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  • Michelle's husband. Are you there?

    蜜雪兒的老公 你在嗎

  • I am here.


  • President Obama, who's been left to fend for himself this week, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres

    這週歐巴馬總統沒有夫人陪伴在側 他出現在艾倫‧狄珍妮的節目中

  • Show so that wife Michelle could check up on him while she's away.

    這樣一來 第一夫人蜜雪兒不在時也能看看老公近來如何

  • TV show host Ellen ran down the first lady's list of questions she'd left whilst away visiting

    蜜雪兒和兩個女兒造訪中國的同時 主持人艾倫替蜜雪兒

  • China with the couple's daughters.


  • Okay, there's something important I have to do right now. I have a friend named Michelle,

    好了 我現在有一些重要的事要做 我有個朋友叫蜜雪兒

  • and she's out of town this week and she had to leave her husband alone and she wasn't

    她這週不在城裡 而且得留老公一個人在家

  • sure how he was going to handle being alone.


  • Appearing via video link, Obama admitted to forgetting to making his bed that morning

    透過視訊連線 歐巴馬承認他當天早上忘了鋪床

  • and leaving socks and shoes all over the house.


  • She wanted to know. Did you make your bed this morning?


  • Uh... That would be no. And when she's out of town, things get a little slovenly around

    呃....沒有 而且她不在的時候 我在家就變得比較懶散

  • the house. Socks everywhere, shoes.

    襪子 鞋子 到處都是

  • The messy president did confirm, however, that he was still eating healthily - well,

    這位不愛整潔的總統也強調 他依然保持健康飲食

  • that is if you don't count the crisps after the carrot sticks.


  • Have you eaten today, and you taking care of yourself? Did you exercise?

    你吃過飯了嗎 有沒有好好照顧自己呀 有沒有運動呀

  • I did exercise. I did eat, and I ate healthy and I had some carrot sticks along with the

    我運動了 也吃飯了 我的飲食健康 我吃了胡蘿蔔條和一些

  • potato chips.


  • And when Ellen broke the news that she had broken his record of the most re-tweets for


  • that Oscars selfie, Obama was having none of it.

    歐巴馬的推特轉貼紀錄 歐巴馬可沒有輕易認輸

  • I don't know if you know this, but I was aiming to break your record of retweets and I apologise

    不知道你是否收到消息 我先前打算打破你的推特轉貼紀錄

  • for doing it, but I broke your retweet record.

    很抱歉 但我真的打破你的紀錄了

  • Obama later shared the plan he and his wife have hatched if either of their daughters


  • decide to get tattoos - to get matching ones and post a family selfie on Twitter.

    決定要刺青 他們也要刺上相對應的圖案 再拍張家庭自拍上傳到推特

  • We will reduce the cool factor of any tattoo. Michelle and I will be right there, and we'll

    我們會減少刺青理頭的酷元素 我和蜜雪兒都會去 而且

  • post it so that everybody will be able to see it and we'll say we all got matching tattoos.

    會把照片上傳 這樣一來大家都能看到 我們會告訴大家我們全家都刺了相對應的圖案

  • I suspect that'll be a pretty good deterrent for both Malia and Sasha.


  • How embarrassing.


Michelle's husband. Are you there?

蜜雪兒的老公 你在嗎


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