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  • When I was growing up, I really liked playing hide-and-seek a lot.

    在我成長期間, 我真的好喜歡玩捉迷藏。

  • One time, though, I thought climbing a tree would lead to a great hiding spot,

    但是有一次,我以為 爬上樹會找到很棒的藏匿點,

  • but I fell and broke my arm.


  • I actually started first grade with a big cast all over my torso.

    一年級開學時我其實是 身體裹著大石膏去學校的。

  • It was taken off six weeks later, but even then, I couldn't extend my elbow,

    六個星期後拆下石膏, 但那時候我還不能伸手臂,

  • and I had to do physical therapy to flex and extend it,


  • 100 times per day, seven days per week.


  • I barely did it, because I found it boring and painful,

    我幾乎都沒做, 因為我發現那很枯燥又很痛,

  • and as a result, it took me another six weeks to get better.


  • Many years later, my mom developed frozen shoulder,


  • which leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder.


  • The person I believed for half of my life to have superpowers

    這個我大半輩子 都相信有超能力的人,

  • suddenly needed help to get dressed or to cut food.


  • She went each week to physical therapy, but just like me,

    她每個星期都去看物理治療師, 但就像我一樣,

  • she barely followed the home treatment,


  • and it took her over five months to feel better.

    所以她花了五個多月 才覺得好一點。

  • Both my mom and I required physical therapy,


  • a process of doing a suite of repetitive exercises


  • in order to regain the range of movement lost due to an accident or injury.

    讓身體的靈活度能恢復到 和意外受傷前一樣。

  • At first, a physical therapist works with patients,


  • but then it's up to the patients to do their exercises at home.


  • But patients find physical therapy boring, frustrating, confusing

    但是病人發現物理治療 很枯燥、讓人洩氣又難懂,

  • and lengthy before seeing results.


  • Sadly, patient noncompliance can be as high as 70 percent.

    很可惜,患者不合作的 機率可高達 70%。

  • This means the majority of patients don't do their exercises

    這意味著大部分的病人 都不做指定的運動,

  • and therefore take a lot longer to get better.


  • All physical therapists agree that special exercises

    所有的物理治療師都同意 特別設計的運動

  • reduce the time needed for recovery,


  • but patients lack the motivation to do them.


  • So together with three friends, all of us software geeks,

    所以我與三個朋友, 我們都是軟體達人,

  • we asked ourselves,


  • wouldn't it be interesting if patients could play their way to recovery?

    如果病人能用玩的 走上康復之路不是很有趣嗎?

  • We started building MIRA, A P.C. software platform

    我們開始著手寫麥拉 (MIRA) , 一套微軟的軟體平台,

  • that uses this Kinect device, a motion capture camera,

    利用 Kinect 體感裝置, 即動態捕捉攝影機,

  • to transform traditional exercises into video games.


  • My physical therapist has already set up a schedule for my particular therapy.

    我已與我的物理治療師 約好要做某種治療。

  • Let's see how this looks.


  • The first game asks me to fly a bee up and down

    第一個遊戲要我 讓一隻蜜蜂上下飛

  • to gather pollen to deposit in beehives,


  • all while avoiding the other bugs.


  • I control the bee by doing elbow extension and flexion,

    我以伸展及彎曲手臂 來控制這隻蜜蜂,

  • just like when I was seven years old after the cast was taken off.

    就像我七歲時 拿掉石膏後要做的一樣。

  • When designing a game, we speak to physical therapists at first

    在設計遊戲時, 我們先與物理治療師談過,

  • to understand what movement patients need to do.


  • We then make that a video game


  • to give patients simple, motivating objectives to follow.

    給患者簡單又能激勵他們的 治療目標來遵循。

  • But the software is very customizable,


  • and physical therapists can also create their own exercises.

    物理治療師也能 設計他們自己的運動。

  • Using the software, my physical therapist


  • recorded herself performing a shoulder abduction,


  • which is one of the movements my mom had to do

    這是我媽媽當年得五十肩時 要做的動作之一。

  • when she had frozen shoulder.

    我可以跟著治療師 在螢幕左邊的示範,

  • I can follow my therapist's example on the left side of the screen,

    同時在右邊看見 自己做這項推薦動作。

  • while on the right, I see myself doing the recommended movement.


  • I feel more engaged and confident,


  • as I'm exercising alongside my therapist

    一起做我的治療師認為 對我最有益的動作。

  • with the exercises my therapist thinks are best for me.


