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I don't know if you always do them, but like, I think
the best way to get into a video is just to do it.
>> Hi everybody, this is Cry, say hi.
>> [LAUGH] >> Say hi,
>> Oh, hey.
>> Hey, okay.
>> Hows it going?
>> Not bad how are you doing.
>> Oh you know just looking in the sand.
>> Mm-hm, I'm drinking by, whatever, i don't care.
I don't care, whatever, we're going.
>> It's all good, alright.
>> Okay, so the objective of this game is to find eggs.
>> Yep.
>> You keep big, they're pretty big.
because ostrich eggs are, wait hang on, I've got my ostrich facts here somewhere.
>> [SOUND]
>> What did you do?
>> I, I, ostriches aren't fish apparently.
>> Ostriches are not fish.
>> That's a fact.
Ostrich fact.
>> Yes I'm going to write that down I, I don't know.
I want my pen.
>> Hey, I found a bottle of rum.
>> Yeah, forget what I was doing.
>> Oh,
>> Where, where?
>> It was in the sands, oh.
>> Whoah, whoah, what happened?
>> [LAUGH]
Ostrich can fly, oh, ostrich facts!
>> What, >> Oh,
>> Why, what is going on?
>> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH]
>> Okay.
All right.
We found a bug.
I'm going to write that down and report it to the developers.
>> No that's a feature!
>> Oh, okay!
All right.
>> It was fruity.
The ostriches can believe they fly if they try.
>> Ostrich is not fish.
Ostriches can fly.
>> Yep.
>> All right.
There we go.
We got two ostrich facts.
I can't get this one.
It's too high.
>> Oh.
>> Can we do our flying technique?
>> Alright.
>> I don't know what we did.
>> I, I'm flying a little bit.
>> Yeah.
That's not flying.
That's, like, hovering.
>> I did it.
>> Oh.
There you go.
You stood on my head.
Thank you very much.
>> You're welcome.
>> Oh my god, Cry.
Your butt is, like, so big.
>> I'm trying to look at it.
It's not working.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Well, I tried.
>> whatever.
>> Okay.
Oo, I can run.
>> Hey, there's a mushroom.
>> Alright.
Hang on.
Whoa, whoa.
>> Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
>> [LAUGH]
>> What was that about?
>> [LAUGH]
I don't know.
But here's an egg.
All right.
Well, let's do it again.
>> Yay.
What the hell.
Oh, there we go.
>> Ostrich work teleportations.
>> Game of the year.
11 out of 10.
10 out of 10, whatever.
>> Oh, the treasure chest.
>> Wait, hang on.
There's a sign here.
>> Yeah, let me look in it.
There's nothing in it.
>> No, hang on.
Try to kick everything.
With E, or mouse two.
>> Hinnanana.
Well, mouse two is jump.
>> What are you talking about?
They don't even know their own controls.
>> There we go.
Hang on.
>> It's mouse three.
There's balls.
>> [LAUGH] Oh boy, balls.
Their my favorite.
>> Those are those, like, twenty-five cent ones you get in the machines.
In stores.
>> The what?
>> The quarter machine balls.
>> Say what, now?
>> Bouncy balls.
>> What are you talking, what are you saying?
>> The balls, just, come on, just get them in the 25 cent machines.
>> Oh.
What are you saying, what?
What are you saying?
>> You gotta go get the egg, Mark.
>> [LAUGH] Okay.
>> God.
>> How'd you get up?
Oh, I got up there, too.
>> There's another egg, right there, Marc.
>> I got her.
Bonus activated.
Double score.
>> What does that mean.
>> I have no idea, Mark, dude.
>> No, no.
>> I fell in the water.
>> Aah!
>> Bonus lost.
>> No.
>> Darn it.
>> Why.
>> Now, what does this say?
>> Press z, or mouse 2, to kick trees.
>> Oh, I get it.
>> Eh.
>> Eh.
>> Be-eh-eh.
>> Mine was better.
>> Whoa.
>> Mine was.
Whoa, what?
>> Oh.
