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The Project Panel is where you store
all of the assets that make up your game.
Anything you create with the panel,
and any asset you import, will be kept here.
You can create Unity-specific assets by clicking the
create button at the top.
Or import assets created in an external application.
You can import by right clicking,
by using the top menu
or simply by adding files to the assets folder in your operating system
or by saving from another application.
The project panel is a mirror of your assets folder.
And when viewing the assets folder in your operating system
you'll notice that meta files are created for
every asset that's placed in to the project.
Note that once the asset is in you should always use
the project panel to move it around or edit it
rather than using your operating system
as this can break lines in the library of your project.
The project panel has two styles of view,
one and two column.
These can be switched by clicking the context menu
button in the top right.
One column view lets you see assets in a simple hierarchy as shown here.
Two column view gives you more flexibility
and more options to work with assets.
You can select, move and duplicate assets in the project.
Create and organise in to folders.
As well as label assets and search for them.
Assets can also be previewed in a thumbnail form
by dragging the slider at the bottom,
with hierarchies then being shown with a right-arrow
that can be used to expand or collapse them.
Assets can also be searched for
and sorted by their name,
their type, a label
or by a favourite grouping.
To create favourites you could perform a search
and then click the star button in the top right
and give your new group a name.
You can even search the assets store from the project browser.
By typing in the standard search field
and switching from assets to asset store.


【軟體教學】專案面板和導入-Unity官方教程 (The Project Panel and Importing - Unity Official Tutorials)

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