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OSHO International Foundation presents
Osho: Books I Have Loved
I have loved reading from my very childhood.
My own personal library
consisted of one hundred fifty thousand rare books
of all the religions, philosophies, poetry, literature.
And I have read all of them,
but with no purpose; I enjoyed it.
My father used to go
at least three, four times to Bombay,
and he would ask all the children,
"What would you like?"
And he would ask me also,
"If you want anything
I can note it down and bring it from Bombay."
I never asked him.
Once I said, "I only want you
to come back
more human,
less fatherly, more friendly,
less dictatorial, more democratic.
Bring a little more freedom for me when you come back."
He said, "But these things are not available in the market."
I said, "I know they are not available in the market,
but these are the things I would like: a little more freedom,
a little bigger rope,
fewer orders, fewer commandments,
and a little respect."
No child
has asked for respect.
You ask for toys,
a bicycle,
and things like that. You get them,
but these are not the real things which are going to make your life
I asked him for money only when
I wanted to purchase more books;
I never asked money for anything else.
And I told him,
"When I ask for money for books
you had better give it to me."
He said, "What do you mean?"
I said, "I simply mean that
if you don't give it to me then I will have to steal it.
I don't want to be
a thief
but if you force me
then there is no way.
You know I don't have money.
I need these books
and I am going to have them, that you know.
So if money is not given to me
then I will take it;
and remember in your mind that it was you who forced me to steal."
He said, "No need to steal.
Whenever you need money you simply come and take it."
And I said, "You be assured it is only for the books,"
but there was no need for the assurance because
he went on seeing my library growing in the house.
Slowly there was no place in the house
for anything other than my books.
And my father said, "Now,
in our house, we had a library;
now in the library, we have a house!
And we all have to take care of your books
because if something goes wrong with any book you make so much fuss,
you create so much trouble
that everybody is afraid of your books.
And they are everywhere;
you cannot avoid stumbling on them.
And there are small children...."
I said,
"Small children are not a problem to me;
the problem is the older children.
The smaller children -- l respect them so much
that they are very protective of my books."
It was a strange thing to see in my house.
My younger brothers and sisters were all protective of my books
when I was not there:
nobody could touch my books.
And they would clean them and they would keep them
in the right place, wherever I had put them,
so when I needed any book I could find it.
And it was a simple matter because I was so respectful to them,
and they could not show their respect in any other way
than to be respectful to my books
I said, "The real problems are the older children
my uncles, my aunts,
my father's sisters,
these are the people...my father's brothers-in-law --
these are the people who are the trouble.
I don't want anybody else
to mark my books, underline in my books,
I hated the very idea that somebody should underline in my books.
One of my father's brothers-in-law --
he was a professor
so he must have been in the habit --
would write notes on my books.
I had to tell him,
"This is simply
not only unmannerly, uncivilized,
it shows
what kind of mind you have.
To me a book
is not just a book, it is a love affair.
If you underline any book
then you have to pay for it and take the book.
Then I don't want that book here,
because one dirty fish
can make the whole pond dirty.
I don't want any book prostituted -- you take it."
He was very angry
because he could not understand.
I said, "You don't understand me because you don't know me much.
You just talk to my father."
And my father said to him, "lt was your fault.
Why did you underline his book?
Why did you write a note in his book?
What purpose did it serve to you? --
because the book will remain in his library.
In the first place you never asked his permission,
that you wanted to read his book.
You will be surprised
that by the time I was a matriculate
I had read
thousands of books
I was finished
with Kahlil Gibran,
Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gorky,
When I was
finishing my intermediate
I was finished with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,
Bertrand Russell --
all the philosophers that I could find in any library,
in any
or borrow from anybody.
Why did you stop reading in 1980 and
how do you stay informed on world events?
I've heard that you enjoy movies...
and watch movies at times. Is that true?
Once in a while, because I don't read any more.
Otherwise I was
perhaps the most
educated man in the whole world.
My own personal library was one hundred fifty thousand volumes,
of immense value,
and I was reading continuously.
But then I got my own truth
and all those books started seeming rubbish.
Slowly slowly
they became meaningless. Once in a while one book
may turn out
to have some significance,
but five years before I stopped it.
It was too much.
You read one hundred books
and one book sometimes turns out to be of any meaning.
And that too is not going to
increase my consciousness, my being.
So for five years I have not read anything --
no newspaper, no radio, no television.
Once in a while if my
sannyasins see a film which they feel
has something significant,
then I see it.
But very rarely.
For example, Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov,
when it became a film
then I saw it because I consider that book
to be far more valuable than holy Bible.
It is
so immensely rich with insights.
So it happens once in a while
that they bring something
if they feel that
it may interest me. Then I see it. But rarely.
Featuring: "Music From the World of Osho" Source: The Last Testament, Vol 1 #26 ; From Misery to Enlightenment #15; The Last Testament, Vol. 3 #4
Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO ® is a registered TM. For more information, visit: www.osho.com


宗教哲學大師「奧修」: 我愛的書 (OSHO: Books I have Loved)

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