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  • You think that girl is pretty?


  • Oh, not really.

    喔 不怎麼樣

  • I get it , you know, I see it, but not really my type


  • What do you have for lunch today? Oh you know

    你今天午餐想吃甚麼? 喔 你知道的

  • like a salad. Hey, don't worry about the dishes I'll do.

    沙拉之類 嘿 不用擔心 這些碗我會洗

  • Really? Yeah! They come into this big

    真的嗎? 他們進到這個大...

  • Have you seen Ghostbusters right?


  • I'm, I've seen ghostbusters.Think about that, I seen that it was really good investment

    是的,我有看過捉鬼敢死隊 想想看 我覺得這是很好的投資

  • How much? 50 bucks

    多少錢? 50 元

  • 50 ? It's nice on you

    50? 你穿這個蠻合身的

  • I have this for years and down off the closet


  • What about Jennifer Lawrence ,do you think Jennifer Lawrence's


  • pretty? Does she have pouty lips?

    漂亮嗎? 他有翹唇嗎?

  • You've been in bathroom for a long time


  • what are you doing in there . Oh you know

    你在裡面做甚麼? 喔 你知道的

  • finish my book. So how many episodes of Mad Men did you watch after I went to bed

    讀完我的書 在我入睡後,你看了幾集的 "廣告狂人"

  • just like one


  • 丹尼已經到了 你在哪? 五分鐘到

  • I'm just staying for one drink


  • I'm not hungover I'm just

    我不是宿醉 我只是

  • Really tired today, am i speaking ...Stop talking to me

    今天非常疲憊 我只是想說 別對我說話

  • if you need me. There is a fly in here. Just

    如果你需要我 這幾有一隻蒼蠅

  • stop. So you said you would do the dishes

    拜託停下來 你說你會洗碗的

  • I'm Right now! Why are you lying , you can admit that you think other women are attractive

    我有 現在就來洗 為什麼你要騙人 你可以承認其他女人也很迷人

  • I'm not lying , I'm just

    我沒有騙人 我只是

  • saying , you know, the most beautiful woman I've ever met

    想說 你知道 你是我見過最美的女人

  • and I'd like admit that. Alright!Alright!

    我要承認這個 好吧 好吧

  • How about sister? Do you think my sister is pretty?

    那我姊妹呢? 你覺得我姊妹正點嗎?

You think that girl is pretty?


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