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Hi and welcome to Drinks Tube, I'm Becky, a YouTuber with a huge love of tea. You can
check out my channel Talk Becky Talk, that's gonna' be in the description box below.
Now today, I've got a really exciting tea recipe for you it's one of my favorites.
Spiced chai tea. It's sweet, it's warming, it's delicious. It's a little bit more exotic than your usual tea.
Legend has it, an Indian king actually created this in his quest for a healing beverage.
You can have it all day long and I love it. So to make my perfectly sweet and spicy chai
tea, here's what you need. Black loose leaf tea, cinnamon sticks, some nutmeg, ground
ginger, some cloves, milk, water and last but not least delicious honey. You can actually
use maple syrup or agave nectar. Okay, so now for the fun bit, actually making it. You're
gonna need a small saucepan and we're gonna mix the liquids first of all. So you're gonna
take six hundred milliliters of your milk and pour that in and then you're gonna' add
three hundred and fifty milliliters of water. This is gonna make the tea really nice and
light and milky. Next up, we're gonna' add two sticks of cinnamon. You're actually gonna'
break these up. I love this because it adds such a nice hum of spice and such a deliciously
strong flavour to your tea. Next we're gonna add some cloves, now these are gonna give
it a beautiful sweet but spiced peppery flavor. I love the smell of cloves so we're gonna
add four of these. Now next, we're gonna do one teaspoon of ground ginger, we're using
ground ginger because that's gonna allow the flavors to infuse really quickly
and this goes really well with the deeper flavors of that cinnamon and the cloves. Grate two
thirds of your whole nutmeg, this is really gonna' give it that warm, spicy aroma.
Now, this might actually take a while but it's worth it cause the flavour is gonna' be amazing.
Ok, I think that is about enough. Now, I'm gonna be using black loose leaf tea.
This is actually Assam and we wanna use a stronger tea because this has got so many flavors
And you want that strong flavor to come through. So I'm using four tablespoons of this.
You can adjust this is you want depending on how strong you want the tea to be. If you don't
have loose leaf tea, don't worry cause you can just wack in four English breakfast teabags,
you don't need to worry about cutting them up, that's gonna do the job just nicely.
Ok, now it's time to get this yummy mixture onto the heat. So we've just put this on to
a medium heat. You wanna give that a nice stir and then we want to wait until we can
see bubbles just coming around the edge, I don' want it to boil. Just to heat up nicely.
Ok, so when you start to see those bubbles round the edge, you're gonna turn that heat
right down and you're gonna simmer that for twelve minutes. That's really gonna help infuse
all of that flavour. Don't simmer it for more than twelve minutes otherwise the tannins
from the tea are gonna' be released and completely ruin the flavour, it will taste really bitter.
So twelve minutes and give it a nice stir. Ok so that's your twelve minutes. Now, I'm
gonna' strain this into a teapot. I'm actually using a funnel and a strainer but you can
use whatever you've got at home. Look at that, it smells amazing already. So, when that's
all strained, I'm gonna get rid of this. I've actually got a heat proof glass.
I'm gonna strain it again, just to make sure there are no small bits of tea in here. And
look at that, this is literally my favorite tea. There you have it, this looks amazing.
The smell is incredible. Moment of truth, let's try it. That is the best, all of the
spices coming through the peppered taste, the cinnamon, the cloves. That to me is perfect,
if you want it any sweeter though you can add a little bit of honey or you could add
some maple syrup, some agave nectar as well but I have to say, it might not have been
a healing remedy, it definitely would have got the king a lot of friends. Tea-licious!
Did you see what I did there? A bit cheesy, I know. This is so nice on a special occasion.
I actually like to have it everyday though because I'm so obsessed with tea. I would
love if you tried this at home as well. If you do, right down in the comments box below.
Let me know what you think. That is not all for tea though. You can check out my Honey
and Chamomile Herbal tea by clicking here now, I'm also gonna put that in the description box.
And, don't forget to subscribe to Drinks Tube so you don't miss any videos. You can
Click right here now. So from me and my chai tea, bye.



【簡單又美味】印度奶茶食譜 (Spiced Chai Tea Recipe | Talk Becky Talk)

86968 分類 收藏
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