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Finally your vacation is here, but the thought of packing all this
into this is freaking you out. Stress-free travel starts with smart packing.
And while you probably already know that rolling your clothes saves space, take this trick to a new level
with this "fold and roll" technique. The key is to create even layers and maximize
every inch. Start with the bulkiest items. Stuff shoes
with small items like resealable bags filled with socks and underwear. Then, place
individual shoes along the edges of the case. Belts can also be laid along the edge.
Fill in gaps with the smallest rolls of clothing, things like t-shirts and camisoles.
Larger items like jeans, jackets, and dresses should then be laid in flat layers, and packed
in an overlapping layer formation. If there are gaps around the edges, take these flat-laying
clothes and tuck them into the sides. A bonus tip for blazers and other lined clothing
is to pack them inside out, to help avoid wrinkles.
You're doing great so far with light, space-saving packing, so don't get weighed down by toiletries
and other extras! Save empty travel-size bottles to refill and
use on trips over and over again. This saves space and time, and is good for the environment.
To avoid leaks and spills in your suitcase, place a square of plastic wrap over the bottles
before closing the cap. Empty prescription bottles are also great
for things like cotton swabs. An old contact case can be put to great use,
from storing small supplies of foundation and other makeup, to little necessities, like
safety pins. Keep delicate jewelry secure and tangle-free
by laying them out onto a sheet of press'n seal plastic wrap. Place another sheet on
top, then seal, roll, and pack away somewhere safe.
A great tip for keeping earrings together is to secure them through the holes of a button.
This way, they can be tossed into your cosmetic bag and still be super easy to find!
Finally, ditch the heavy stacks of books and magazines and go digital! Loading titles onto
your tablet or smartphone will save paper, money, and most importantly, your shoulders!
If all these great tips still haven't lightened your load, remember -- you can always sneak
the heavy stuff into your travel partner's bag!
Thanks for watching! For more Howdini hacks, click on the videos on screen and subscribe
to our channel. Do you have any other great packing tips? Let us know in the comments below.



超強12種旅行打包術! (12 Travel Packing Tips: Howdini Hacks)

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1take sth. to a new level0:17
這句是「將⋯提升到新的層面」的意思,用在一個已經成功的產品、事情。也可以寫成 take sth. to the next level 或是 take sth. to another level。這是一個很好用的片語,小編舉幾個例子。
It's been five years since we founded our company, I think we should do something to take it to the next level.

We've been together for 10 years now. I think we should take our relationship to the next level.

邁向成功的最終動力 - 取決於你自己 (VISION - Motivational Video)

2inside out1:08
inside out 在這裡的意思是「將衣物反穿、裡外對調」的意思。
Michael! Your shirt is inside out. Hasn't anybody told you?

但當 inside out 前面加上別的詞的時候,意思會完全不同唷!千萬別搞混了~

know sth. inside out 對…瞭若指掌
He has a PhD in Economics. He knows it inside out.

turn a place inside out 徹底搜查
Sarah turned her room inside out, but still couldn't find her favorite dress.

這裡的 toss 是「(隨意的)拋、丟」的意思,當動詞時還可以當作「搖勻、攪拌」。
Jack glanced at the letter and tossed it into the trash can.

My mom quickly tossed a salad before she went to work.

toss and turn 是一個常用的片語,指的是「翻來覆去、輾轉反側」。
I was tossing and turning all night, and just couldn't go to sleep.

ditch 原本是名詞「溝渠、壕溝」的意思,轉換成動詞後用作「丟棄、拋棄」。
The lethal weapon was ditched in a garbage can a couple kilometers away from the crime scene.

Did you hear that Julia ditched her boyfriend yesterday?

我如何減掉十磅&超實用飲食小撇步 How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips


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