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  • Recently President Obama announced a new program to create a pool of DNA samples from

    最近歐巴馬總統宣佈新計畫 打算創建基因樣本庫

  • one million volunteers. This would be just one of many government run DNA databases around

    目前有一百萬人自願參加 全球許多國家擁有基因庫 這只是其中一例

  • the world, ones proposed for a variety of well meaning reasons, like healthcare and

    成立基因庫用意良善 像是醫療照護與防治犯罪

  • preventing

  • crimes. But many people are worried that thisprecision medicineis the ultimate example

    不過許多人擔心 這帖「良藥」根本是「老大哥」翻版 也侵犯隱私

  • of

  • Big Brother and another step in ending privacy for good. So, are DNA databases worth it?

    究竟成立DNA資料庫 是否利大於弊?

  • The first DNA database was started in the UK in 1995. Soon, other countries followed

    DNA資料庫首見於1995年英國 之後其他國家起而仿效

  • suit. A

  • 2008 Interpol study of 149 countries found that 54 nations had a national DNA database

    2008年國際刑警組織調查149國後 發現其中54國擁有全國性DNA資料庫

  • and

  • 26 others planned to start one. For the most part these databases started as a way to track

    更有26國未來打算成立 這些資料庫一開始的目的是為了搜捕罪犯

  • and

  • catch criminals. And it’s worked. Using its own DNA database, the US’s FBI has helped

    成效也很卓著 美國FBI自己成立DNA資料庫

  • solve


  • innumerable crimes. These cases have even exonerated innocent people who were facing

    這些案件甚至包括 還無辜的死刑犯清白

  • execution. And Chinese police have also set up a DNA database that has connected over


  • 2,000

  • kidnapped children with their parents.

    靠著資料庫 2000名遭綁兒童得以重回父母懷抱

  • But, the effectiveness of using DNA is not what people are concerned about. It’s how

    不過 大家擔心的並不是DNA的使用成效

  • large

  • these databases are growing.


  • Originally, DNA was only collected from people who were convicted of crimes. However now,

    一開始 只有遭到判刑才會被採集DNA

  • in countries like the United States, DNA samples are taken from people even if they are simply

    現在的情況則是 像美國這些國家

  • suspected of or questioned about a crime. This has grown the FBI database into the largest

    任何人只要涉嫌或遭到訊問 就會被採集DNA 讓FBI資料庫迅速成長 成為全球第一

  • in

  • the world, with more than 3.5% of the country’s DNA on file.

    美國超過3.5%人口 基因建檔入庫

  • If Obama’s new DNA program is deemed a success then it’s not unthinkable that one day


  • most of the population’s DNA will be filed by the government. Advocates of the scheme

    不難想像 政府未來可能強制規定大多數人基因歸檔

  • suggest

  • that the general population shouldn’t be fearful of the new proposal as the database

    支持者認為 大家不必害怕這項新計畫

  • would

  • only be utilized to support healthcare initiatives and catch criminals. But while this could

    因為DNA資料庫的用途 只侷限於醫療照護與打擊犯罪

  • mean

  • crimes are easier to solve, experts worry that mismanagement of such a system could

    雖然這可能意味著 案子不再那麼棘手 專家仍擔憂 若資料庫管理不當

  • leave the

  • database open to hackers. And others sceptics are concerned that supporting the new program

    可能讓駭客有機可趁 也有人擔憂 若支持這項新計畫

  • is one step closer to mandatory DNA samples for every man, woman and child in the country.

    可能變相鼓勵 未來全民強制採集DNA樣本

  • What do you think about DNA databases? Should all countries adopt them? Let us know in the

    你對DNA資料庫有和看法? 所有國家都該成立嗎?

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Recently President Obama announced a new program to create a pool of DNA samples from

最近歐巴馬總統宣佈新計畫 打算創建基因樣本庫


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