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Over two half billion people have no access to say sanitation.
We asked brilliant engineers to help to solve this problem.
And one of those engineers has actually proposed the solution, where the way is available.
Young process returns sewer sludge, just kind the nasty, into clean drinking water, electricity, and ash.
This is where the sludge into the machine.
It goes up this conveyor belt, displays into these large tubes, we call the dryer, that's where we boil the sludge.
And in the boiling process, we separate the water vapor from the soils.
The soils are now dry, and we can feed them into the fire.
Once we have this very hot fire, we can make high pressure, high temperature steam.
And we take that steam, and we send it to the steam machine.
And the steam machine drives the generator, that makes electricity that we use for the processor and also access electricity that can be delivered back to the community.
The water vapor that's created in the boiling process is run to cleaning system.
After we have cleaned, pure water you can possibly imagine.
The sanitation system as we know it in the developed world cannot work in developing countries.
So what we need in developing countries is a very simple system.
The entrepreneur that owns this process would get paid for the input, the sludge.
And that same entrepreneur would get paid for the output, electricity, the water, and the ash.
I'm very impressed, with the solution we're seeing here, it generates electricity, it generates clean water.
It will grow to the every corner of the earth needed because it makes money every day.
It's water!


將糞便製作成飲用水!你敢喝嗎?讓比爾蓋茲喝給你看!Janicki Omniprocessor

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