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- Have you clicked it yet?
Hi, welcome.
As you can see,
now you can hear me,
and now I want to make
my little community,

here on YouTube, more inclusive,
and one of the ways I have decided
to do that in the new year
is by closed captioning every
single one of my videos.

I went all the way back.
I closed captioned every single one
on my main channel, on my
second YouTube channel,

and, so, if you want to
consume my stuff you can,

whether you are able to from the start,
whether you've always been able to,
or now if you are deaf,
or hard of hearing,

or if you're learning English,
or if you just like to read
videos instead of hear videos,

now it is an option for you,
and I was considering
doing this for a while now,

but then I started to see
some people suggest it

and tried to encourage me to do it.
I saw a video from a
YouTuber named Rikki Poynter

who talked about the importance of it,
and why she thinks it's important
for every YouTuber to do

and how you can get about doing it,
whether it's doing it manually,
which is super easy,
or, if you have resources,
you can send it to an
outside source or company

that'll do it for you,
and then send you a transcript,
and then you just upload it to the video.
It's a really easy thing to do,
and I was actually surprised at how easy
it was to close caption my videos,
and the fact that now millions
and millions and millions

more people can actually enjoy
my content is a cool thing

and I don't ever want this to feel like a place
where only certain people can come to
and be a part of this community,
so that was why it was
really important for me,

and I guess the next step
is encouraging other YouTubers to do it,
so if you are a YouTuber,
and you are watching,
and you want to spread the
love to a whole new community

that just wants to be
able to enjoy the content

that a lot of other people get to enjoy,
but they may not have the privilege to.
All of the resources
that I am talking about

for closed captioning your videos
are going to be below,
and this is not just for YouTubers,
there is something that I
want to request of you guys.

You guys are all over the world,
and I know that you guys speak
just about every language in the world,
so I have a challenge.
If you would like to caption
any of my videos in your language,
and open the accessibility
to your community,

I would be so grateful,
so I have opted into a program
that let's you guys work as a community
to spread the love
and to help me caption my videos,
so that they are available
for your languages,

so if you'd like to be a part of that,
if you speak anything other than English,
the description is going
to have all of the details.

I would love it if you got involved.
It's okay if you can't,
but I think this is a cool thing
that we can do together as a community
to open up this little
thing that we've got going on.

I just want everyone to
be able to enjoy YouTube

the way I enjoy YouTube,
and for that to happen,
it takes team work.
Number one: if you're a YouTuber,
close caption your videos.

The stuff is in the description.
Number two: if you are a viewer,
encourage other YouTubers to do the same
by closed captioning their videos,
or, if you are a viewer,
and you speak another language,
and you want to translate
to your language,

again, all this stuff is going
to be in the description,

but that's all this video is.
I just wanted to make an announcement
that all of my stuff is
closed captioned now,

and to encourage YouTubers to do the same,
and to encourage viewers
to help contribute

to helping me make my stuff
available for every language,

but, yeah, that's all I
have for you guys today.

I hope you have a fabulous life.
I hope that you find ways
to include other people

from other perspectives
into your own life.

I think a big thing is making sure that
accessibility is on the
forefront of your mind

because if you are, you know, able to hear,
or if you're able to speak,
or if you can see, or if you can walk,
or you can do all these things
that not everybody is
necessarily able to do,

then it's not something
you think about,

so I just want you to be
conscious of all the ways

that you're privileged with your own body,
and to make sure that you include others
who may not have the same privileges.
That's all.
That's really, I mean, that's just it.
I hope that you enjoyed this video.
If you liked this video,
be sure to give this video a thumbs up,
and let me know other ways
that I can be more
inclusive on this channel,

because I want to include people
and I want people to know that
this is a space for everyone,

but, yes, that is all I
have for you guys today,

if you want to see my latest
video, click right there.

If you would like to
hear my latest podcast,

click right there,
and if you'd like to
join this little family,

all you've got to do is click right there
to get something my District Lines store.
You can get, like, a shirt, or a poster,
or, like, an iPhone case, or whatever you want,
just send me a picture of you holding it up
and being cute in it,
and then you might be my
person of the week very soon.

All you got to do is tweet it to me,
and then, also, if you want
to join this little community,

all you got to do is subscribe.
I make new videos all the time.
I hope that you guys can
be a part of this family,

and, yeah, I love you,
and follow me on like all
the rest of my social media.

The links are below.
Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook,
Instagram, Vine, everything.

Hit me up,
and, yeah, I love you.
I will see you guys soon,
and, yeah, okay, bye, later.
I know this video is not
informative about me,

or what I'm doing in my life,
or, you know, funny, or a Q and A,
or a P.O Box video, or an
adventure video or an interview,

or a collab, or anything,
but I feel like it's important,
so if you think it's important too,
give it a thumbs up and let
your favorite YouTubers know.

okay, that's all, bye.


你聽得到我嗎?關於一個聰明的想法 (Dear YouTube: HEAR ME OUT | Tyler Oakley)

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Tu Howard 發佈於 2015 年 2 月 8 日
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