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Next to no health, 10 kills and one enemy left!
Where is he?
Going to the hill is risky: the enemy could be waiting there!
He could try to capture, but in an encounter battle the wait is just too long!
Winter Himmelsdorf.
Encounter battle.
Early on, the A-43 decides to stand-watch by the fountain.
It's a valuable landmark and the enemy T-28 and the T-34 can't be allowed to vandalise it.
Ok, now that the tourist attraction is safe.
The allies seem to be retreating from the hill and it looks like a good time to get to the enemies' rear and score some easy kills.
The timing couldn't be much better and the enemies fall like wheat to a scythe!
The inaccurate T-28, a sleepy Hetzer, an aggressive Marder 38 T, the vicious arty and a thick-skinned VK 20.01 D!
Of the allies, only a Hellcat still fights on.
The A-43 heads that way the help but the cat is long dead before he can get anywhere close.
Now it's four against one.
Back to the square and our civic minded T-43 meets his rival.
What does it take to convince these guys that the fountain is off limits?
Wait for the TD to reload, time the escape right and... still get shot!
2 HP left and 3 enemies!
The wolverine misses its shot while our champion runs for his life.
He circles around the city streets for a while to confuse his enemies.
All of a sudden he meets the wolverine again!
An accurate snap shot pops it open like a tin of sardines!
The T-43 keeps driving but now the Hellcat is on his tail and it can't be outrun!
The American TD misses its shot and accurate fire on the charging enemy quickly ends the threat.
Now just the KV-1 remains.
Don't get the wrong idea from the word "just", though -- a KV-1 is super dangerous,
especially when a loud noise could make your own tank fall apart!
Next to no health, 10 kills and one enemy left!
Where is he?
Going to the hill is risky...the enemy could be waiting there!
He could try to capture but in an encounter battle the wait is just too long!
He decides to climb up and...BINGO!
The KV-1 is patrolling the streets below and takes three shells before a return shot hits the wall dangerously close.
The heavy has to reload and there's the opportunity to land one more shot!
Another missed shot and a reply!
And again?!
You can't afford to keep making the same mistake!
Eventually the opponent comes to his senses.
Both are down to a one-shot kill and now it's a waiting game.
The next mistake will cost one of them the victory!
Both wait for about a minute without taking any action, until the KV can't take it anymore!
Another wall shot, a well-aimed reply, and the battle is over.
11 kills, good tactics and steady nerves made it possible for the player called FirstGK to carry the battle and become Top Gun of the week!
Warm Up
The first warmup is at the Hidden Village, with the hero driving a Hellcat.
He hears the sounds of the battle horn, picks a direction and charges forward.
The enemies on the hill are out of reach but was that an ELC he saw near those trees?
He takes a shot and keeps going... *destroyed enemy sound* Wow!
That's impressive!
Turns out that the American not only hit the scout but also set him on fire!
The summer just keeps getting hotter... burn, baby, burn!
For the next act we travel to Westfield - the Type 58 and the T-34-85 square off against two arties.
The Chinese tank encounters one of them and opens fire at nearly point blank range, the enemy replies and... blows up?!
The tanks gun barrel took the hit, while the arty received full splash damage and a one way ticket to the garage!
Well that happened.
We'll keep going...
The final warm-up round is an encounter battle on Ruinberg.
The IS-6 carries the whole battle!
Dish out damage -- don't mind if I do! Take some hits -- not a problem!
Fight a whole bunch at once -- why not!
The Soviet heavy sidescrapes like a pro and uses the fountain for cover.
This allows him to get the Borsig and prevents the IS and the AT-7 from surrounding him.
I guess that's it, only a beat-up AMX-13-75 remains.
Just stay in the cap, and he'll come.
Instead the heavy starts panicking and twitching and aborts the cap with two and a half minutes left on the clock.
Where is the AMX?
It doesn't matter!
Absorbing more than 7000 damage and dealing 5500 is good but throwing the victory away because of shaky nerves...
You may be tough enough to eat nails for breakfast and brush your teeth with mercury but I think this would still make you cry.
The Scout of the Week goes by the call-sign DHunterrR and he drives an AMX 13 90.
He has brought a couple of friends with him and seems very confident.
And why not -- he knows those two will be there to kill what he lights up!
The Batchat is the first to be caught in the spotlight.
The French tier X was also scouting but it beats a hasty retreat to get away from all this attention.
He probably won't be back for a while.
Checking the west flank,
firing on the popular bushes flushes out an enemy ninety and proves that our man knows what he's doing!
One last shot finishes off the enemy scout and then it's time back off a little to vanish from the enemy vehicles' sights.
He heads back in to scout but the commander's sixth sense is tingling!
There are still enemies in those bushes!
The Caernarvon takes a shot and an artillery shell lands right next to the fragile scout!
The Caernarvon's second shot takes out a track.
An instant repair and phew!
Got out!
He disappears from the enemies' sight once again.
Driving down the road gets another few enemies spotted and killed.
Taking the opportunity to push further north lights up the whole enemy base!
One more peek to make sure and the score is 8:0!
