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Millions of people travel abroad for medical treatment, from dental work to major heart surgery.
all done at a fraction of the cost back home.
Medical tourism brings in billions of dollars a year worldwide.
So, we wanted to know, what exactly is medical tourism?
Well, since the mid 20th century, healthcare costs have exploded in many developed countries, especially the United States.
Some have blamed this on the closed system of procedure and drug pricing,
which is not allowed for free market competition.
So when prices rise, they don't go back down.
Other factors, like exaggerated insurance billing, malpractice lawsuits,
and infrequent but serious doctor visits contribute to increasing costs.
According to a 2011 OECD report, a procedure like a heart bypass can cost more than $100,000 dollars in the US.
However, that same procedure could run less than $4,000 dollars in Mexico.
For those without health insurance or high deductibles, medical tourism represents a viable and beneficial alternative.
For Americans, the most common medical tourism destinations include Thailand, India, Mexico, and Cuba.
In many of these developing countries, medical tourism represents a lucrative and growing source of economic revenue.
Countries are actually competing for medical tourists.
In Japan, the government is instituting new policies that will help increase the number of hospitals accepting foreign patients.
Worldwide, the industry is said to be worth up to $55 billion dollars.
However, there are certain drawbacks.
The US Center for Disease Control has registered several safety concerns
over higher rates of bacterial infections and diseases for medical tourists.
These can be attributed to less strict sanitation rules in other countries and and the presence of contagious diseases that are otherwise rare in the US.
In 2014, 19 American women, who traveled to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery, contracted bacterial infections.
Additionally, transplant tourism has become a highly controversial issue.
Medical tourists can obtain organs and transplant operations without waiting in a long line, and for less money.
But the World Health Organization says that the organs often come from vulnerable people.
Most of the world has completely banned transplant tourism;
however, organs can still be purchased on the black market.
Medical tourism also presents problems for locals who now face more competition for healthcare in their own country.
Wealthy outsiders can crowd out native citizens, and even raise the prices for certain procedures by increasing demand.
Healthcare providers, too, can be required to change their practices in order to accommodate and cater to foreigners.
A recent report on healthcare in developed countries ranked the US last in effectiveness and efficiency.
This is despite the fact that the US spends more money on healthcare per person than any other country.
Presently, the future of medical tourism is expected to remain profitable
as experts predict billions of dollars in revenue growth for the coming years.
Another unusual type of tourism is birth tourism.
To learn more about this controversial practice, watch this video.
The law allowing citizenship by birth didn't exist prior to the passing of the 14th Amendment in 1868.
It was passed as a way to guarantee the citizenship to African Americans and their children, this was done in the wake of civil war and the evolution of slavery.
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新旅遊現象!什麼是醫療旅遊? (What Is Medical Tourism?)

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fraction 是名詞,有碎片、一小部分和分數的意思。但它所指的分數不是 score, 而是有分子、分母的分數!常見的用法有:a fraction closer 稍微近一點、 a fraction of the cost 很便宜、a fraction of a second 轉瞬間。
I have only done a fraction of my homework.

She did an even better job, and in a fraction of the time.

She paused for a fraction of a second before moving on to the next chapter.

They can produce the product at a fraction of the cost?

TED-ED : 為什麼我們就是無法看到外星人存在的線索呢?(Why can't we see evidence of alien life? - Chris Anderson)

2contribute to0:39
contribute to 有貢獻、捐款或造成什麼結果的意思。除了 contribute to,與它相似的還有 attribute todistributeattribute to 是歸因於或歸咎於的意思,而 distribute 則是分發、分配的意思。
I contributed to the group research paper by writing the introduction.

He attributes his success to good teamwork.

They distribute the land to orange farmers evenly.

中文字讓外國人很頭痛?讓這部影片告訴你!(中英字幕) (Introduction to Chinese Characters)

lucrative 是一個形容詞,意思是賺錢的或盈利的,特別用在形容 business (商業)、job (職業)、activity (商業活動) 的時候。當要描述一個職業是很賺錢時,可以說 lucrative employment,意思是有利可圖的職業。
Dentistry is a lucrative business.

lucrative 的相似詞有:

remunerative 有酬勞的
After graduation, he has not had any remunerative employment.

advantageous 有好處的
The company enjoys an advantageous position under the new regulation.

fruitful 有成果的
A good CEO must know how to deploy the limited resources available to produce the most fruitful result.

profitable 有盈利的
This is a profitable business.

一堂全世界都該知道的性教育課 Sarah Jones: One woman, five characters, and a sex lesson from the future (Sarah Jones: One woman, five characters, and a sex lesson from the future)

vulnerable 是形容詞,有易受影響或脆弱的的意思。而影片中的 vulnerable people 在世界衛生組織的定義下是指 children (孩童)、pregnant women (孕婦)、elderly people (長者)、malnourished people (營養不良者) 等較容易生病或受災難摧殘的族群,其實也就是中文泛稱的老弱婦孺。
Optimists are less vulnerable to disease.

【TED-Ed】海龜的生存之道 The survival of the sea turtle - Scott Gass

cater 後面可以加 tofor,基本上兩種的意思都是提供、迎合的意思,cater to 是提供某個食物給特定人或是滿足某族群或某人的意思,而 cater for 指的是在社交場合中提供飲品或食物。
We need to cater our content to suit our audience’s tastes.

The legislation catered to various special interest groups.

【TED】愛情中的數學 Hannah Fry: The mathematics of love


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編輯/ Sunny




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