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Death toll in Tianjin chemical blast reaches 112
As authority announced evacuation of three kilometer radius from epicenter
Firefighters are still battling new blazes at the site of Wednesday's massive chemical explosion at a logistic center in Tianjin
Chinese government has ordered the evacuation of the three-kilometer radius
around the site of Wednesday's chemical explosion in Tianjin
Due to hazardous chemicals in the area
The site in Tianjin housed to 700 tons of sodium cyanide
as well as sodium carbide and other chemicals
When firefighter sprayed water, it reacted with the chemicals causing sodium carbide to explode
growing sodium cyanide over a wild area
Sodium cyanide is extremely hazardous. In contact with water, it emits hydrogen cyanide
which is look good below 25.6 degree Celsius but boils into a gas above that temperature
Sodium cyanide and hydrogen cyanide are water-soluble and can be absorbed through the skin
Hydrogen cyanide gas is extremely lethal if inhaled
Sodium cyanide in hydrogen cyanide cause death by stopping any organs that contact from utilizing oxygen
Family members of the 95 people still missing after the blast
Including 85 firemen as well as of the over 700 injured
have accused the government of lacking transparency in dealing with the disaster
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【天津大爆炸】美國動新聞帶你一分鐘了解氰化鈉與爆炸! (Tianjin blast death toll reaches 112 as China government confirms cyanide at site - TomoNews)

2985 分類 收藏
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