Pretty sweet!
A Batchat charges in to kill the pesky scout!
Two shells hit the light tank in quick succession, a third one strikes the ground and the fourth hits home again.
The AMX is down to a one shot kill!
An allied barrage hits the Bat.
A shot and the AMX finishes off its bigger brother!
Did the Batchat have a shell to finish him off?
We'll never know but that was intense!
The rest of the battle is not as exciting.
The allies find and quickly dismantle two more opponents near the hill.
The AMX arrives just in time to put the final shell into the last enemy!
And what are the results?
Almost 12500 points of spotting damage.
An impressive number that deserves the equally impressive title of Best Scout of the Week.
Football Game of The Week
As you all know, there's a new game mode available for the duration of the World Football Championship.
After all, what could be more fun than climbing into your favourite T-62A and playing a football match with your friends?
That's why we decided to put in a special award.
So... the title of Best Football Game of the Week goes to...
*clears throat*
Hello my friends.
We are here at the Himmelsdorf stadium, with our not-quite-live broadcast.
This is a match between the Blue Turret-Crashers and the Red Track-Knockers!
The match is ready to start and there's the whistle!
Both teams rush towards the centre to get hold of the ball.
The battle is taking place without some players.
The Red Track-Knockers have a goalie,
whilst one of the Blue Turret-Crashers seems to have had a heart attack in all the excitement and is out of the game!
The ball rolls into the red side of the field, the Turret-Crashers' forward goes 1 vs 1 with the keeper.
One zero.
And now a swift Track-Knockers' counter-attack!
A defender attempts to block but the ball is going in...
The blue team's defenders manage to go back and stop the ball on the line but the red striker kicks it in!
The score is tied at one all!
What a fast comeback!
The ball is back in the middle, and theBlue Turret-Crashers take a shot!
The woodwork is empty!
Another shot!
And another one and... Goooooal!!!
Two one!
Back to the centre!
The Red Track-Knockers take the ball and stick together.
They attempt to break through on the wing!
A shot!
The Turret-Crasher shoots again and the ball goes straight into the opponent's track.
Reds are driving through the centre and only a timely shot to the track saves the blue team!
One of the Turret-Crashers goes to the start location.
A tactical move!
Accept an enemy goal, score one right away and finish the battle -- that's the plan!
Meanwhile the only defender fends off the reds!
The ball goes along the net... a shot and... gooooal!
Score is tied at two - two!!!
The Blue Turret-Crashers are attacking!
A shot on the ball but the Track-Knocker's defender is quicker!
The tactic has failed!
The reds rush in for a counter-attack!
The blue team try to get back... and a Turret-Crasher sends the ball away from the goal!
His teammate shoots the ball and rushes forward!
His track is knocked off!
The partner shoots the ball!
It rolls... another shot!
What an intense match!
Hrm, hrm...
That's it.
For a great game, skillful shots and winning with a missing teammate, the players behind the call-signs SPARTAKRULES
and velikii_Han are awarded gold and the title of The Best Football Game of the week.
Well done lads!
This week's best defender is the player behind call sign fn1363, driving a T-34-1.
At the start the Chinese defender heads out to guard the southern flank and it looks like a perfectly valid choice.
When his allies die on the glacier and an enemy scout rushes through the centre, it's time to turn on the Protector-of-Artillery mode!
He hurries back and kills the enemy Leopard and soon after an SU-152 found creeping about on the riverbed.
Now the glacier.
Because three heavies are charging towards the allied base, destroying anything in their path!
The defence starts with finishing off the low HP opponent -- the T69 is send to the garage.
The Chinese med drives right next to the Black Prince, so that only his well armoured turret can be targeted.
It's a good tactic but another T29 charges in!
Now the med has to hide from his Highness' shots behind the bulk of the American's heavy and take that one out first with some allied help.
The prince is affronted and kills the ally!
Now it's just the two of them again and the duel continues at brawling distance.
The brave defender is down to 258 HP.
The Soviet heavy could take him out with a single shot.
The Black Prince continues to play a part in the battle, providing reliable shelter for the T-34-1.
The IS fires, creating an opportunity for leaving the dangerous position and escaping up the hill.
The manoeuvre works -- the IS attempts to follow, exposing its side.
One shot through the tracks is all it takes.
He's gone but the last ally has died as well.
Now he needs to make the right decision
and it seems to be to slow down the pace -- the enemies will need to attack if they want a win out of this.
The long wait pays off -- the AT-15 rolls slowly into view, showing its side.
Three SPGs left.
Leave the hillside and find some cover.
The invader is spotted!
The tank aims faster and the SU-122A is gone.
Careful work pays off.
Now he can go on the attack!
Driving down the glacier, and... another capture!
Ok, he'll go back.
Once again, a careful peek to spot the enemy.
Isn't that grille outside the circle?
Yes -- his death didn't affect the red bar and that means... there you are!
The last enemy dies and takes a 90% capture with him.
A great game and great defence!
It's the best one of the week!
It's been quite a while since the last Invader of the Week award!
The nearly forgotten title goes to Striiter for a game in his SU-101.
