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Hey, what's up guys, It's Keaton here, so we are currently in Australia with the brand new iPhone 6s and the 6s plus.
We are going to drop test them.
Just to see how they fair as there are some new metal in this the 7000 series aluminum.
Which in theory should hold up better than last year's iPhone 6 and 6 plus dropped test.
So, let's going to find out!
So, we are going to be droping the new 6s and 6s plus from 3 different heights, like we always do.
One from pocket level, one from head level, em... I and about 6'2, and then one from above the head.
Just to kinda get a good idea? Ah...uh... If you were to drop your phone from your pocket. How would it go?
So, first we are gonna to use the pocket height drop.
We are gonna put the 6s plus in my pocket here, and then this is the 6s. We are going to take them out and 3 2 1
So, this is the 6s plus here. We are going to check and see if there is any damage.
Maybe there is like a scuff on the screen. Trying to clean it up here.
Look it around. Okay. So that's where the point of the impact was that took the most damage.
On the side, it's pretty good. Tops good, other sides good.
In the back, it's fine and the screen works,too.
So, this is the 6s here and it's landed on its back. Looking around to find some damage.
So, few markings right there, there
One right there. I am actually surprised about this because this would take a lot more damage, but it... I think it's holding pretty well.
and we can say that's because of the aluminum
Some markings there. Nothing really on the side. Okay, that was... that was definitely the point of impact right there.
That's the uh... deepest of them all. But overall the back looks good, the front looks good.
You are gonna be all fine!
So, the 6s and 6s plus handled pretty well in the pocket drop. You gonna be totally fine there in case of it does fall out of your pocket
So, now we are going to loose the 6s and 6s plus from your head in case of you are making a phone call and just slip.
So, dropping in 3 2 1.
Picking up the 6s plus here.
On the side, it is clean. On the back, I think we are good, maybe a little damage there.
This side is pretty good. Top is good. The back is good and
I am almost certain this was where the point of impact was, you see, the little chip there.
So, for the 6s, the screen is totally good and that's really what you care about.
On the back, no scratches at all.
The side, a little bit more uh... a little bit more damage there.
The bottom, samo-samo. And that where the point of impact was. That's pretty deep, but overall guys, this is holding up really well.
So, so far the 6s and 6s plus hold up pretty well in the pocket and head level drop.
So, now we are going to drop from above the head and dropping in 3 2 1.
Oh! That's bad.
So, the 6s landed face down and I am almost certain it's shattered.
Oh! That is horrible. Look at that. That's nasty. Alright, the screen still works, the glass is popping up, so doubly be careful of there.
On the side, a little bit more damage, but overall I mean you can still use this phone and the screen replacement doesn't really cost that much
For the 6s plus here, you can definitely tell the 7000 series aluminum is making a difference.
So the phone lands on its face. It's almost gonna cracked the screen, that's the given.
But, the 7000 series aluminum holding up pretty well.
I mean, the dents are kind of intense, but they are not as bad as I thought.... Alright, not as bad as I think.
There we go. And um... The phone still works perfectly fine!
So, I wanna make you know, the 6s plus is noticeably heavier than my iPhone 6 plus and I will say it's a little bit more durable than this guy.
eh... Just because of the weight and when it drops out of your pocket to land a certain way.
But, I am pretty impressed with both phones!
So, normal TechSmart fashion we always do a 10 foot or so drop. So I am on the chair right now.
We are gonna test out the 6s plus because the 6s just shattered.
So, this holds up from a face down 10 foot drop, then we are knowing something. Ready.
Dropping in 3 2 1
Oh my god~
So, let's see how the 6s plus did.
Oh my god~
That was face down like... straight up guys. This was face down dropped from 10 feet.
Landed on its face, you guys saw it. And it's perfectly working fine.
A little bit damage I've seen on the side, but I am actually really surprised you know, like...
So, if you guys like me and you don't want a case on your brand new phone and I mean...... I've been doing that for a long time.
Really your only option is Apple Care, but this year it costs a minimum of $230 and for days on the budget, that's just doesn't work.
So. I found another site that's called "Protect Your Bubble" and for only 6 bucks a month and then a $50 replacement fee.
It's the more affordable route and I mean...
I just can't be shelling out 230 bucks in a mort(gage). So, if you guys want to check it out, the link can be found in the description below.
And, I'll keep my phone, case for you.
So, yeah, that's pretty much for this video guys. If you enjoy it, it will be really sick if you could leave me a like. Alright, ready?
The 6s plus held up from a face-first drop in like 10 feet, which we are pretty certain it will shattered, but the 6s... didn't hold up, throughout.
So, if you guys enjoy this video, it could be really sick if you could leave me a like. I traveled all the way in Australia with Matt from the US, a 19-hour flight, it was just really mean a lot.


iPhone 6S Plus 真的比較耐摔?我們摔給你看!(iPhone 6S Plus Survives 10-foot Drop?!)

16542 分類 收藏
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