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  • In our education system,

  • we study hard for tests

  • and learn a lot of facts and information.

  • However, there is a big difference

  • between being smart and being wise.

  • We can be really smart,

  • but have very little wisdom.

  • Our brains can be full of knowledge,

  • but we can continue to make

  • bad choices that hurt us.

  • I could be number one in my class,

  • but continue to make irresponsible decisions

  • that damage my reputation and future.

  • I hope you will discover the difference

  • between knowledge and wisdom

  • and seek to have both in your life!

  • Proverbs says,

  • "Blessed are those who find wisdom,

  • those who gain understanding."

In our education system,


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A2 初級 美國腔

慧眼識珠-一分鐘 箴言3:13 (WiseUp - One Minute Proverbs 3:13)

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