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  • Sherlock!

  • I don't care how you faked it. I want to know why.

  • Your character's gone through a lot of transformation. Can you talk us through some of the main things?

  • Well, I guess as far as he's concerned. It's been two years since he lost his best friend.

  • You know, his best friend died in front of his eyes, and he's had to move on or just

  • be depressed. I think probably part of him does still carry that depression or carry

  • that sadness that you do I think when you lose someone. You know, when we lost someone

  • very close to us, I don't think we ever quite get over it, and John will always have the

  • residue I think of that sadness, but he's fallen in love, and he's moved on. John was

  • always a bit of a ladies man. You know, he's established that he always liked the birds,

  • and this one he's fallen in love with, and they're going to get married. So that's a

  • change for him.

  • I think I'll surprise John. Roll up to Baker Street. Who knows? Jump out of a cake.

  • Baker Street. He isn't there any more. It's been two years. He's got on with his life.

  • What life? I've been away.

  • Sherlock, for an actor, it is the most dream roll. What is the best thing?

  • It is. It's really hard. It's really good fun getting to work with Martin Freeman and

  • those scripts is a joy, and yeah, I love the challenges it brings.

  • Now, if you were going to fake your death, what would you do, and you had a week of anonymity,

  • what would you do?

  • Oh, become a journalist. Turn the cameras around on other people, I think I'd do that

  • for a bit.

  • Really? Get behind the camera, yeah yeah. No one would know. No one would think, would they?

  • The terror alert has been raised to critical. Welcome to my world. An attack is coming.

  • What are Benedict and Martin like off camera?

  • They're really awful. They're just dreadful, very monosyllabic, not very nice to talk to,

  • quite demanding... Martin's like that at home. No, they're not. What can I say? They're fantastic.

  • I mean, Benedict's a dear friend, and I've lived with Martin for 13 years, so working with them both was

  • a joy. It really was. It's fantastic.

  • I was just saying to Martin. I just generally think that actors should always play with

  • their real other halves. I think it works. Yeah, I think it works. I mean, you know,

  • we get on very well. We've worked together numerous times before, and I think Mark and

  • Steve just thought it's an easy bet, you know? That's you're going to get that chemistry,

  • and I think we do have a nice chemistry. We have an ease on screen that I think is quite nice.

  • An attack is coming.

  • I need to get to know London again. Breathe it in, feel the quiver of its beating heart.

  • Sherlock returns New Years Day at 9 on BBC 1.



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夏洛克》系列3:本尼迪克特-康伯巴奇和馬丁-弗里曼談論新系列《夏洛克》。 (Sherlock series 3: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman talk about the new series of Sherlock)

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