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When you give homeless people money. Do you ever wonder how they spent it?
Today I'm gonna give a homeless guy a hundred dollars.
and I am gonna follow him and see how he spend it.
Hey. How are you doing? Good. How are you? I'm alright. I am Josh.I am Thomas. Nice to met you.
Yeah I am just make some to eat. .... give it back to people.
Not gonna be that much but... Everything is appreciated. Oh my godness
It's a hundred bucks here. Oh no way! Yes, keep it! It's your money now.
That's.....Are you sure? Yeah yeah go ahead, it's yours.
I am starting to tears out...It's ok! It's unbelievable! It's ok, it's alright.
Can I ? Yeah yeah sure!
I've never had this in my life. Nice meeting you. I hope you can, you know, make good use of the money.
I will be sir. Ok great! See you!
Yeah I just keep filming. To make sure he didn't see you.
He's came out. What did he get?
He goes across the street. Go go go. Let's go follow him.
He's giving them food! I am gonna talk to him.
Hey! What do you doing here?
Actually, uh...come here I need to talk to you.
I was following you entire time. I gave you the money... My camera is right there . You see a camera ? Oh yea.
Do you know them, like.. No! I feel I owe you apologies. Cause I ...You went to a liquor store right? Earlier?
oh you thought I was going to get all smacked up drunk, right?... Actually I thought you will buy alcohol or something.
But there's things money can't buy. I get happiness when I am doing.
No, no no. I am fine. No you just touch my heart you know. This is another hundred bucks.
I want you to keep it. I am stunned. I am stunned. I am stunned by...I don't know what to say usually I am pretty talkative.
How did you end up to..you know. Where you are right now?
Basically I was living with my parents, and my step-dad had cancer and I get him into hospital but we can't cover , the insurance only pay so much.
I quit working because I have to be available. He passed away, and two weeks later my mother passes away because kidney failure.
Buildings their end is being sold--the condo. And I all of sudden found myself homeless.
It has been four months now. There are a lot of people just victim of circumstances
they didn't go homeless cause they're lazy? you know what I mean? Lazy or like drug addiction .
It could be the divorse or one thing leads to another, a man selled his boat or his home, and everything and all of a sudden and you find yourself no money.
You know there're a lot of good people that are homeless.
You were doing good. You somehow are beyond the seam, and you meet bump into the good people. That's all it is to it.
You're on a different path, somehow in life, I can't explain it.



施捨街友後,沒想到竟然發生不可思議的事 How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

42233 分類 收藏
Sunny Hsu 發佈於 2014 年 12 月 26 日    Gisele Sung 翻譯    Halu Hsieh 審核
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