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  • See what I mean, Walter? Sure. I got good eyesight.

  • You mean you want him to have the policy without him knowing it.

  • And that means without the insurance company knowing that he doesn't know it.

  • That's the setup, isn't it? Is there anything wrong with it?

  • No, I think it's lovely.

  • Then, if some dark, wet night, that crown block did fall on him...

  • What crown block?

  • Only sometimes it can't quite make it on its own, it has to have a little help.

  • I don't know what you're talking about.

  • Of course, it doesn't have to be a crown block.

  • It can be a car backing over him, or he could fall out of the upstairs window.

  • Any little thing like that, just so it's a morgue job.

  • Are you crazy? Not that crazy.

  • Goodbye, Mrs. Dietrichson. What's the matter?

  • Look, baby, you can't get away with it.

  • You want to knock him off, don't you?

  • That's a horrible thing to say.

  • What'd you think I was, anyway?

  • A guy that walks into a good looking dame's front parlor and says:

  • "Good afternoon, I sell accident insurance on husbands.

  • "You got one that's been around too long?

  • "One you'd like to turn into a little hard cash?

  • "Just give me a smile and I'll help you collect. "

  • Boy, what a dope you must think I am. I think you're rotten.

  • I think you're swell, so long as I'm not your husband.

  • Get out of here. You bet I'll get out of here, baby.

  • I'll get out of here, but quick.

  • (Walter) So I let her have it straight between the eyes.

  • She didn't fool me for a minute, not this time.

  • I knew I had hold of a red-hot poker...

  • and the time to drop it was before it burned my hand off.

  • I stopped at a drive-in for a bottle of beer, the one I had wanted all along...

  • only I wanted it worse now, to get rid of the sour taste of her iced tea...

  • and everything that went with it.

  • I didn't want to go back to the office so I dropped by a bowling alley...

  • at Third and Western and rolled a few lines...

  • to get my mind thinking about something else for a while.

  • I didn't feel like eating dinner when I left, and I didn't feel like a show.

  • So, I drove home, put the car away and went up to my apartment.

  • It had begun to rain outside and I watched it get dark...

  • and didn't even turn on the light.

  • That didn't help me either.

  • I was all twisted up inside...

  • and I was still holding on to that red-hot poker.

  • And right then it came over me that I hadn't walked out on anything at all.

  • That the hook was too strong...

  • that this wasn't the end between her and me.

  • It was only the beginning.

  • So at 8:00 the bell would ring and I'd know who it was without even having to think.

  • As if it was the most natural thing in the world.

  • Hello. You forgot your hat this afternoon.

See what I mean, Walter? Sure. I got good eyesight.


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Double Indemnity (3/9) Movie CLIP - A Red Hot Poker (1944) HD (Double Indemnity (3/9) Movie CLIP - A Red Hot Poker (1944) HD)

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