But, we, we cross the trees.
>> That does not help us.
No, that does.
Check it out.
>> That's not going to work.
>> Ba ba ba ba.
>> I do not see that.
What did you just do?
From my screen, it was totally different.
>> Ba ba ba ba.
>> What?
You're flying in mid-air.
You're, no.
That's not happening.
You're on nothing.
You are on nothing.
>> Hey, we've learned that ostriches can fly, have we not?
>> Yeah, but they can't float.
Or, maybe.
>> Oh.
>> We did it.
>> That was the finish line?
>> Yeah.
>> I thought it was just bubbles.
>> Yeah.
>> All right.
>> Good job.
All right.
I'm going to drink, to celebrate.
>> Celebration drink.
I was, there was, there were golden eggs.
I saw it in the movie.
Hang on.
I'm starting.
I got, we went to the next realm, but I gotta start a new.
Everyone's going to see my password!
>> Oh!
What is it?
Oh my god.
>> Oh no.
>> Oh my god.
>> Oh no.
>> Oh no.
Oh no.
Okay, whatever.
Just join, join, join, join, joined it.
>> Okay.
>> And there's a fish, fish over there.
Oh my God.
We gotta go send it back to the ocean.
>> No, wait, no.
>> What?
>> You'll scare it.
You'll scare it away.
I'm going to kick this.
No, it's gone.
>> Hey, there's, there's a pineapple up...why did you drown?
>> because I went after the fish.
>> Well, I found a pineapple so we feel good again.
Hey, can we kick this statue?
>> Probably.
>> Nyeh.
>> Balls.
>> It's, it's giving us this balls in once.
>> [LAUGH] Hey, oh.
Oh, ho.
>> Oh.
>> Stand on my head.
I want that.
>> Oh my god.
Alright >> Stand on me.
>> No, no.
You, you stand on me.
>> No.
Don't kick me.
>> [LAUGH] >> Why do you kick me? Stand on my butt.
Get up, get up.
>> I got it, it's a green hat.
>> Visit the nest to equip it? What? >> What?
>>You know what, I'm out.
>> No, don't go, I don't have a hat.
I didn't get it, you could of at least boosted me up to get it.
>> Nope, nope.
>> Fine I'm going to find me something better.
[LAUGH] >> Hang on, wait you're laughing now.
You gonna see >> Oh that's not, that's not a hat at all.
>> Are you, are you back yet?
>> No I'm trying to figure out how to equip it.
>> You go into the nest >> I'm in the nest.
>> Well put it on!
>> I don't see the hat!
Oh I can't go oh there we go.
This is a horrible idea, why did I abandon you for this stupid hat?
>> See, that's what I was saying.
Although it was a pretty sweet hat.
>> It, it is.
It's a valuable lesson, though, that people should
learn to not abandon friends for green hats.
>> Exactly, exactly, very much.
Except on St. Patrick's Day or something like that.
>> All right, take drink for lessons.
>> Yes, I agree.
>> Mm-hm.
>> I got it.
>> The main, the score you gotta beat is 9306.
>> 930 What?
Who plays this game that much?
>> Apparently... >>I just fell off.
I fell.
I died.
It hurt bad.
>> Oh, I'm sorry.
It's because we're not working together as ostriches.
>> Ha ha.
I did it.
I won.
All right.
I'm starting up the, go to level four.
>> I can't.
God damn it.
>> [LAUGH] >> Alright.
Fine, I'm starting up, level two again.
Even though we did it already >> I have no idea.
>> Oh.
That's why you quit.
Or, that.
>> [LAUGH] >> I mean that, yeah.
Anyway, now, get down here.
>> You, you want the hat.
>> Yeah.
I want the hat.
>> There you go.
You can go on the head.
Take that hat.
>> on your big butt there, and here we go.
>> Hey, it is pretty big.
>> Yeah.
>> Now, that's, oh, fuck!
>> [LAUGH] You went right in!
>> Dammit!
>> What were you aiming for?
>> I wanted the egg on the boat!
