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  • Plastic.

  • Twelve million tonnes of it

  • end up in the ocean every year.

  • Each year, it's likely over half a million

  • animals are ensnared and killed by these ghost nets.

  • But some animals are learning

  • how to take advantage of the plastic rafts,

  • and use them for shelter or even as a home.

  • This male Columbus crab,

  • barely bigger than your thumbnail,

  • is a castaway.

  • Clinging to his net,

  • he may have been drifting on ocean currents for months.

  • Now fully grown, he needs to find a partner.

  • Columbus crabs are not good swimmers,

  • so this male is marooned.

  • Perhaps a passing loggerhead turtle

  • could be the chance to hitch a lift.

  • Made it.

  • But there is more than one passenger here.

  • A female Columbus crab.

  • They waste no time in getting acquainted

  • and start to mate.

  • This pair may well stay together

  • for the rest of their lives.

  • A turtle, after all,

  • makes an excellent home.

  • In return, the crabs provide an onboard grooming service.



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B2 中高級 美國腔

搭便車的螃蟹找到了愛情 | Planet Earth III | BBC Earth(Hitchhiking Crab Finds Love | Planet Earth III | BBC Earth)

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