  • This basically extends the application for physical therapists


  • to create whatever exercises they think are best.

    這是為避免跌倒 而設計的拍賣會遊戲,

  • This is an auction house game for preventing falls,


  • designed to strengthen muscles and improve balance.

    身為患者, 我必須做坐下起立等動作,

  • As a patient, I need to do sit and stand movements,


  • and when I stand up,


  • I bid for the items I want to buy.


  • (Laughter)

    我的祖母再過兩天就要 82 歲了,

  • In two days, my grandmother will be 82 years old,

    超過 80 歲的人有 50% 的機率

  • and there's a 50 percent chance for people over 80


  • to fall at least once per year,


  • which could lead to a broken hip or even worse.

    肌力不足及平衡感變差 是跌倒的首要原因,

  • Poor muscle tone and impaired balance are the number one cause of falls,

    所以透過特定運動 來徹底改變這些問題,

  • so reversing these problems through targeted exercise


  • will help keep older people like my grandmother


  • safer and independent for longer.

    在我的運動時間結束後, 麥拉會很快地向我顯示

  • When my schedule ends, MIRA briefly shows me


  • how I progressed throughout my session.

    我剛剛為大家示範了 三種不同的遊戲,

  • I have just shown you three different games


  • for kids, adults and seniors.

    這些可用在矯形科或 神經科的病人身上,

  • These can be used with orthopedic or neurologic patients,

    但我們很快就會提供 用於自閉症孩童、

  • but we'll soon have options for children with autism,


  • mental health or speech therapy.

    我的物理治療師可以 回去看我的病歷資料,

  • My physical therapist can go back to my profile

    並看看在我的練習時間內 所收集到的資料。

  • and see the data gathered during my sessions.

    她可以看我如何移動, 我得多少分,

  • She can see how much I moved, how many points I scored,


  • with what speed I moved my joints,

    我的物理治療師可以用這一切 來調整我的療法。

  • and so on.


  • My physical therapist can use all of this to adapt my treatment.


  • I'm so pleased this version is now in use


  • in over 10 clinics across Europe and the U.S.,

    我們想讓物理治療師 能開這種數位治療處方,

  • and we're working on the home version.


  • We want to enable physical therapists to prescribe this digital treatment

    如果當時在我媽媽或我需要 物理治療時有像這樣的工具,

  • and help patients play their way to recovery at home.


  • If my mom or I had a tool like this when we needed physical therapy,


  • then we would have been more successful following the treatment,


  • and perhaps gotten better a lot sooner.


  • Thank you.

    湯姆瑞利:柯思明, 告訴我這個硬體是什麼,

  • (Applause)


  • Tom Rielly: So Cosmin, tell me what hardware is this


  • that they're rapidly putting away?

    柯思明:那是做示範用的 微軟平板電腦 Surface Pro 3,

  • What is that made of, and how much does it cost?

    但你只需要一部電腦 及美金 120 元的 Kinect 體感就夠了。

  • Cosmin Milhau: So it's a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for the demo,

    湯:Kinect 體感 就是大家拿來玩 Xbox

  • but you just need a computer and a Kinect, which is 120 dollars.

    3D 遊戲的,是嗎?

  • TR: Right, and the Kinect is the thing that people use for their Xboxes

    柯:沒錯,但是你不用 Xbox, 你只需要一部攝影機。

  • to do 3D games, right?

    湯:是,所以這是 不到美金一千元的解決方案。

  • CM: Exactly, but you don't need the Xbox, you only need a camera.

    柯:正是,四百元, 你絕對可以用它。

  • TR: Right, so this is less than a $1,000 solution.


  • CM: Definitely, 400 dollars, you can definitely use it.


  • TR: So right now, you're doing clinical trials in clinics.


  • CM: Yes.


  • TR: And then the hope is to get it so it's a home version

    門診治療師也能 看到我的進展和類似的東西。

  • and I can do my exercise remotely,


  • and the therapist at the clinic can see how I'm doing and stuff like that.

    湯:好酷。非常感謝你。 柯:謝謝。

  • CM: Exactly.


  • TR: Cool. Thanks so much. CM: Thank you.

  • (Applause)

When I was growing up, I really liked playing hide-and-seek a lot.

在我成長期間, 我真的好喜歡玩捉迷藏。

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