>> [LAUGH] >> [SOUND] Oh, oh, god.
>> You okay?
>> You going to get that egg?
>> I got it, okay.
>> All right.
>> I got it.
All I saw was you sailing off into the ocean.
With no,
no idea what you where doing.
>> I wanted to be the pebble that you throw into the lake and it bounces.
I found a chest with a butterfly on it.
What's the treasure?
>> I don't know.
Something has changed near by.
Look around.
>> Oh is it the fact that there's a giant volcano on fire.
>> No, that's what we're trying to not die from.
>> Oh, we're going to do that.
>> [LAUGH] We're going to not die or we're going to die.
>> We're going to do both.
>> We can't do both.
>> I want to think that we can
Scooby Doo said so.
>> We can't, we can't, I don't think Scooby Doo said that.
I watched
>> Scooby Doo had nothing to do with ostriches.
>> I, I, I watched, I watched, I watched a lot of Scooby Doo in my time.
>> You know, I'm going fucking say it, Velma was always pretty hot.
>> Yeah!
>> Yeah!
>> I totally agree!
Way hotter than Daphne!
>> High five!
>> High five!
I, I don't know where you high-fived.
I high-fived my web cam.
I'm sorry.
>> See, yeah.
You have a cam, it looked friggin stupid.
But with me, I'm just audio, so it sounds like realistic.
>> Oh, whatever.
>> [LAUGH] >> What, what, whatever.
I was just sitting over here looking stupid.
Screw you.
>> Let me see if I can go across that little floaty thing.
>>Okay, all right nope. >> Absolutely not.
>> [LAUGH]
More drinks.
>> All of my, my options cross are depleted.
>> Wait are you still in the game?
>> Yeah.
>> You're supposed to get out of the game.
>> I, their, I can't, get across.
>> You gotta be kidding me.
>> The trees are not able to take me, they're gone.
I'm just trying to get it.
>> Oh god damnit, we gotta do level two again.
You realize this.
>> I oh that, it's like that one level in Sonic, where you got that Marble Zone.
>> That one level in Sonic.
You don't even say which Sonic game.
>> I, fir, first one.
>> [LAUGH] The first one.
>> Yep.
>> Let me recall back in my, I didn't even have a Sega.
>> What?
>> I didn't.
I never did.
It was all Nintendo.
>> No!
>> I played a Sega, but I never had one.
>> Oh my god, I can't do this video anymore Markiplier
>> I'm sorry.
It wasn't my choice, what are you saying it was my choice.
>> I'm planning on going to play Guitar Hero now.
>> I had a Dreamcast.
>> I had a friend who had a Dreamcast.
>> Oh, you didn't have a Dreamcast and you're judging me.
are you joining the game or what!
>> I am trying to join, it's not working!
It's like, knock, knock, who's there?
Not me, apparently.
>> Wait, hang on, get, get out of the game.
Get, get out of that.
I'm going to try it again.
>> Okay.
>> I'm going back in.
>> Okay.
Is, it not working?
>> I didn't say go.
>> Oh.
>> Get out.
Get out.
I'm going to go all the way out, to the main menu.
Oh my game crashed.
>>I have Bandicam, I have it >> Use it more.
>> I'm going to put on the hat, screw you.
>> Oh alright. >> I'm putting on the hat. >> I can't even put on the hat.
>> Woah eggs
>> Yeah, there's a lotta eggs in there, I don't know why.
>> Oh, Cry you slut, what are you been doing over here.
>> Yeah, I've apparently been making a lotta eggs.
I got it!
>> Oh my gosh.
I'm so jealous.
>> Yeah!
>> I still don't have the hat!
>> Kick open your wardrobe.
It crashed again!
I got it okay.
All right.
>> Okay.
>> Hey!
My ostrich on the main menu had a hat!
>> Oh yeah?
>> All right.
We're going to do this.
You ready?
>> I would love to be ready.
>> Starting up level two.
>> I really want a hat though.
Oh nice hat.
>> [LAUGH] I know right.
>> I'm so jealous.
