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This is the story of the 7 girls that I've dated.
This is you.
Okay, well, actually this is me.
But imagine that it's you. I am you, get it?
Okay, cool. Let's move on.
It all started with Monday.
Like always Monday hits you like a stack of bricks.
"Huge" was an understatement for her personality.
You probably dated her early on, like, maybe high school.
Ultimately she tried to fix you.
She was too focused on the future.
Have you submitted your college applications yet?
What are your career goals?
I want to get married after college.
And then you met, her.
Uhhh, her name is blinking on me. Let's just move on.
After that girl, you decided to try to mix it up.
You pretended to like slam poetry and vegan bacon.
This is Wednesday.
Wednesday gives you the urge to start anew.
But at the end of the day, what is she talking about?
That tree is no longer because of you.
You'll never understand poetry.
Next came Thursday.
She got you back on track.
Yeah, Thursday was pretty and fun.
But it felt like a filler.
You had things you loved about her, sure.
But it felt like a routine.
And it always felt like you were waiting for something else.
It always felt like you had to work at it.
Friday was a perfect ten.
Pretty much the dream.
She was a payday.
You felt free with Friday.
But then, Friday got a little crazy.
(Round 3)
You couldn't keep up with Friday.
It ended with tears and vomit.
After you recover from Friday,
You met Saturday.
Aren't we all just racing through Monday to Friday, in hopes that we can finally meet Saturday?
Saturday was fun and exciting.
She was different than any other girl you've been with.
You fell in love with Saturday.
- So here we go. - I know... I know how to do this.
But sometimes, Saturdays don't always work out.
You have plans and hopes for Saturday, but at the end of the day you look back and realize maybe Saturday was a little disappointing.
Maybe Saturday wasn't everything that you wanted it to be.
Saturday broke your heart.
And that happens, but I promise for every Saturday you face, there will be a Sunday.
You know when you meet someone, and then suddenly everything makes sense.
That's Sunday.
You can be yourself around Sunday.
Sundays help you reflect and be thankful for the journey you've been on.
With Sunday, things are just easy.
Sundays are peaceful.
Sundays help you become a better person.
I think eveyone could use a Sunday.
Maybe things didn't work out with all the other girls.
But you wouldn't change that for anything.
The path to love is a journey.
Sometimes it can suck.
But it helps become the person you are today.
Ohhhhhh, Tuesday!
How did I forget about Tuesday, your name is Tuesday!
Well, Tuesday is not that memorable.



每個男孩的戀愛歷程:那些年我們交往過的 7 種女孩! (The 7 Types Of Girls You Date)

108534 分類 收藏
Vivi Lee 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 11 日    Vivi Lee 翻譯    Angie Hsu 審核
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