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  • Young and so naive

  • That's just how I used to be

  • And it hurts me to know that

  • I was so afraid

  • Of the obstacles that always stood in my way

  • But now I

  • See, so clearly

  • The skies above me

  • Opened up the way to a bright and better day

  • I feel alive

  • Now I soar high to reach my dreams

  • As hard as it may seem,

  • I'll find the strength inside to be all I can be

  • Never knew love could be like this

  • Eternally in bliss,

  • 'Cause in my heart I know

  • My love for you will grow

  • Every day I hold my head up high

  • As long as you're here with me I know I'll make it

  • If I try

  • I want to always be with you

  • I'll give you everything I have

Young and so naive


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劍術在線]開場白1英語由裡卡圖沃高清無信用。 ([Sword Art Online] Opening 1 English by Rikatwoo HD creditless)

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