>> Look at this hat.
>> This is the sweetest hat ever in the history of hats.
I want to wear that hat along with you.
>> No.
You got a dibbergibbinaffigibbin.
>> Shit.
You know what?
We don't even need the points.
Let's just go.
>> [LAUGH] >> Don't even need it.
>> Alright.
>> And, it's got the hat, that's all we needed.
>> Okay.
>> Now.
You kick the one on the left.
>> Okay.
>> I'll kick the one on the right cause apparently, they're different.
I did it.
>> You did it?
Okay, good.
>> Got it.
>> Even, you know, actually, I even see that one over there.
So, I'm going to.
>> Oh!
>> Yeah!
>> Yeah!
We did it!
Woo hoo!
>> Yeah!
All right!
>> That took no time at all.
Why did it take so long before?
>> [LAUGH]
I don't know.
>> Alright whatever.
>> Hey okay.
I still haven't found my list of ostrich facts.
>> Oh god,
I gotta go find this.
>> No, no, no, no.
>> Oh that will keep you buoyant.
[LAUGH] >> Break into this chest.
>> I could, I was trying to get to the chest, but it wouldn't let me.
>> Hey, I found some ladybugs.
>> [SOUND] >> The hell are you breaking?
>> I'm breaking all sorts of stuff, valuable artifacts.
>> Oh, my god!
Those were for the Museum of Ostriches.
>> [SOUND]
Ostriches don't have a museum, dumbass!
>> Well, maybe if they have hats, they have museums.
They're multicultural now.
>> I, I, I don't, I don't think.
There's no way that's true.
There's no way.
There's no way.
>> Boop.
What the
>> What'd you do?
What'd you do?
>> I jumped into the portal and it got me to the water.
>> It didn't get me in the water.
>> Well, let me try again.
>> It must've not liked you.
>> [LAUGH]
>> What the fuck portal?
>> [LAUGH]
>> Let me try it again.
>> Oh, sunglasses!
>> What the fuck?
>> [LAUGH]
>> You know what, this is fucking prejudice, just because I'm an ostrich.
it pulls this shit.
>>Yeah. Ah no.
I died.
>> Oh, oh, well so Mister Laughy Pants now, huh? >>Now my name is Mister Laughy Pants. >> Jeez, yeah maybe.
>> [LAUGH]
Just cause I like to laughing at your antics over there.
>> I, I'm going to have to call my lawyers so I won't own
I don't own a person, sir
>> Oh really, really, really don't you?
>> Maybe a few >> Maybe a few, yeah
>> I, maybe, I want to be the gran torino.
>> What is the gran torino?, ahh, chicken, the boat, the boat was sinking.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Wait, what, how did you finish?
>> [LAUGH]
Because I'm good at this game.
>> You were the one dying in the ocean.
Don't tell me you are good at this game.
You are not good at this game.
>> Yeah, I, I thought about how, one of the Super Mario levels, and I did that. It worked.
>> Starting next game, go.
>> That's...
>> Way better.
Think I started it back up again.
>> How do you put on sunglasses?
I can't take mine on.
My, my hat.
>> Oh, it's a trade-off, okay.
Well, you have the sunglasses, I'll have the hat.
>> I can't even put on my sunglasses.
>> Well, then, that's stupid.
>> Can you put on your sunglasses?
>> Wait, no, recording was way off.
>> Oh, really?
>> Way off, >> Oh why?
>> Wasn't even close to capturing the window.
>> Oh
>> Not the whole time, not the whole time just that for Bandicam.
>> Great.
>> I told you Bandicam was stupid.
>> Hey, you just, just can't setup properly.
>> Hey, you just have something wrong with your face.
>> You didn't think about things.
>> [LAUGH] Shut up.
Yeah, you're right.
>> Oh, thank God, we're wearing our hats.
>> Hey, there's a thing.
>> Giant ostrich.
>> Wait, something aah!
I fell into the ocean.
>> You need to not do that because this is a really nice hat up here.
>> Oh no.
That looked so nice.
