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  • The slider is a very effective pitch at deceiving the batter.

  • The slider is a combination of a fast ball and a curve ball that slides

  • more horizontally rather than vertically. Some players that have thrown

  • effective sliders in recent years are C.C. Sabathia and previous to that

  • David Cone, who in 1999 threw a perfect game, using a slider grip. Bob

  • Gibson, historically, was an outstanding pitcher who used the slider.

  • The slider is thrown effectively by putting the middle and pointer finger

  • against the seam on the baseball. And it is thrown with a quarter turn of

  • the wrist, pronating the thumb upwards upon release. It must be thrown with

  • a fast ball arm speed so as the batter will not be tipped off that an off

  • speed pitch is coming. A slider is usually three to five miles an hour

  • slower than a fastball and has late break as Ron Guidry in the late 1970s

  • showed when he struck out 18 batters of the California Angels with a nasty

  • left-handed slider.

  • These are some tips for throwing an effective slider.

The slider is a very effective pitch at deceiving the batter.


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如何投擲滑球|棒球投球法 (How to Pitch a Slider | Baseball Pitching)

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