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  • Curling!


  • The game with the ice, and the rocks, and the sweeping, and the yelling.


  • Each game starts with a handshake and a coin clip to determine who goes first.


  • Then, two teams of four people take turns throwing 44-pound stones down a sheet of ice. The target?

    然後,兩組四人輪流將 44 磅重的石頭扔下冰面。目標是什麼?

  • A 12-foot house that looks like a bullseye, just under 150 feet away.

    一座 12 英尺高的房子就像一個靶心,距離不到 150 英尺。

  • Each team throws eight rocks, and the team closest to the center after all the rocks are thrown will score the points.


  • This process is repeated for six to ten rounds, called ends, until one team is victorious. It's just that simple.

    這個過程會重複進行六到十輪,稱為結束,直到有一隊獲勝。 就是這麼簡單。

  • Or is it?


  • Each team has a captain called the skip.

    每支隊伍都有一名隊長,稱為 "箕斗"。

  • Like a general on the battlefield, the skip calls the shots that will best ensure victory.

    就像戰場上的將軍一樣,"箕子 "可以發出最能確保勝利的號令。

  • Stones are delivered with a predetermined rotation, so they actually curl as they travel down the ice.


  • Of course, this is why the sport is called curling. Over the course of each end, players can throw guards to block the house, draws to try to score, or takeouts to remove the opponent's stones.

    當然,這也是這項運動被稱為冰壺的原因。 在每一局比賽中,選手們可以投擲守門員來阻擋對手,也可以投擲平局來試圖得分,還可以投擲外卡來移除對手的石頭。

  • The skips then spend the rest of the time yelling like a crazy person.


  • What they're actually doing is emphatically advising their players to brush the ice in front of the stone.


  • Brushing can drastically affect the speed and direction of the shot. After each team throws its eight shots, the team closest to the center of the house will score.


  • Or, if they have more than one rock closer than the opposition, they count as well.


  • Once all the ends have been played, whoever has the most points wins. Aside from a few dozen other minor details, that's all there is to it.

    遊戲結束後,積分最高者獲勝。 除了其他幾十個小細節外,這就是全部內容。

  • Find a curling facility near you and get started.




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