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  • hello everyone I'm a hologram a Steve Jobs

  • Apple created me so I can introduce the new iPhone 6, iPhone dummy

  • mainly because their current CEO kinda sucks and will never be as genius as me ios 8

  • I mean like come on guys who actually knows that guys name IPhone (Mobile Phone)

  • you mean Tim Cook I am well a review

  • enough about that let's get to the iPhone 6 iPhone 6 review

  • the iPhone sixes fold exciting upgrades and new features analysis dummy

  • such as it's completely shatter proof iPhone 6 dummy

  • shatterproof it'd leaked

  • of to reveal

  • well this photo leading a break it all macworld

  • and we all know accidents happen so we made the iPhone 6 completely waterproof ,unleashed,

  • Hall six hits conference,

  • and the largest improvement is faster processing speed ,iPhone 6 unboxing,

  • it completely obliterates are older models hecox,

  • your CO fast it is ,mac,

  • oh you didn't notice will it slow down five hundred times to get the full ,apple,

  • effect ,computer, ,iphone,

  • /url total game-changer ,ipod,itouch,

  • I could be the squealing pig close know what the hell ,ipad,keynote,

  • since no one takes real photos anymore we disable the back camera ,leak

  • and improve the front facing camera since all you Ian Hecox,

  • missiles do now is take self-defense true ,Anthony Padilla,

  • clever girl a bitch in with the Kelvin filter ,Parody,

  • in fact we've joined in on the ramp in corporate dick sucking up the Selby ,smosh,

  • trends so much ,anthony,

  • now when you pick up your phone its Rd in camera mode ,padilla,

  • let's talk about some more amazing upgrades ,ian

  • it's lighter well mare business so much Apple Inc. (Publisher)

  • easier to care in a real lighter around but what you doing no it is not a ,Steve Jobs (Organization Leader)

  • lighter Smosh

  • it's lighter Laurel iphone 6

  • seriously are you that dump well I guess that's just what you get when tom Creek

  • is running things new iphone

  • X him cook you're the one that actually hired him

  • billion ,IPhone

  • whatever just take a look at the size of the screen IPhone (Video Game Platform)

  • on iPhone 6 I that's an iPhone 5s

  • I'm are I knew that your iPhone 6

  • that's an iPad Mini really up

  • the the iPhone 6 nope that's an Apple TV remote

  • my life the iPhone 6

  • not even close gimmick okay the I

  • nope that's not at the Pop Tart ap

  • taste like microwaved

  • up doctor my pocket I've been using it for several months as the greatest phone

  • ever had

  • the iPhone 6 galaxy s3 shock

  • but just talk about the app's there's a new fitness app

  • here are the facts places that need improvement immediately

  • also these marks cops make you look ugly as fuck trio

  • it tracks your calories and motivates you to reach your weight loss goals

  • are you sure you want to do that County on

  • necessary I'm really freaking hungry on all

  • low this is so it's easier than having self control

  • all and finally

  • we've made the greatest enhancement to Iowa since the beginning

  • all Samsung Galaxy phones within a 50 foot radius will burst into flames

  • so there you have it the new iPhone 6 is not very different

  • and a total waste of money thanks new Apple CEO Tom cook

  • oh my god for the last time it is him

  • shell I'm

  • can holograms be charged for murder

  • yeah and you had it on hand

  • the

hello everyone I'm a hologram a Steve Jobs


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