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  • Today were at a Chinese-style restaurant.

  • As we look at the table, we can see the table is fully set.

  • Therere teacups, plates and also chopsticks and spoons, which are on the holders.

  • One of the first things we do when going to a restaurant is to get a table.

  • When you walk in a door,the staff will ask you a table for how many

  • and you respond with the number of people you want.

  • Then the staff will take you to the table, and youll be seated

  • and youll get ready for your ordering process.

Today were at a Chinese-style restaurant.


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彰化一分鐘英語教室 中式餐廳 (A Chinese-style Restaurant) (彰化一分鐘英語教室 中式餐廳 (A Chinese-style Restaurant))

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