The battle at Komarin starts out quite normally.
The TD fights enemies, supports allies and suffers from its lack of gun depression - the usual SU-101 routine.
This side of the map has been successfully cleared of enemies, but the other flank is a disaster.
The score is 6:9 and it's time to get serious.
The enemies have clearly broken through and will be capturing the base any time now.
The IS-3 and its younger brother are the first ones to arrive.
Striiter has only 208 HP left.
A shot on the smaller IS provokes a response and... it bounces!
The allies have arrived, and together they send the IS back to the garage for repairs.
The score is 10:12.
Let's continue!
He needs to get to a better position.
Here it is -- with a line of sight on both bases.
There's an enemy AT showing its side and it can be damaged from here.
The allied T32 faces the TD, but dies despite the support from Striiter.
The TD fades from sight again and then another bunch of enemies are at the allied base, just wait to get their butts kicked!
Turning around to face the allied base.
The ISU-152 is sent away to take classes on how to turn his TD faster and then a scaredy-cat Panther is taken out, ninja-style.
The capture continues and a telepathic signal to the allied KV-2 coordinates a simultaneous assault on the AT- 15.
The Soviet heavy falls bravely in battle but its sacrifice leaves the opposing TD easy prey for the SU-101.
That leaves, 3 shells, one enemy and a burning desire for victory -- it's a winning combination.
With three and a half minutes on the clock, he can't wait for the slow TD... he has to attack!
Striiter drives to the enemy base to find out what's waiting for him...
The British TD sits behind a rock and there's nothing to do but start the capture.
The AT decides to intervene, rolls out and... takes a shell to the track!
Only two HE shells left!
Taking careful aim at the weak spot and... only 141 points of damage done.
And Striiter has to retreat.
The enemy has no intention of giving up!
It charges in... or as close to a charge as an AT 7 can manage and the last shell hits the ground!
Striiter hides behind a rock and pretends to have some shells left!
The cap is at 90 percent.
The British TD makes one last play and the only option left is to make a run for it.
A small chase around the rock and... capture!
Skillful play, a bit of luck and an unbreakable determination to win have brought Striiter the well-deserved title of Invader of the Week!
Best Replay
And now for the main event -- the Best Replay of the Week.
Gold, a special medal, fame and glory all go to the player behind the call-sign KoTeHoK_IIO_KLi4KE_GaV, driving his AMX 13 90.
The battle starts and the AMX gets going right off the bat.
What does that mean?
Here it means being bold and aggressive!
The little tank intervenes in a quarrel between two T57s and gives the enemy a drumful of reasons to stop arguing.
The enemy heavy is silenced forever and the ninety has had a taste of its power...
It's not the sort of power that would let him defeat heavies head-on.
Instead it's of the sort that makes it easy to flank a damaged Object and end its misery.
The area west of the mountain is completely empty.
He spots the FV 215B and takes a shot, then another one;
the enemy death-machine seems lost in thought, so why not just empty the drum and take him out!
Not bad for a little scout!
It's tempting to just charge forward and go for the artillery
but the defenders are alert and it's better to try from another direction.
And here's the reward for that strategic choice -- the M53/55!
Three shots and it's dead.
The allied IS-7 and T110E5 die and with them goes any hope for support from the team.
The ninety is now all alone!
Alone against four tier 10s!
Pessimism and despair are not this tanker's style, however!
He just heads back to the allied base and waits in ambush for the inevitable capture attempt.
And here's the one-shot-kill Waffenträger.
A shot... but it misses!
Another one follows but the alpha is just not enough!
The German is now aimed and ready, so the AMX hides and waits to disappear and finally puts the auto- loading monster to rest.
Now it's time to be amazing!
The light tank heads out and spots the T110E5!
It never even sees the shot coming.
The enemy arty has sensed danger and decided to switch position.
Unfortunately it's going the wrong way and the killer-scout is ready.
That was lucky to say the least but it's dealing with the last enemy that will decide the match!
The base capture starts and the 13 90 heads back to face the final battle!
The T110E4 has 1512 HP!
The French warrior goes in at full speed but the TD manages to lead the small, fast target perfectly.
The shot hammers home and... takes off a track!
A lightning fast repair lets the AMX get started with the carousel of death!
The first shot deals damage, the second one knocks off the TD's track and now we know he has no repair kit.
Three more shots leaves the enemy with a little over 300 HP and there's only one shell left in the drum!
The last shot goes out and the enemy is set on fire!
Without losing a single HP the AMX 13 90 not only carried the battle
but completely demolished any doubts over how much one tier 8 tank can do in a battle of tier 10s!
A spectacular match and one that truly deserves to be called the Best Replay of the Week!
Hello my friends!
I am Luke Kneller and this is "Best Replays of The Week"!
This moment has come -- we are taking a break.
But do not despair, because today we have a very special episode for you.
For this episode we've turned everything upside down, and the closing words will appear where the intro should be.
But that's enough chit chat -- let's get to the awards!


坦克世界:每周最佳重播 第16集 (World of Tanks: Best Replays of the Week - Episode 16)

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