>> It's so nice.
>> It's so nice.
Yeah, I want that hat.
Why can't I have that hat?
>> Oh my God, I want to wear it right now.
>> And I think there's something in the middle here.
Let me just stick my head down.
>> Oh, what is it?
>> I found, no.
It was nothing.
>> Oh.
>> It was nothing, go away.
It was nothing.
>> Okay.
>> [NOISE].
>> Oh, you're enjoying that nothing.
I have a confession to make.
>> This looks like Turok from Nintendo 64.
>> Oh your right it does.
>> Turok!
>> Except I haven't played that game.
>> Why not?
>> I don't know.
I was a dumb, I was dumb, I was a PC gamer, as a kid even as a kid.
>> What?
Stop playing Commander King.
>> I never played Commander King.
>> Well, then, you have a bit of a problem.
>> [LAUGH] Do you have a problem with my gaming career?
>> Oh my God, no.
>> What is that?
Oh my god!
There's not supposed to be monsters!
jumping into the ocean.
What the hell was that?
>> This game isn't supposed to have skeletons
>> Is this a horror game?
I fell into the ocean again!
God dammit.
>> [LAUGH] >> Stop laughing at me.
My feet are shattered.
>> Oh God, it just killed me
>> [LAUGH] >> We gotta go under pelts.
>> But, I'm going in the rainbow, oops screw this.
>> Alright.
>> Rainbow power.
>> Oh, whoa.
>> Oh.
I just got killed.
>> It just dropped us in the ocean.
>> The portal is not working properly, it said.
>> What?
It started over again.
>> I'm going to go sink to the bottom of the ocean.
>> [LAUGH] >> Oh my God.
How much was this game again?
>> It was I don't know like ten bucks, I don't know.
>> Oh, well worth it.
>> Worth every penny.
Oh my God, this game goes, best game ever.
>> Absolutely.
Who'd have thought it, we gotta look at the hat again.
>> Yeah yeah yeah the hat >> Hey hat
>> Oh God you pushed me in the ocean
You son of a bitch, why would you do that?
>> I'm an ostrich, I don't know what the fuck I am doing.
>> Screw you.
Oh, no.
You >> [LAUGH]
>> That's unfair.
>> That's two lives that we've died to a hat.
All right, don't worry about it.
Don't be afraid.
>> I'm so afraid.
That's like my job to be afraid.
>> Oh, okay.
You gotta be ballsy now.
>> Okay.
Big giant.
>> You gotta be ballsiplier.
>> Balls.
Giant ostrich balls.
>> All right, ballsiplier.
Alright let's go.
>> I don't think ostriches have balls.
>> [SOUND] >> [SOUND] got us both.
>> Maybe we gotta lure him away from it.
>> No, no it's on a patrol, it like, go, if we go now.
>> Okay.
>> It won't come back, because it's a patrolling.
>> Okay.
>> Just hide here with me, hide with me.
Hide with me.
>> Get us in.
>> Get real close.
That's what the hiding mechanic is for.
>> Holy crap.
>> Because we can't see him, he can't see us.
>> Oh, game of the year!
>> It's just like baby physics!
>> Baby physics?
>> Cause that's how they play hide and seek, they just close their eyes.
>> Oh.
Well I.
>> You found your a white hat, dont question it Markiplier!
>> Yeahhh, white hat! >> I need to show you this hat.
>> Okay, get in the game and show me.
>> Oh, I'll show you this hat, look at this.
Alright, okay, alright >> What
>> My head is in the sand, alright.
>> You gotta, you gotta see this hat.
>> It's dark in here.
>> I'm going to, I'm going to present it, all
right, you gotta cover your eyes with your,
>> Oh.
>> Just cover your eyes.
>> Okay, I'm ready.
>> All right.
Open your eyes.
>> Whoa!
>> I know.
It's crazy how that works out.
>> Oh, you're like Michael Jackson in that one thing!
I know, I have one foot glove over my foot.
>> [LAUGH] >> I'm gonna break shit.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Oh, god.
