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  • How to Understand the Origins of Wedding Superstitions. Many marriage rituals are meant to offer luck

  • to the happy couple, while others are meant to protect them from spirits who may wish

  • them a not-so-happy future. You will need Engagement and wedding rings Veil Bridesmaids

  • Kiss Strong husband Something old (optional) Something new (optional) Something borrowed

  • (optional) Something blue (optional) and herbs (optional). Step 1. Wear the engagement and

  • wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. In the past, that finger was believed

  • to be a direct connection to the heart. Brides wear "something old" as a connection to the

  • past, combined with "something new," for the future. "Something borrowed" from a happy

  • bride would ensure good luck, while "something blue" symbolizes faithfulness, fidelity, and

  • good luck, and wards off evil spirits to boot. Step 2. Disguise the bride with a veil. Ancient

  • Roman and Greek brides wore veils as protection from evil spirits that sought to harm them

  • because they were envious of happy people. Put herbs in your bridal bouquet. In ancient

  • times, bouquets were a mixture of flowers and herbs because strong-smelling herbs would

  • ward off evil spirits, bad luck, and ill health. Step 3. Confuse the spirits with decoy bridesmaids.

  • In the past, bridesmaids wore dresses similar to the bride in order to confuse any nearby

  • evil spirits who wished to harm the bride. Step 4. Seal your love with a kiss. During

  • Roman times, all legal contracts were sealed with a kiss. Not only is the kiss a symbol

  • of the bride and groom's love, it also denotes their agreement to enter into a lifelong contract.

  • Step 5. Carry the bride across the threshold. In ancient times it was considered unlucky

  • if the bride were to trip while crossing into her new home, or enter with her left foot.

  • So her new husband gets the honor of carrying her through the doorway. Follow these superstitions

  • and enjoy a happy marriage. Did you know England's Queen Victoria married in a white gown in

  • 1840 and originated the Western tradition that has lasted to this day. Before then,

  • brides simply wore their best dress.

How to Understand the Origins of Wedding Superstitions. Many marriage rituals are meant to offer luck


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如何理解婚禮迷信的由來? (How to Understand the Origins of Wedding Superstitions)

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