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  • We're very excited to say that this video is sponsored by Nautilus.

    我們非常高興地宣佈,本影片由 Nautilus 贊助。

  • If you love learning and art, just like Life Noggin does, stay tuned at the end of the video to hear more about the cool work done by Nautilus and how viewers of Life Noggin can save big.

    如果你熱愛學習和藝術,就像 Life Noggin 一樣,請持續關注到影片結束,以了解更多有關 Nautilus 所做的酷工作,以及 Life Noggin 的觀眾可以如何獲得大大的優惠。

  • The human brain is truly remarkable.


  • In addition to controlling your every thought and most of the functions within your body,


  • it also stores and recalls a lifetime of memories, which means that it has an absolutely massive memory storage capacity.


  • Scientists believe it's equal to 2.5 petabytes, or 2.5 million gigabytes of memory.

    科學家們認為,這相當於 250 萬千兆字節的內存,

  • Which, fun fact, is the equivalent of over 60,000 4K Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 movies.

    而有趣的事實是,這相當於超過 60,000 部 4K 的保羅-布拉特《百貨戰警 2》電影。

  • That's really impressive.


  • But it also makes you wonder if all that is true, why are you humans so bad at remembering things?


  • Let's go over why the human brain has this major character flaw.


  • Cue the intro!


  • You misplace your keys, don't remember names you were just told, and forget what you were saying mid-sentence!


  • Seriously, what's up with all this?


  • There are actually a few reasons for your everyday forgetfulness.


  • The first is multi or dual-tasking, which is when you're doing more than one thing at the same time.


  • This is usually the reason why you lose your train of thought when you're speaking or why you can't find something you just put awayyou were too busy thinking about or doing something else.


  • There's also something called blocking, and no, I did not invent this!


  • This is when, no matter how hard you try, you just can't remember something that you're sure you know.


  • It's most likely caused by another memory, similar to the one you're looking for, temporarily preventing you from coming up with the one you want.


  • Another kind of obvious cause of forgetfulness is that you simply forgot.


  • This can happen to old memories that you don't often think about. Kind of like a "use-it-or-lose-it" scenario.


  • It's probably where all your middle school memories are stored.


  • But this can also happen to brand-new information that's stored in your short-term memory and didn't have enough time or something memorable about it to become a long-term memorylike someone's name.


  • And finally, there's age.


  • As you age, the brain goes through some changes, like shrinking and losing connections and communication between brain cells.


  • This leads to a cognitive decline and challenges with memory.


  • So, it's normal to become a little more forgetful as you get older.


  • This channel is 10 years old, so that means I'm 6,000 in internet years.

    這個頻道已經十年了,也就是說,我的網路年紀是 6000 歲。

  • Did I leave the oven on?


  • Wait a minute, where are my keys?


  • Oh wait, I don't have a car! Where was I? Oh yeah.

    哦,等等,我沒有車。我說到哪兒了? 哦,對。

  • If your bad memory starts to interfere with your ability to work, live independently, and have a social life, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of a more serious condition.


  • But needing to retrace your steps to find your keys, avoiding your neighbor because you can't remember if their name was Brad or Bryan (it was actually Chester, yikes),


  • and having to ramble on about something until you can remember your point are all perfectly normal behaviors.


  • Your brains got a lot of work to do, okay? Just give it a break!


  • So, are you bad at remembering things?


  • Do you have a story about a brain fart moment you'd like to share with the class?


  • Share your story in the comment section below and I'll be responding to some good ones.


  • Anyone who sees the value in using visuals or a unique idea to help people learn is a friend of Life Noggin.

    任何看到使用視覺效果或獨特想法來幫助人們學習的價值的人都是 Life Noggin 的朋友。

  • That's why I was, I guess you could say, overly excited when I got the chance to work today's sponsor Nautilus.

    所以這就是為什麼當我有機會與今天的贊助商 Nautilus 合作時,我感到非常興奮。

  • If you're looking to shake up how you learn about the world beyond just YouTube, check this out.

    如果你想改變你瞭解世界的方式,而不僅僅侷限於 YouTube,那就看看這個吧。

  • Nautilus explores big ideas in science.

    Nautilus 探索科學中的大思想。

  • Its stories present ideas that will be debated long into the future.


  • And as a result has established itself as the foremost literary science magazine.


  • You can join as a digital only member or print to receive six beautifully illustrated award winning collectible editions that are a staple of any respectable home library.


  • One of my favorite parts is that in addition to full access to all the stories in Nautilus, members receive benefits like priority access to events, exclusive products and product discounts.

    我最喜歡的部分之一是,除了可以完全瀏覽 Nautilus 中的所有故事外,會員還可以享受優先參加活動、獨家產品和產品折扣等優惠。

  • For example, Nautilus recently produced a line of ocean Science inspired Merch with Australian Streetwear Company Jungles.

    例如,Nautilus 最近與澳洲街頭時尚公司 Jungles 合作,推出了一系列以海洋科學為靈感的商品。

  • Quotes for the collection were provided by Roger Payne, the legendary biologist and environmentalist who discovered and first recorded Humpback whale songs in 1967.

    這系列產品的引言是由 Roger Payne 提供的,他是傳奇的生物學家和環保主義者,於 1967 年首次發現並記錄了座頭鯨的歌聲。

  • All proceeds were donated to Nautilus's Ocean Conservation Fund.

    所有收入都捐給了 Nautilus 的海洋保護基金會。

  • You see what I mean?


  • It's this merger of art culture science and discovery that make Nautilus stand apart from the traditional science news sources.

    正是這種藝術文化科學與發現的融合,使 Nautilus 從傳統的科學新聞來源中脫穎而出。

  • Memberships to Nautilus rarely go on sale, but you can go to this link right here to receive 15% off your membership today.

    Nautilus 的會員很少打折,但你可以通過此連結享受會員八五折優惠。

  • Use our code Life Noggin to unlock the offer or click the first link in the description and treat yourself to more fun ways to learn.

    使用我們的代碼 Life Noggin 解鎖優惠,或使用說明欄中的第一個連結,用更多有趣的學習方式犒勞自己。

  • Do all the things that help this channel grow, like, subscribe and whatnot.


  • We really appreciate it.


  • Click here to watch this video we did on whether or not you might be stuck in the depression loop or click here to watch this video.


  • Lifespan. Io, the team that powers life Noggin is a fantastic resource if you want to learn more about the longevity field or any treatments in age related diseases,也就是支持 Life Noggin 的團隊,是一個出色的資源,如果你想要了解更多關於長壽領域或與年齡相關的疾病治療的信息。

  • Linked to them will be down in the description.


  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin. Don't forget to keep on thinking.

    一如繼往,我叫 Blocko,這裡是 Life Noggin。記得持續思考。

We're very excited to say that this video is sponsored by Nautilus.

我們非常高興地宣佈,本影片由 Nautilus 贊助。

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