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  • This is a place where the world spins as it should.

  • It changes with the world.

  • And in some cases, it is changing the world.

  • The university feels like a major part

  • of this community and town.

  • There is this separation but also togetherness.

  • The beauty of the place and the intricacy

  • and the complexity of it struck me.


  • There a lot of features of a metropolitan place

  • that we have here in Charlottesville,

  • but without some of the metropolitan headaches.

  • Activities outside with friends and family,

  • being able to eat at great restaurants,

  • hang out at coffee houses, attend great art events.

  • The cultural scene here is way bigger than a town

  • this size should have.

  • There's always something happening.

  • The riches of that are fantastic.


  • Charlottesville is literally nestled

  • at the foot of the Blue Ridge.

  • Any scale that you want to be getting outside and seeing

  • incredible sites, we're in a place that can facilitate that.

  • The beauty of the outdoors around here

  • is what drew me to Charlottesville,

  • but the people are what made me stay.

  • There are people that care about you, your family, and care

  • about your goals and hopes and dreams.

  • You want to be part of a community that is constantly

  • evolving, not in a rush, but gradually,

  • so you can piece the place together and make it work for you.


  • I think Charlottesville has a way of drawing people back.

  • It's home.

  • It becomes home pretty rapidly.

  • I have a connection to neighbors and friends

  • that I've not had in any other city I've lived in.

  • After a while, you wonder how you

  • could have lived anywhere else.

  • I remember saying this to myself after my first year--

  • I'm never going to take this place for granted.

  • I'm never going to take for granted what I'm seeing.

  • It's just beautiful.




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這是夏洛特斯維爾(This is Charlottesville)

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