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  • Nice shirt!”

  • Marie: I told you I was wearing this.

  • “I told you I was wearing this!

  • Marie: Well, one of us has to change.

  • Q: Irene writes:

  • I want to create digital products based around my blog content and I'm having the 'scaries'

  • about slapping a price tag on it.

  • The content I provide is top notch and one of a kind. People pay to come to my classes

  • and private sessions, so I figure, why shouldn't I be able to charge for it online?

  • My question is, how do I figure out the best price to charge for this content?

  • A: Great question Irene because SO many people ask me this - What do I charge? And it’s

  • a very BIG topic that I could talk about for dayszzz.

  • Since I don’t have DAYYYZZ, I’m gonna give you a few steps to get you started and

  • help you find your product pricing sweet spot.

  • Step #1. Is you need to Understand Your Big Picture Positioning.

  • Here’s what this means. You never price your product in a vacuum. You need look at

  • the BIG PICTURE of your business and see where this product fits in.

  • Is this an entry level product that you want to feed into higher priced offerings? OR is

  • this your premium flagship product that you really want to charge high a price for?

  • But we can’t stop there, because you also need to think about your broader POSITIONING.

  • Here’s what I mean: How do you want to position your whole business in the marketplace?

  • So for example, do you want to be like Walmart that have super high volume and lower prices?

  • Or do you want to be like Bergdorf Goodman.They have much much higher prices and fewer customers?

  • Your answers to these questions help you strategically price your offering. And then youre ready

  • for step #2.

  • Step #2: Is you want to quantify the RESULTS that youre promising.

  • To do this, youre gonna use what I call themattress method” - which I’ll explain

  • in a minute.

  • A few years ago, we were at Sleepy’s shopping for a mattress and I really wanted the Temperpedic.

  • Now, that runs about $3K which is waay more expensive than any other matress, and I was

  • having a tough time paying that much for a mattress.

  • Then the sales guy said something that really clicked. He reminded me that I spend over

  • of my life in bed, and that the quality of my sleep impacts my productivity, my health

  • and my good looks.

  • He said, “What’s it worth to you to sleep well over the next ten years?” Now I thought

  • to myself, Great effing question dude!

  • Well, since sleeping well essentially makes you richer, healthier, and prettier, then

  • I’d say a whole hell of a lot. All of a sudden, that $3k started to look like a steal.

  • Themattress methodis when you deliberately translate the value of your product and service

  • into real life currencies like time, money, love, or health.

  • Ask yourself, What RESULT are you helping people achieve and how can you translate that

  • value into even more time, money, love or health?

  • For example, let’s say youre selling a program that helps women stop fighting with

  • their husbands so a real result that you should be able to get is SAVED MARRIAGES.

  • That sounds like something you can’t put a price on. But actually, you can.

  • Let’s say you take women through your program in just two weeks.

  • Now, most couples when they go to therapy, spend an average of $200 per session and they

  • are usually in therapy for at least 6 months. So you could estimate that an alternative

  • to buying your program is spending over $4,000 and 6 months in therapy.

  • Or, a worse alternative: a $20,000 divorce. That’s the average it costs in this country

  • according to an organization called maritalstatus.

  • So girrrll... You could potentially be saving people $20K if you can help them save their

  • marriage.

  • Now, I’m not saying you put that breakdown in your sales pitch - but you could. Either

  • way, it’s a very effective strategy for figuring out what your offering is really

  • worth to your customer so you can price it accordingly.

  • As I said earlier, this is a complex topic that’s tough to cover in a wee little video.

  • But the these pricing strategies are solid as a rock. Now take that shirt off! and are

  • enough to get you started!

  • Thank you so much Irene that was a great question! I appreciate you asking it. Now here’s what

  • I want you to do NOW. Use the mattress method to take the results of what you get to people

  • and quantify it and show me what you got on the comments below right now! Do the work

  • right now! I know that you got it in you and I can’t wait to see it.

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  • Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time

Nice shirt!”


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