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hello everyone I'm a hologram a Steve Jobs
Apple created me so I can introduce the new iPhone 6, iPhone dummy
mainly because their current CEO kinda sucks and will never be as genius as me ios 8
I mean like come on guys who actually knows that guys name IPhone (Mobile Phone)
you mean Tim Cook I am well a review
enough about that let's get to the iPhone 6 iPhone 6 review
the iPhone sixes fold exciting upgrades and new features analysis dummy
such as it's completely shatter proof iPhone 6 dummy
shatterproof it'd leaked
of to reveal
well this photo leading a break it all macworld
and we all know accidents happen so we made the iPhone 6 completely waterproof ,unleashed,
Hall six hits conference,
and the largest improvement is faster processing speed ,iPhone 6 unboxing,
it completely obliterates are older models hecox,
your CO fast it is ,mac,
oh you didn't notice will it slow down five hundred times to get the full ,apple,
effect ,computer, ,iphone,
/url total game-changer ,ipod,itouch,
I could be the squealing pig close know what the hell ,ipad,keynote,
since no one takes real photos anymore we disable the back camera ,leak
and improve the front facing camera since all you Ian Hecox,
missiles do now is take self-defense true ,Anthony Padilla,
clever girl a bitch in with the Kelvin filter ,Parody,
in fact we've joined in on the ramp in corporate dick sucking up the Selby ,smosh,
trends so much ,anthony,
now when you pick up your phone its Rd in camera mode ,padilla,
let's talk about some more amazing upgrades ,ian
it's lighter well mare business so much Apple Inc. (Publisher)
easier to care in a real lighter around but what you doing no it is not a ,Steve Jobs (Organization Leader)
lighter Smosh
it's lighter Laurel iphone 6
seriously are you that dump well I guess that's just what you get when tom Creek
is running things new iphone
X him cook you're the one that actually hired him
billion ,IPhone
whatever just take a look at the size of the screen IPhone (Video Game Platform)
on iPhone 6 I that's an iPhone 5s
I'm are I knew that your iPhone 6
that's an iPad Mini really up
the the iPhone 6 nope that's an Apple TV remote
my life the iPhone 6
not even close gimmick okay the I
nope that's not at the Pop Tart ap
taste like microwaved
up doctor my pocket I've been using it for several months as the greatest phone
ever had
the iPhone 6 galaxy s3 shock
but just talk about the app's there's a new fitness app
here are the facts places that need improvement immediately
also these marks cops make you look ugly as fuck trio
it tracks your calories and motivates you to reach your weight loss goals
are you sure you want to do that County on
necessary I'm really freaking hungry on all
low this is so it's easier than having self control
all and finally
we've made the greatest enhancement to Iowa since the beginning
all Samsung Galaxy phones within a 50 foot radius will burst into flames
so there you have it the new iPhone 6 is not very different
and a total waste of money thanks new Apple CEO Tom cook
oh my god for the last time it is him
shell I'm
can holograms be charged for murder
yeah and you had it on hand


smosh-iphone6介紹 (IPHONE 6 REVEALED - SMOSH)

1470 分類 收藏
George 發佈於 2014 年 10 月 31 日
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