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  • [Music] I'm in a school in England  where loads of these little mini  

  • computers are being given out byvery special guest let's take a look

  • hello YouTuber Dan TDM is in this  school as part of the BBC's micro  

  • bit launch a new mini computer that  will be used in schools up and down  

  • the country to help teach kids code and  to do pretty impressive things LED screen  

  • it plays sounds I caught up with Dan to find  out more so today I've arrived at school which  

  • is it's been years since I've been in a primary  school to deliver some micro bits yeah yeah I've  

  • delivered these so that we can learn to code the  assembly it was loads of fun I had a lot of fun  

  • playing rock paper scissors on these thing and  now I'm going to try and learn how to make that  

  • what kind of things can it do it can do it can do  loads so it's got loads of sensors on it it's got  

  • like antennas microphones it can be a compass as  well I can play sounds you can type out words as  

  • well so it can it's pretty unlimited actually of  what you can do now why do you think coding is  

  • such an important skill to learn I think it's so  important because it's everywhere like nowadays  

  • literally I don't think there's a job I can think  of that doesn't involve some form of computer like  

  • at the base of it right thank you so much for  that Dan I think it's time we check out the  

  • lesson to see how the kids are getting on with  coding yeah let's see what they've made let's go  

  • everyone click on the pink section I like how  you can make like your own pictures oh wow

  • yeah this is an igloo and this is their heart but  I'm looking forward to maybe trying to make it  

  • play music it can be fun and educational in some  important ways you can just use your imagination  

  • on it you don't really need to follow likeinstructions on it you can just like program  

  • it however you want why do you think coding is  an important it's important for some people's  

  • jobs like for people's futures so like you  know more about computing and stuff like  

  • that coding in general what I really like and  to think that there's like this tiny piece of  

  • Machinery it's just so amazing it's just really  fun well it's clear to see that coding Mania  

  • has taken over this school so I'm gonna spend  some quality time with my new little friend

[Music] I'm in a school in England  where loads of these little mini  


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YouTuber Dan TDM 透過 BBC Micro:bit 帶給粉絲驚喜 ?️ | CBBC(YouTuber Dan TDM SURPRISES fans with the BBC Micro:bit ?️ | CBBC)

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