>> You killed me, too.
What did you do?
>> [LAUGH]
>> I think it's those rocks you attached to your feet in the last level.
That's a skeleton.
Oh god there is.
>> This is not supposed to be a horror game.
>> I'll avenge you, I'll avenge you
>> I don't think you're supposed to avenge
me, I think you're just supposed to avoid them.
>> Were did he go?
>> There is giant pouring lava here.
>> I just died avenging you.
>> You didn't avenge very good then.
>> Where you go?
>> I'm going here.
>> What where is that?
>> I don't know
I'm in some pads in an ocean.
>> I just jumped down a pit and won.
>> Good job.
I died.
>> [LAUGH] >> I okay.
>> This is better than Team Fortress 2 in terms of hats.
>> This is better than Team Fortress 2 in terms of engaging gameplay.
>> True that.
Really true.
>> Shots fired.
Cry has made it very, very clear how he feels about TF2.
>> [LAUGH] >> OK, are you following me?
>> Yeah.
>> Good, you're following me?
>> Yeah, I am.
Why is it like, showing?
It's like a spotlight.
>> I don't know.
>> It's freaking me out.
>> It tells you where to jump.
Vote Pedro >> Vote for Pedro
>> That was a Napolean Dynamite reference.
>> I got that reference, it was very good. >> [SOUND]
>> Did you know that movie is pretty ahhh.
>> [LAUGH] you are the last one and you fall?
>> I did There is a skelington over here too. >> It was a sledgehammer.
That was also a Napoleon Dynamite reference.
>> I, I also got that.
>> Oh, you're, you're breaking things.
>> Yes.
>> And the sound displacement's poor, because it sounded like
it was right next to me, and it's totally not.
>> [LAUGH] >> I was very nervous.
>> Game of the year.
This is a wait hang on >> Wait where the hell are you?
There's like four skeletons out here.
>> [LAUGH] I don't think this is the right way.
Wait I spawned here and the skeleton killed me!
That's bull!
>> No no no it's an ostrich.
Oh I found a hat!
Oh, I have a cowboy hat.
>> Where in the world did you find a hat?
>> Where you died there was a chest, and in the chest there was a hat. >> Cry, cry, cry. >> What?
You dirty, dirty, dirty girl.
Gimme that.
>> Look at that.
It's a cowboy hat.
You can have that cowboy hat.
>> Now we gotta get back though.
>> Okay don't die.
>> I'll try not to.
>> If you die.
>> I've got one life left, I'm okay.
>> There's a boat with shiny thing in it, egg.
>> It's an egg stupid, we've got tons of eggs.
>> Eggs, well we need more, >> Cry, we don't need anymore eggs.
>> That egg is going to birth Einstein ostrich.
>> [LAUGH] Einstrich Ha ha.
>> Oh my God, he's so spooky.
I'm going to follow him.
>> No, he's going to come back that way, you gotta, you...
>> No, no, no, I go follow him.
>> No, you gotta, he's going to come around
that, no, he's not going to come around that way.
>> See, I'm good.
There's a chest here.
Hey, I found another egg.
>> Hey, good for you.
Let's jump down the hole.
>> All right, that's how we win the stage.
>> Yay.
We're almost done with the game.
Oh my god, $10 game >> [LAUGH]
>> If they put guns on these ostriches this would be pretty amazing
>> I think we could rob a bank of golden eggs just...
>> Ahh, I've run off again >> God damn it Ark
>> [LAUGH] Ark?
>> I called you Ark >> Who is Ark?
Apparently, it's you, if I forget the m.
>> [LAUGH]
>> I'm going to probably get killed by the skeleton coming towards you.
Behind you.
>> No, no.
No, no, no.
>> [LAUGH] >> There's a lot.
>> These are really bad patrols.
>> [LAUGH] Yeah.
They don't pay attention to where we're going, or what we're doing, or who we are.
>> Yeah.
>> [SOUND] Okay.
>> Oh, hey.
I hit a thing.
>> Oh okay.
>> Oh god behind us. run!
