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Hi Xiaohong. There’s nothing to do these days. We can enjoy the leisure!
Why do you sign?
Hey! It’s too leisurely, so I even feel boring.
Oh, boring? You can watch the traditional hand puppet show. I have some good disks of the traditional hand puppet show and I can lend them to you.
Disks? Hey! My DVD player at home is too bad. The display is always not clear, and there’s big noise all the time, lagggg…..
Ah! Then you are out now.
There’s a good product for you. I’m sure you can enjoy the clear videos with it.
Oh. What’s that?
Come here. Try this one.
This is the new product of ASRock, ION 330HT. You can not only watch movies,
And also listen to music, play games, etc. I’m sure you will not be boring any more.
I see. But my computer at home has these functions too.
You mean the doltish one in your home?
I remember it always breaks down. And the chassis is too big which occupies a lot of space.
ION 330HT features a lot of functions. The size is as small as a box which saves space for you.
Oh. That sounds great! Can you introduce something more for me?
First, it has mini size and refined appearance.
It uses the High Glossy Surface Paint housing - up to 92% Gloss, which is said to be the same grade as Benz.
Really?No wonder it looks shining. I can use this as a mirror!
Hey!Stop yapping!
It is running a silent operation which is merely 26dB.
It’s your best choice for a common-used PC or a home theater.
So can I use this as a pillow?
Don’t mention such kind of things~~
This machine comes with the NVIDIA ION Graphics, and Intel Atom 330 dual-core CPU.
It brings the full support of Blu-ray and Full HD 1080p movies playback, and also supports NVIDIA Cuda technology!
The MCE remote controller which is bundled with the PC, can allow you to operate the Windows MCE interface easily.
Whatever you want, such as photos, music, movies…There will be no problem at all!
ION 330HT also features the WiFi 802.11n wireless network.
You can easily connect to the Internet anywhere and anytime! Anywhere and anytime!
Done!! What’s more?
It supports the latest 802.11n technology, which is several times faster than the 802.11g.
And it comes with two invisible antennas, hidden inside the front panel. One is in vertical position, and the other is in horizontal position.
That provides you the most stable and unrestricted-direction wireless network coverage.
In Windows 7 OS, it can be also used as an AP.
So you can save the money for an separate AP.
Oh, I see. So it’s cost-efficient. Haha…
For audio aspect, ION 330HT supports 7.1-CH speakers.
The volume is up to 110dB. And it also supports dts surround audio and Premium Bly-ray Audio.
The dts surround audio allows you to enjoy the cinema-style experience!
The Premium Bly-ray Audio can enable you to enjoy the 24bit HD audio in Bly-ray source movies.
Moreover, ION 330HT is the only HTPC, which has 2.5 Liter system,
But can support 2nd 2.5 inch hard disk. So you can set up RAID 0 and RAID 1 array.
It has so excellent performance. So it must consumes a lot of power.
Haha! You are totally wrong! ION 330HT has already achieved the Energy Star 5.0 certification.
And has meet the EuP 2.0 standard, which is to say, the total power consumption of the complete system is less than 0.5W in off mode.
And it features the ASRock unique Good Night LED technology.
It can switch off the power LED when the system is running.
So, No matter you want to download during night, or switch off the light in living room
to enjoy a qualified home theater. And there will be no more annoying LED lights.
Now, ION 330HT also bundle with Cyberlink software suite, which provide you a lot of useful applications.
You can easily edit videos or view photos.
So is this product already launched ?
Haha… It certainly is.
Ah…Where are you?? You fogot to bring the disks of puppet show!!! Wait for me…


布袋戲 (ION 330HT series introduction (Taiwanese version with English subtitle))

5412 分類 收藏
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