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  • You all knew I was living with a vampire and nobody said anything?

  • You really didn’t know?

  • I didn’t know!

  • I thought you were just playing it cool, you know? Didn’t wanna seem all speciesist.

  • Speciesist?

  • She’s not a vampire. There’s no such thing as vampires.

  • She’s a light averse octogenarian with extreme hemoglobin deficiency and really good skin.

  • I’m gonna go and make some more hot chocolate.

  • So, something is taking girls and the ones that have come back have gone full on Lucy from Dracula

  • and you don’t think my roommate being a vampire is, I don’t know, pertinent information?

  • Well, when you put it that way

  • And I’m next! She’s making with the creepy dreams and the charms

  • And the seduction eyes

  • Seduction eyes?

  • I am totally next!

  • Quick, check my neck! Is there anything on my neck?!

  • Wait, seduction eyes?!

  • There’s nothing on your neck, Laura. Youre fine.

  • Oh my gosh. She’s a vampire.

  • My roommate is an honest to Lestat vampire.

  • How do we stop a vampire?

  • [Reading off her phone]

  • Staking,

  • decapitation,

  • immolation

  • Uh, there’s something here about driving an iron needle through her heart.

  • You know, normally I’m not into this kind of stuff,

  • but in the case of seduction eyes I could definitely warm up to the thought.

  • No!

  • n-n-n-n-n-n-no!

  • We can’t immolate everyone that SuLaFontaine thinks is a supernatural creature.

  • Just the ones that are flammable.

  • Because only nutbars make plans to set people on fire without proof of anything.

  • Does Salem ring a bell?

  • We have plenty of proof.

  • Do you wanna put some soy milk into my cocoa? I’m feeling a little anaemic.

  • No, she's right.

  • Perry.

  • Even if we can turn Carmilla into a vampire bonfire,

  • we still wouldn’t be able to figure out what she’s done with Betty or the other missing girls.

  • We don’t need her dead!

  • Or, deader.

  • We need her trapped.

  • We need a way to get some answers.

  • Okay, so how do we trap a vampire?

  • Well, I have an idea

  • [to Danny] but youre not gonna like it.

  • What?

  • Well, we use something she wants to lure her into a

  • rope net or a room full of garlic. Well have to figure out that second part.

  • Okay, so what do youWhat do we use as bait in this case?

  • Well...

  • uh,

  • Laura.

You all knew I was living with a vampire and nobody said anything?


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B2 中高級 美國腔

卡米拉|第15集|根據J.Sheridan Le Fanu小說改編。 (Carmilla | Episode 15 | Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella)

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