>> Ahh, ahh.
>> Oh no.
>> No.
>> It was shallow.
It looks the same as the shallow wire.
>> I know, the, the, the son of a bitch.
I went in a circle.
I kind of did too.
>> Skeleton.
Oh >> Hey, I found a lever down here.
>> Well put the lever and then do the thing.
>> I think I might die going in here.
>> Do the lever in the thing.
>> I might die.
No, I'm good.
>> I'm going to try hiding my head when the skeleton comes by.
>> Oh, no wait, no we got it.
I'm going for it.
>> Yeah.
Hey, hey wait don't go without me.
>> I'm going, I'm going, I'm going, I'm already there.
>> No, I need your help.
>> Oh yeah.
>> God damnit Mark.
>> Yeah, programmer, MML G.
>> God damnit, I gotta make my way there with shackles on my feet.
>> Oh yeah, I'm so great.
I got fireworks on my score screen.
>> Oh Katy Perry's involved in this development of the game, god damn.
>> She's shooting fireworks right out of her boobs.
It's incredible.
>> Good lord, that's so impressive.
>> It's incredible.
She's right here.
Oh my god she's naked too, oh my god.
>> What, this game is not rated properly.
>> [SOUND] I'm going to censor it for everyone else.
It's going to look like fireworks to everyone else but I
mean it's really Katie Perry's boobs, like right in front of me.
>> Oh.
>> [SOUND] What are you talking about?
>> You want to know a story.
>> Yes I would love to know a story.
>> So when I was little I lived in a house that my mom swore it haunted.
>> Hmm.
>> So, she woke up one night, and it
was all dark, and she's had this porcelain doll,
and she swears by this, that its head was
spinning rapidly, the whole time, while she was sleeping.
Just, like, rapidly, rapidly spinning, like the
whole doll was shaking like a vibrator.
Wow, that's weird thing to say.
>> [LAUGH] Especially about your mom. >> But, yeah.
>> Aah!
There's a hole in the ground.
>> Like it.
I found a new skin.
>> How did you find a new skin?
>> I can change my, my dialect.
>> I didn't change a new skin.
Anyway, that's a creepy story.
How did she know it was spinning all night if she was asleep.
>> I think she was scared and like watched it
>> There's holes in the ground
>> Alright so the trick to this level is we gotta put our head in the ground.
>> Well, I don't think that's the way to go.
Come on, come on, come on >> Alright, okay
>> Come on, come on come on come on come on
>> I'm trying, it's hard to move in this.
>> Something has changed.
>> I missed something.
>> Something has changed.
>> What have you done?
>> I don't know.
What did you do?
>> I didn't do anything.
>> Aah, I see the skin.
I'mma get that.
>> Yeah, go get it man, it's >> It's a moose.
It's a moose.
I meant to say it's a moo, it's a cow skin.
>> Oh.
Hey, we got to go up here, I think.
>> No, I've already been up there.
>> No no, we gotta go up here.
>> No, I was already up there.
Shut up.
>> You know, sometimes I think I'm right.
Oh, what the hell have you done?
>> I'm smashing up everything.
All your personal belongings.
Wait, there' s a rainbow thing, I don't trust it.
>> I do.
>> You go first.
>> Alright, bye.
>> Bye.
>> Eh.
>> That's perfectly normal.
>> Can we kick this open?
>> I dont know can you?
>> Ahh
>> [NOISE]
>> Why are we taking the exit, not the giant piles of golden coins?
>> Well sometimes you have got to realize life is more valuable
>> [NOISE] We are doing the thing, we got to do that thing again.
>> I want to fly with you >> [LAUGH]
>> I don't know how to do it though.
>> [LAUGH], Very precise.
I'm going up.
Nah >> Good luck.
>> It wasn't high enough.
Alright screw you I'm going off.
>> Alright bye.
>> Bye.
>> I can't even see.
>> I can't either.
It's very
>> Oh my gosh.
>> This platformer is taking a strange turn.
We're almost done.
