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Hej! My name is Fredrik Biel. I work as an interior designer for IKEA.
I want to show you what we've done in this small box.
This bathroom is only 2.7 square meters and by using the vertical space-
-we were able to fit in a laundry area.
And using this small cabinet with holes you can sort out your laundry directly.
When you open it, it's easy to pull out this basket-
-which is very lightweight.
We put in the washing machine, which, in depth, is narrower than normal.
And when you don't want to look at the laundry any more-
-you just close it.
And on this side of the bathroom we have the bath area.
We put up some nice shelves here for your bath things.
But also you can put up candles and stuff if you want that spa feeling.
We also put up this drying rack, which you can raise to the ceiling.
You can also lower it when you want to dry some clothes.
And on this side, as you can see, we have very narrow storage.
Like this sink for instance, you have-
-the tap on the side to save space. You also have a built in shelf here.
And also hooks on the side.
This unit here is based on boxes that's for waste sorting, actually.
We use it here instead to have storage for your make-up and stuff.
And on this side we put up cabinets here, with two mirrors.
Which makes a long mirror, so it's good when you're getting dressed.
On the side here, we have shelves for towels and other things.
That's all. Hej då!


【生活英文】小巧思創造大空間 - IKEA居家佈置術 (IKEA Small Spaces - Squeezing a small laundry room into a small bathroom)

15333 分類 收藏
林曉玉 發佈於 2015 年 9 月 20 日
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