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The last time I stood on this stage, I was with my brother Pablo.
It's been a long day without you, my friend.
And I tell you all about it when I see you again.
I love you guys.
Here with Mr. Vin Diesel, who moments ago, I wasn't in there, but I understand a little singing happened?
That's not like me.
That doesn't sound like Vin Diesel.
Come on, I've never sang in my life.
It wasn't me. It didn't even look like me.
It was you.
So how does it come about?
Well it's a...it's my four-year-old son, he's been singing that song pretty intensely.
And whenever like Michelle or Nathalie or Tyrese's over the house, he sings for them and they start crying, so it's a little homage to the little one at home.
When is the cover album? When is the actual before on Vin Diesel? I am just baby step, come on we're ready.
so baby step. Why am I living in a world that baby step?
I need to go for it, I need to go for it and I will someday.
I don't have to be afraid and I don't need to be shy.
And in chinese they say, "我害羞"
Which means?
I am shy.
And you are Groot as well.
I am Groot, guys. But you know, I was gonna bring the Groot stilts.
I was gonna bring the Groot stilts.
save that for a rainy day.
save that for a rainy day. Why do it now?
Let's talk Fast for a second. Man, this film is taking the world by storm. Biggest one yet.
There's gotta be a source of amazing pride for you to feel.
It's so much pride, I mean you remember in 2013, you interviewed us in London.
And you saw there, you saw what that family was there.
And it's a... it's a beautiful thing. It's bitter sweet of course.
But, it's the fact that the world embraced it and the fact that the world really just allowed it to be Paul's legecy.
And kind of share that moment with us and allow it to honor him. The way they did is just a beautiful thing.
That's a classic act you guys handle the whole thing, I have to say.
I'm looking ahead... The franchise, it sounds that you've hinted you might be returning to New York.
And there're some rumors say Eva Mendes might come back into the fall. What can you say, man?
Well I was trying to keep it close to the vest throughout the release.
You know, Paul used to say that eight was guaranteed.
And in some ways, when your brother guaranteed something, you sometimes feel like you have to make sure it comes to pass.
So, if fate has it, fate, F8. If fate has it, then you'll get this when you hear about it.
Seven was for Paul, eight is from Paul.
And one last thing for you, we know Guardians of the Galaxy is goning to continue. We know... Have you heard anything about what we can expect from Groot?
I'm hearing really cool thing about what we can expect from Groot.
James Gunn is so excited. And everytime I talked to James Gunn, you hear the excitment and his voice, and that makes me exicted.
I'm really excited about having opportunity to work with the whole Guardians of the Galaxy family.
And marvel's been really cool.
And everything just really cool.
A lot of nominations to come as we stand here today, so I think you might walk out with a couple of popcorn. Get outta here! This is an outrage.
It's good to see you buddy. Good to see you man. Thank you so much.


唐老大現場開金嗓,馮迪索接受MTV專訪談到玩命8將會...Vin Diesel Sings ‘See You Again’ For Paul Walker At The Movie Awards | MTV

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