>> Nope, we gotta get another drink, Markipliers let go.
>> I've got plenty of drink right here.
>> Markiplier, get another drink!
>> My drink is still full, halfway!
>> Markiplier, get another drink!
>> Is awake instead of sleeping.
>> Wait.
I got a bubble on my head.
Oh my God.
I got a bubble on my head.
>> I want one of those.
Oh my God.
>> We can go in the ocean now.
Oh my God.
We can!
>> What?
>> All right.
You go this way and I'll go this way too.
>> Okay.
Oh my God.
>> It's fishy, why are eggs down here?
>> Oh.
There's a shark!
There's a shark!
>> Where.
>> There's a shark!
There is a shark!
>> I don't see a shark.
>> Above you!
>> I don't see a shark.
>> Oh boy.
>> Oh my god, there more, shark everywhere.
>> It's okay we just gotta not panic.
Hey, there's a little fish.
Fish shark, I wasn't even near it >> Ohh, wait hang on, there a thingy.
There is a thing thungy.
Oh that's a portal >> There's another ostrich here.
>> Another ostrich? what are you talking about?.
>> I'm looking at one while you're over there, it's
like an impostor of you because of the same hat.
>> What?
>> Yea let me see if you, is there another me right here?
>> No, there is not.
>> I have a second you over there.
It's freaking me out and I don't like it.
>> That is a personal copy of me you can take that and have fun with that later.
>> Well go to Le Pool.
>> french, eh?
>> Yeah, yeah, baguette >> [LAUGH]
>> Dexter's laboratory.
>> Oh I love that, actually they put it on Netflix, I watched every episode again.
>> Oh my god that is such a good idea.
>> I'm going in, I am in the ocean.
I gotta go in the ocean with you.
I keep looking over at your doppleganger, thinking it's you.
>> I, I see more bubbles.
I'm going to get more bubbles.
>> Okay.
I'm trying to figure out which way you went.
>> Bubbly bubbles.
You see the bubbles?
>> Bubbly do?
>> [LAUGH] I don't think that's French.
>> I, I see a portal under the water.
>> Oh, I think that's very offensive to the French.
>> I think they're going to kick your butt.
>> [LAUGH] I don't think the French could kick my butt.
>> I just got killed by a shark.
>> [LAUGH]
Oh no, another one's coming for, right for me.
>> If you look above on UI, you have >> Ahh, it killed me.
>> I found a shiny stone in that.
>> Give me a god damn bubble, go away.
>> I, I, I can't get one myself but you have one on my screen.
>> You have one on my screen so I'm thinking we have one.
I'm going to jump into the ocean oh I died.
>> [LAUGH] >> That's not fair.
>> [LAUGH] >> This is baloney.
This is, okay this game is broken.
>> No this game is legit.
>> [LAUGH] Oh my god I hit a box and I fucking exploded.
>> How did that kill me?
>> [LAUGH] >> ar.
I think we're done.
>> Oh, this game's so weird.
>> because we can't beat this.
>> I think so because I just jumped in
the ocean without a bubble, and I'm totally fine.
>> [LAUGH] >> Oh.
>> Alright, that's good enough play through I guess.
>> If you want to see the last level
you should get it yourself for ten dollars.
>> Yeah, it's a good buy!
Play it with your friend, preferably drunk,
you'll have a great time.
>> It's such a bad game.
>> Shut up, Cry.
It's a great game.
Thank you everybody, for watching.
Click the description link for Cry's channel.
because, he's.
>> Don't, do that.
>> Okay.
Don't do that.
>> [LAUGH] >> You don't have to do it.
Thank you again everybody for watching.
I'll see you in the next video.
Bye, bye.
>> Bye Cry.
>> Bye, bye.
>> Bye!
Pick up the body parts.
You got to grab them.
Like so.
Grab that thing.
Firmly grasp it.
Firmly grasp it.
Firmly grasp it.
>> Aah!


醉酒遊戲實況 Cryaotic (Drunk Gaming w/ Cry | FUNNIEST VIDEO EVER)

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