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  • So Apple announced three new watches today, the Apple Watch Series 8, a new SE, and the star of the show, the Ultra.

    蘋果今天宣佈了三款新手錶,Apple Watch Series 8、新的SE,以及本次的主角Apple Watch Ultra。

  • The Ultra is 49 millimeters, which means it's really big, but it's also made out of a lightweight titanium.


  • It's aimed at people who love the outdoors, so it's super rugged, super durable, and there's just a lot of new design elements meant to help with that.


  • There's a new action button that you can program as well as a redesigned Digital Crown and a button guard.


  • If you flip the Digital Crown, it also switches the screen to a night mode that's easier to read at night.


  • So I was actually quite surprised when I was wearing the Ultra on my wrist, it was a lot lighter than I was expecting, though at 49 millimeters, it's a big boy.


  • Apple's also improved battery life, so it lasts 36 hours with normal usage, but if you go into low power mode, it'll go up to 60 hours, which is super long for any Apple Watch that we've ever seen so far.

    蘋果還改善了電池壽命,所以正常使用的情況下可以持續36小時,但如果你進入省電模式它可以達到60小時,在目前為止看過的Apple Watch中續航力都沒這麼長。

  • All in all, I'm actually a little impressed, because they've also added multi-band GPS,


  • that's something you only see on Garmin and COROS watches at the moment, and it's something that I wasn't expecting from Apple.

    是那種只有在Garmin和COROS 錶上才有的東西,我沒料到蘋果會加入這個。

  • That's big news for trail runners and hikers, because it means that even if in you're areas where there's GPS dead zones, you should be able to get an accurate position.


  • It also has an 86 decibel alarm siren thing, so you can alert others to your location if you're injured.


  • Plus, it also has track back capabilities, so you can go back the way you came.


  • There's also a bunch of features if you like swimming.


  • It actually acts as a dive computer up to 40 meters, and you know, I guess that means it's pretty waterproof.


  • So the Ultra comes in one size, and all models have cellular capability.


  • It starts at 7.99, and it has three new bands, an alpine band, a trail band, and an ocean band, and therefore, whichever activities you like to do, hiking, swimming, running, you name it.

    它的起價是7.99美元,有三個新錶帶,一個高山帶、一個山路帶、一個海洋帶, 所以無論你喜歡做什麼活動,徒步旅行、游泳、跑步,應有盡有。

  • The Apple Watch Ultra is available for pre-order, and it's expected to ship September 23rd.

    Apple Watch Ultra可供預購,並預計於9月23日發貨。

  • So there weren't as many changes for the Series 8 and the new SE.

    Series 8和SE 沒有那麼多的變化。

  • With the Series 8, the main changes you're getting are a new temperature sensor, which can help with retrospective ovulation tracking, and then there's also crash detection,

    Series 8的主要改變是一個新的健康感測器,「經期追蹤」可利用資料來回推估算大概的排卵日,還有碰撞檢測。

  • so if you're in a car accident, the Series 8 will be able to call emergency services for you.

    如果你出車禍,Series 8就能幫你撥打緊急服務。

  • The SE basically has a new chip, it has the same sensors as the Series 8 does, which is a big computing upgrade.

    SE基本上有一個新的芯片,它有與Series 8有相同的感測器,這是一個很大的升級。

  • Other than that, there's not much of a difference.


  • It does get crash detection, and the back actually matches the front now, so cool.


  • Oh, and it's $30 cheaper, which means the SE now starts at 2.49 or 2.99 if you want cellular connectivity.

    哦,它還便宜了30美元,帶錶SE起價從2.49開始, 或如果你想要行動通訊就會是 2.99美元。

  • Meanwhile, the Series 8 starts at 3.99 for GPS only and 4.99 if you want cellular, both are available for pre-order starting today, and expect to ship September 16th.

    同時, Series 8 僅有GPS 的起價為3.99美元,如果想要行動通訊會是4.99美元,兩個都可以從今天開始預購,並預計於9月16日發貨。

So Apple announced three new watches today, the Apple Watch Series 8, a new SE, and the star of the show, the Ultra.

蘋果今天宣佈了三款新手錶,Apple Watch Series 8、新的SE,以及本次的主角Apple Watch Ultra。

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