a look in here. I'm just going to check on
my base so you can see there all the sweetness has
come out of those vegetables and we're ready to put our hero veg in
Now that may look like a lot but it's going to make six bowls of soup so it's going to go quite a long way
So we're going to give that a good stir
Pop in a bit of sea salt and a good pinch of pepper
and then we're just going to top up with some hot vegetable stock
So we're going to leave that to simmer on a medium heat for about 20 to 30 minutes until all
the veggies cooked through.
So this is had about 20-25 minutes
and you can see this is just right the squash is lovely and soft, the sweet
potato has started breaking down and you can see
all those lovely flavours have start mingling together so the last thing we're gonna do
is add the backup flavour, I'm using spinach but you could use broccoli
you could use some peas, you could use broad beans, you could use some asparagus
So that's our basic soup ready. Now I'm gonna show you how to take it
3 different ways for 3 completely different dinners
The first thing I'm gonna do
is just ladle out about a third of the soup
and I'm gonna keep this a bit chunky so it feels a bit more like a stew
blitz up the other two thirds just using a hand blender
until it's really nice and smooth.
So that's perfect. Start off with
the first soup I'm gonna top it with a thyme and chili oil so in here
I've got a bit of chili, I've got a bit of thyme
a little pinch of salt
and I'm just going to bash this up to get all the flavours going
Grab a bit of oil and pop a bit of oil in here
you can just see there that there's all the thyme bashed up and the chili
and that's all being released into the really delicious oil. You can use a really good
oil here because
this isn't going to be damaged by the heat and I'm just going to top this
with some of this delicious chili and thyme oil
It's a really really simple soup but that extra virgin olive oil
the thyme and the chili which is all bashed up is gonna really lift this into
something completely different. Now we're onto the next soup
day two and this one's a chunkier soup I'm just gonna bring this over here
it's still nice and warm I'm just stirring through a small handful
or about 4 tablespoons of cannellini beans, they're lovely
and buttery and they'll really up the protein content of this soup
So it's really really gonna fill you up
So you can tell already that those feel like two completely different meals,
this feels like a really hearty stew
and this is a more soft of refined and delicate
soup. What I'm going to do just to top it off is add a few crispy sage leaves
these are just been fried in a tiny bit of olive oil and now for our final soup
I'm going to add a few tablespoons of brown rice in here
it's really important if you're using leftover rice that you make sure it's
really really super hot
Either heat up in the microwave or you could pop it into your soup
and just boil it away until it's really really nice and hot. The brown rice
adds some extra fibre, some extra carbohydrate. Makes this soup
a little bit heartier so this is a really good one to have for dinner if you're feeling
really hungry
So I'm just adding a little bit the soup and then you finish this off
with a little bit natural yogurt. You could use coconut yogurt or soy yogurt if you
don't like dairy
So there you have it one, two
three really delicious different soups
from one super simple basic recipe
if you want anymore soup recipes look at the box below
JamieOliver.com if you like this recipe give us a thumbs up
and if you liked it please share on social media and with your friends
if you haven't subscribed to food tube yet you can subscribe up there
it's absolutely free and I'd love to hear about your soup recipes in the comments
box below
this and loads more healthy recipes are in my book
a modern way to eat and head over to JamieOliver.com for
even more inspiration


好美味!超簡單的蔬菜湯食譜! (Easy Vegetable Soup - Three Ways | Anna Jones)

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