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I think I already look pretty good.
So I don't know what this app thinks it can do.
So is this gonna be like skinny arm, this app?
It's funny cause we all take picutures to look in our best light,
but the idea that then you can use an app and completely change yourself is like very scary.
Let's use re-shape and make me skinnier.
It's funny how the re-shape tool, the icon for it, automatically goes like this.
We can try to do the hour-glass shape more.
Oh my god!
Oh but see, this would be a celebrity giveaway cause you can already see that the mirror is funky.
I don't think it looks that different to be honest.
Oh, that's not true.
Not a good look for Alison.
This is trippy.
I'm gonna make me skinny.
Look, and then we just push my boobs up a little bit.
Give myself a real big thigh gap.
Let's get a Disney princess waist line.
This is horrifying.
That looks ridiculous.
Those are not child-bearing hips.
Now my head's just way too big for my body.
I don't think I've ever seen my thighs that skinny.
Oh, this is giving me self-esteem issues right now.
I feel like really gross hitting this check-mark cause it's like I'm validating everything I've just done.
like, "Yup, better this way."
I'm gonna give myself some hunkers.
Busty Alison is out to play.
It makes my chin go away.
I gonna make them even. Oh, man.
I have all these wrinkles in my forehead because I'm scrunching my head.
So I'm gonna smooth those away. I'm gotta try.
Like it automatically just gets rid of these freckles.
Like it's something that like is a bad thing. Whoa!
I've might of just erased most of my face.
There goes most of my nose.
Cover up them, laugh lines.
Someone's been laughed too much.
As a daughter of a dentist,
this is shocking how quickly you can whiten your teeth.
I was more affected by it than I thought it would be.
I like the result.
I don't like that I like the result.
This is not a real person.
This is an alien.
We know at least that magazines get Photoshopped.
But if you start seeing you friends do something like this
and you don't know that they're doing it.
then you start to think that real people look like this.
And then all these girls are like, "Oh what do I have to do to look like that?"
And you're just like, "Whoa, you have to buy a five-dollar app.
When you look at the things that are unsightly about yourself, they're things that everyone has.
If you have blemishes, if you have a waist. That's fine.
You're a person. Everybody has them.
It's gratifying to see it in the photo
but then you'd look at yourself and your real body
and you would be disappointed that you're not a Photoshop.


讓你一秒變瘦子!PS神奇瘦身術!(Women Photoshop Their Own Bodies On An App)

87197 分類 收藏
曾郁婷 發佈於 2015 年 6 月 12 日    曾郁婷 翻譯    Lily Chou 審核
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