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  • Theyre not all from me.

  • The struggling carnations are from Scotland Yard.

  • And the single rose is from...

  • ...‘W’

  • And the black wreath – C Block, Pentonville. I’m not sure the intent was entirely kindly.

  • Oh, I covet your hands, Mr Holmes;

  • though since youve survived, I suppose you get to keep them.

  • Look at them.

  • The musician’s hands.

  • An artist’s.

  • Or a woman’s?

  • Apologies for the dampness of my touch.

  • Youll get used to it.

  • Having shot you, the woman you know as Mary Watson left without killing me.

  • ...which is odd, because that was the reason she came.

  • (softly) I didn’t pass on her identity to the police. Information like that is just too ...

  • ... malleable to be shared.

  • Wouldn’t you agree?

Theyre not all from me.


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夏洛克》刪減場景 (Sherlock deleted scene)

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