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  • Hi there jennifer from Charles speech with your friday.


  • Hetero nim lesson.


  • Hetero Nims are words that are spelled the same but they have different pronunciations and different meanings.


  • Our words today, our bow to lower the head or the front of the ship and bow.


  • What we use to shoot arrows.


  • So the word is spelled B O W and again we have two pronunciations because it's a hetero nim to say the word bow which is to lower your head or the front of the ship.

    所以這個詞被拼成了B O W,而且我們又有兩種發音,因為說弓這個詞是異類,就是低下頭或船頭。

  • To sounds bad to do this start with your lips together and then open them as the air puffs out for that buck.


  • Then we're going to move to the out and to do that open wide in a circle and then move to puckered lips while you do this.


  • Your tongue will start low in the front, high in the back and then it will move to flat in the middle of your mouth.


  • Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow and then for bo you're gonna get and start with that be then you're gonna move to that pucker bow and then you're gonna pull the lips back slightly So let's put that all together, bow, bo bo so bow, bow, bow, bow, let's try those all again bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow and now for a sentence.

    鞠躬,鞠躬,鞠躬,鞠躬,然後是博,你要從那個be開始,然後你要移到那個pucker bow,然後你要把嘴脣稍微往後拉,所以讓我們把這些放在一起,鞠躬,博,所以鞠躬,鞠躬,鞠躬,讓我們再試試這些,鞠躬,鞠躬,鞠躬,鞠躬,現在是一個句子。

  • The little girl gave a bow to the queen and then did a bow of respect, give it a try.


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  • Thanks so much.


  • Everyone have a great weekend.


Hi there jennifer from Charles speech with your friday.


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