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  • Raspberry Pi 2

  • Hi everyone

  • bit of breaking news for every hardcore geek out there.

  • The Raspberry Pi foundation has just announced the Raspberry Pi Mark 2.

  • Now this brand new board

  • based on the B reference design, the model B,

  • they claim it's going to have six times the performance

  • of the B plus board due to the fact that they're running a 900mhz

  • quad-core system-on-a-chip. Raspberry Pi 2

  • Now that is awful lot of power and going quad core is going to make a massive

  • difference to a wide range of different projects. The ability now to run multi

  • threads will be

  • very very useful for a lot of operations. They're also backing that up with one

  • gig of ram

  • and they're quoting six times the performance of the B+ board.

  • But here is the kicker it will only be costing $35 Raspberry Pi 2

  • around £25-30.

  • It's a pretty stonking piece of kit I have to say

  • and bearing in mind they've managed to keep all of this in the same form factor.

  • It looks like the managed to get a hands Raspberry Pi 2

  • on with one of the very first boards and they're reporting that there are four 32-bit ARM B7

  • cortex a7

  • cores running within the BCM 2836 chip for Raspberry Pi that's been chosen here.

  • That is a mighty powerful CPU

  • running in a very small package. Now they say that Raspberry Pi 2

  • there's very little outwardly to sort of mark a difference between

  • the mark 2 board and the original B board

  • but obviously a lot more power in there. Let me know in the comments what you

  • think of the new Raspberry Pi mark 2.

  • I think we may very well have to pick one of these up to take a look at Raspberry Pi 2.

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  • Raspberry Pi 2.

Raspberry Pi 2


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樹莓皮2模型B發佈四核900mhz SOC。 (Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Released Quad Core 900mhz SOC)

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