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Hello I am Tim Willcox with BBC World News. Our top stories
BERSIH! BERSIH! Protest on the streets of Kuala Lumpur goes
into a second day as the demands for the resignation of Malaysian Prime Minister build.
Hello and welcome to the program. The streets of Malaysia's capital are again
turned yellow as huge crowds in the distinctive shirts returns to large parts of Kuala Lumpur.
They are calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Najib Razak over a financial
scandal. Well many protesters camp out overnight after
a first day of rallys. Crowds are demanding to know why 700 million
dollars was paid into Mr. Najib's bank account. Our correspondent Jennifer Pak joins us from
the Malaysian capital. Significant numbers there.
What is the sort of estimates of numbers on the streets?
Jennifer Pak: Well of course it has been coming and going but certainly tenths of thousands here,
although organizers put the total participation
up to 300,000 for the last two days. The police significantly less saying maybe
30,000 but just take a look behind me at the energy that is flowing through this crowd.
They been here praying, singing, giving political speeches, taking pictures, they are having
a lot of fun. But of course they are directing their anger
towards one man, Prime Minister Najib Razak. He has been accused of mismanaging a state
fund called 1MDB and more importantly also accused of taking public money.
Now he has been cleared by the anti-corruption agency of any wrong doing but many of these
protesters still believes that he has done something terribly wrong.
Protester #1: Our Prime Minister has lot of accusations to answer. The 1Malaysia DB, the
2.6 billion. Where is the answer?
We want the answer. We need a clean government.
Protester #2: The leaders of our nation. They don't want to answer. Something like
the excuses they give us is so stupid. STUPID ANSWER like 'donation'
Billion, billion US dollar in your bank account, and then you said that it's a 'donation'.
What kind of "alasan", what kind of answer is that. Oh my god! You think, we all Malaysians
citizens are stupid. NO!
Protester #3: Lot of people are saying that
this is a waste of time. But I think we will look at the number of
people that are here, who left their work, today I think they left everything else they
can do this weekend. They are here because they think they can
make a difference. I think we are showing that the people do
have a huge power. We might not make a change tomorrow but this
is a start to show that we are headed somewhere.
While you hear from the protestors, even if no change comes immediately they are not
going to be dishearten simply because this country has been ruled by the governing coalition
for almost 6 decades. These people want to send a message to the
government that they cannot take their vote for granted.
How long though will the prime minister and the authorities put up with the demonstration
like this, like if it will go into another day?
They didn't want the demonstration to take place, and there is a significant security
presence there as well, is there?
Yes of course, the police has deemed this rally as illegal but as of yet we haven't
seen at least here in Kuala Lumpur on independence square, they blocked off the area for rehearsals
for independence day but they haven't really move against protesters because they say they
have respected the barriers that were set up by the police and so far everything seems
to be peaceful between the two sides. Now the protesters have said that they will
only hold it over the weekend, and they will be out of here when it comes to tomorrow,
when the country celebrates Independence Day. So it seems the organizers are going to keep
to their word, and people are fine with that but again they important thing is they want
to register their anger towards the government because in recent weeks prime minister has
actually moved against his critics. He has shut down media that that has been
following the cases too closely, he has sacked his deputy for questioning of his handling
of this scandal, and he has also replaced the attorney general investigating into the
funds that had gone into his bank account. There is a suspicion here that Prime Minister
Najib is not going to reveal the truth of where this money has gone to and is not willing
to give any more answers. So Malaysians here want to register their
voice to the governing coalition that this is not good enough.
Okay, Jennifer Pak at Kuala Lumpur. Thank you very much indeed.


BBC國際新聞報導-馬來西亞街頭遊行 (BERSIH 4 Day #2 reported by BBC World News (subtitle included))

3584 分類 收藏
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