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Triss can you scratch my back? Yeah right there, yeah.
Down a little bit. OK. Oh, yeah, that's it. Don't stop.
Hey guys, Tara here with an answer to one of life's greatest mysteries,
why is scratching an itch always make it worse.
Every one of us has been bitten by a mosquito at some point.
It actually happened to a friend of mine last week,
and he ended up scratching it so hard he created an open wound,
the size of a dime which is disgusting.
But we've all been there , well some of us.
Most of us get a bug bite, we scratch it for a while and then in a few days it goes way,
and we never think about it again.
But believe it or not there are millions of people out there who suffer from chronic itching.
Conditions like eczema and even cancer or kidney failure can worsen it,
and in many cases it can have a serious impact on someone's life.
Well, it boils down to serotonin.
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates tons of different functions in your body.
Your mood, your memory, your sleep, your appetite, even blood clotting.
It produces feelings about happiness and well-being but it also controls pain,
and that's where the itching part comes in.
Chu France Chen, as a researcher at Washington University,
and he's been conducting studies over the years to see what produces the urge to itch.
His most recent one involved mice who were genetically engineered to produce no serotonin.
And he found that when those mice were injected with a chemical to induce itching,
they had almost no urge to scratch.
Meaning that the urge to scratch an itch begins as soon as serotonin leaves your brain and reaches the irritated spot,
so whenever we scratch an itch we're actually doing so
because the pain of scratching temporarily overrides the itchy feeling.
The problem is that
that pain causes your brain to release more serotonin
which intensifies the itch even more, So it's essentially a feedback loop.
Where you're constantly scratching harder and harder to get rid of the itchy feeling
but all you're doing is really making it even more itchy,
It make sense but it does bring up another interesting question.
Why does serotonin cause an itchy sensation to begin with?
Well according to Chen, it has to do with GRPR neurons
which are a group of brain cells known to increase itchy sensations.
A serotonin starts rushing to the part of your body that's irritated,
Its wires basically get crossed,
and it activates those GRPR neurons which intensifies the itch even more.
Chen believes that people who suffer from chronic itching could find relief
once a therapy is developed to block the receptor that cause the serotonin to activate those neurons.
Until then the best solution seems to be lots of anti-itching cream and other mittens, the softer the better.
My suggestion not his.
What do you guys think? Have you ever scratch the itch so hard that made you bleed?
And how did that work out for you?
Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments down below.
And as always thank you guys for watching.



生活小常識!為什麼抓癢會越抓越癢呢?(Why Scratching An Itch Makes It Worse)

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Gisele Sung 發佈於 2017 年 8 月 9 日    Gisele Sung 翻譯    林曉玉 審核



1We've all been there.    0:31
這句話從字面上是指「我們都去過那裡」,因此延伸為「我們都曾有過這樣的經歷」的意思,就等同於 "It happened to all of us."(這在我們身上都曾發生過)。我們往往會用這句話以表達「感同身受、我理解你的感受」的意思。
We've all been there, trying to break the habit of procrastination but failed eventually.

I understand her feeling of losing the loved ones. We've all been there before.

2chronic  0:42
Some studies show that chronic loneliness increases the likelihood of early death.

Many rural villages are still trying to solve the chronic shortage of health centers and clinics.

相反地,當我們想要形容某種疾病或疼痛是「短暫劇烈的、急性的」,就會使用 acute 這個單字。
The old man has been hospitalized with an acute case of pneumonia for weeks, and doctors fear that he may not make it through the night.

除此之外,acute 還有「敏銳的、嚴重的」等意思哦!
The acute economic crisis may have passed but the chronic challenges remain.

A blind person often has an acute hearing.

為大家介紹幾個與 chronic 常搭配的名詞:

chronic pain (n.) 長期的疼痛
chronic disease (n.) 慢性病
Sarah has been suffering from a chronic back pain for years.
Sarah 多年來飽受長期背痛所苦。

Since my grandma suffers from chronic arthritis, she has been walking with a cane for over ten years.

3boil down to   0:51
從字面上可以想像成「你煮一鍋湯一直煮到水乾了,就能看見鍋底的東西是什麼」,因此衍伸出「歸根結底、總而言之」的意思,通常用來說明形勢或問題的「主要原因在於...」 或「歸因於...」。

例如,你和朋友在討論一個問題,最後要下結論時,你就可以說 "So it boils down to…" 來表達你的想法。
Most of the crimes boil down to lack of money.

We didn't fight a lot, but when we did, it seemed to always boil down to the same issues.

發人深省!印度女孩唱出印度女性一生的恐懼 ("A Brown Girl's Guide to Gender" - Aranya Johar (Women's Day Special)

4come in     0:67

某樣產品或流行 comes in,是在形容它「買的到」或「變得有名」。
In the 1970s, jogging became popular, and trainers were designed specifically for comfort while jogging came in.

come in 也可以表示「收到消息或資訊」或「錢進帳」。
Reports of a major accident on the motorway are just coming in.

The family doesn't have much money coming in at the moment because their business failed.

come in 還能代表「捲入」或「參與」,像是影片中的 that's where the itching part comes in 就是指「癢的感覺就是在這時加入並參與了反應」。
We need expert advice, and that's where you come in.

有一個蠻常見的片語是 come in handycome in useful,用來形容某東西「有用、派得上用場」
I suggested (that) you keep these maps with you because they might come in handy some day.

5get rid of  1:51
get rid of 的意思是「擺脫」、「去除」、「打發走」、「丟棄」,這個片語很實用,因為它能廣泛用來形容「擺脫掉」疾病、物品、人、麻煩、事情等身上,在美劇中也常常聽得到哦!
The boy's father told him to get rid of his old sneakers.

YouTube is getting rid of its video editor and photo slideshows due to lack of use.
由於影片編輯器和照片幻燈片缺乏使用,所以 YouTube 要去除這兩項功能。

It took me over half an hour to get rid of that salesperson.

想把英文講的跟美國人一樣?這是你該知道的事!(Wanna Speak English Like An American?)


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