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You know, we've been hearing a lot about cyber security lately, largely because of what happened to Sony.
Companies and individuals are more concerned about the safety and privacy of their information than ever.
President Obama has unveiled a number of new proposals this week to crack down on hackers
and he plans to address this in The State of the Union speech on Tuesday.
And it's great that the government is working on this. But the truth of the matter is,
We need to do a better job of protecting ourselves.
You know, the most popular password in the United States is password123.
And as long as we're... as long as that's the case, we're vulnerable.
So today we sent a camera out on the Hollywood Boulevard to help people by asking them to tell us their password.
And... this is how that went.
We're talking about cyber security today and how safe people's passwords are.
What is one of your online passwords currently?
It is my dog's name and the year I graduated from high school.
Oh, what kind of dog you have?
I have a chihuahua papillon. And what's its name?
And where'd you go to school?
Um... I went to school back in Greensberg Pennsylvania
What school? Hempfield Area Senior High School.
Wow! When did you graduate? In 2009. Oh great.
It's like... my cat's name and then just like a random number.
Okay. Is it you've had this cat for a while?
Yeah, she's my childhood pet.
Awww... And what's her name? Her name is Jolie.
Jolie? So like a password of yours would be Jolie and a number. Yeah.
Like number 1? Umm.. like my birthday. Oh~ when is your birthday? June 12.
Oh nice, and what year were you born...? Ninety-five.
Oh, great! So, jolie61295. Got it.
So you mean to give my password right now? No~ I cannot do that.
-But we all want to know what it is so we can tell you if it is strong or not. -Oh my goodness.
Ummm... Ummm... let me think. Okay, one is delavie yeah. 468 and then Israel. It's only three but you know it's .. for me it's strong enough.
Gemma123. Spelled G-e-m-m-a.
-Well, most of them are Italian. -Oh beautiful.
-Yeah -Like what? Like what's a good Italian password?
My grandma's name.
-What's your grandma's name? -Maria.
So Maria is your password?
Oh yeah, now you know my password.
Well, the important thing is they learned a terrible lesson.



街頭實測!你的密碼也是這些嗎?What is Your Password?

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