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  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 hit songs that were almost never released.


  • Don't go around for this list to be looking at beloved songs that, for whatever reason almost didn't see the light of day which of these songs are you most grateful for?


  • Let us know in the comments, if you like what you're hearing, be sure to check out the full song at the link below number 10 Where the Streets have no name U two U two's The Joshua Tree is one of the group's crowning achievements, but it's opening track almost didn't happen or at the very least, could have been completely different.

    請在評論中告訴我們,如果你喜歡你所聽到的,一定要在下面的鏈接中查看完整的歌曲。 10號《街道沒有名字》U two U two的《約書亞之樹》是該團體的最高成就之一,但它的開場曲目幾乎沒有發生,或者至少,可以完全不同。

  • Guitarist The Edge came up with the arrangement though the band struggled with its complexities.

    吉他手The Edge想出了這個安排,儘管樂隊在其複雜的問題上掙扎。

  • According to co producer brian Eno recording this song took about half the recording time of the whole album.


  • Mm Eno was so frustrated, in fact that he planned to accidentally erase the tapes to force the band to start from scratch, thankfully this never happened as engineer Pat McCarthy caught him in the act and stopped him.


  • The single is now a staple for the group's live shows and its music video earned them a Grammy number nine, Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen, we've all heard the beautifully somber Hallelujah at some point likely from different artists but when it comes to the original version, Leonard Cohen struggled immensely with writing it and getting it released.


  • It took him around five years to write, coming up with 80 different verses before he narrowed it down.


  • Additionally, the album, it first appeared on various positions was rejected for us release by Cohen's record label, Columbia as it didn't think it would be commercially successful.


  • Cohen, luckily partnered with the indie label passport.


  • Even still, the song wouldn't find success until much later when other artists began covering it, it's now an important piece of pop culture.


  • Having appeared in a variety of movies and tv shows number eight, somebody that I used to know featuring kim brah Ghosh's chronicle of a messy breakup still makes us scream it's chorus whenever we hear it, the singer songwriter initially hit a block while writing, thinking just the male's perspective wasn't as interesting.


  • He knew he needed to include a female vocalist to complete the story, but after his original choice suddenly dropped out, he almost dropped the song from the album.


  • He even tried using his girlfriend but their happiness didn't fit with the songs tone thankfully.


  • He connected with new Zealand singer Kim brah and the two created one of the best pop songs of the 2000 tens.

    他與紐西蘭歌手Kim brah建立了聯繫,兩人創造了2000年代最佳流行歌曲之一。

  • Despite making mirrors being Gucci's third album, this single introduced him to a much wider audience.


  • Number seven, Nothing else matters Metallica Metallica is justifiably a world renowned heavy metal band, though one of their most famous tracks is significantly calmer than anything that came before frontman James Hetfield wrote, Nothing else matters while he was on tour, missing his girlfriend at the time, but he didn't think of it as a song for the band and was initially hesitant to even play it for the other members.

    第七位,Nothing else matters Metallica Metallica是名副其實的世界知名重金屬樂隊,儘管他們最有名的一首歌曲明顯比之前的任何歌曲都要平靜,主唱James Hetfield在巡演時寫下了《Nothing else matters》,當時他正在想念他的女朋友,但他並沒有把它當成樂隊的歌曲,最初甚至猶豫是否要為其他成員演奏。

  • It was drummer Lars ulrich that convinced Hadfield to consider the song for their next album.

    是鼓手拉斯-烏爾裡希(Lars ulrich)說服了哈德菲爾德考慮將這首歌用於他們的下一張專輯。

  • The group's self titled fifth album would go on to become one of the band's biggest, bringing them a wave of mainstream success.


  • Nothing else matters, signaled the band's ability to evolve and is still among their most famous singles.


  • Number six, Kiss Prince Prince is now iconic.


  • Kiss almost wasn't a prince song at all.


  • He had given the song then an acoustic demo to funk group Maserati as a favor to one of its founding members and his former bassist Mark Brown.

    他把這首歌當時的原聲樣帶給了放克樂隊Maserati,作為對其創始成員之一和他的前貝斯手Mark Brown的幫助。

  • But after Maserati gave it some much needed Funk Prince decided he wanted to keep the song for himself, Prince could see something in the song that even the execs at Warner Brothers couldn't.


  • The label was hesitant to include a more minimalist song and was definitely worry about making it a single.


  • But how can you argue against Prince?


  • Well you can't, Prince got his way and earn one of his many Grammys in the process, number five, I can't get no satisfaction.


  • The Rolling Stones Together since 1962.


  • The rolling stones have had more hits than most others.


  • I can't get no satisfaction.


  • Was the first song to bring them international acclaim.


  • Mhm But if keith Richards had gotten his way.

    但如果Keith Richards得到了他的方式。

  • It wouldn't have been the story goes that Richards woke in the middle of the night and recorded the main riff, not thinking much of it, he never wanted the song to be a single and thought it sounded too similar to Martha and the Vandellas dancing in the street.


  • And after recording it as a group, Mick, Jagger agreed, but they were out voted by the other members, their producer and the sound engineer, mm needless to say they were pretty surprised when it went number one, Multiple places around the world.


  • Number four, sweet dreams are made of this eurythmics.


  • It's a miracle that the eurythmics even exist, let alone were able to create this 80s synth hits.


  • Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart formed the group not only after their previous band, the tourists had broken up, but also after they had broken up as a couple with their first album, a flop, they took out a bank loan to afford new equipment.


  • The duo was exceptionally unhappy, yet somehow persevered and stayed together.


  • Good thing they did Stewart improvised the synth beat one night, prompting Lennox to come up with the now iconic lyrics.


  • R.


  • C.


  • A.


  • Didn't believe in the song and it was the fourth and final single released for their sophomore album.


  • But now it's by far their most famous track, number three, what's going on?


  • Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye's melodic antiwar anthem went through several ups and downs before it was released.

    馬文-蓋伊(Marvin Gaye)這首旋律優美的反戰歌曲在發行前經歷了幾次起伏。

  • It was written by Obie Benson and Al Cleveland after the former witness, police violence against anti war protestors at Berkeley in 1969.


  • After Benson's group, the four tops declined to record the track.


  • He was given to gay inspired by events in his own life.


  • Gay made the song his own but Motown founder Berry Gordy was highly against it.


  • He reportedly called it the worst thing he'd ever heard and refused to release it.


  • Gay stuck to his guns however, and threatened to stop recording unless it was released.


  • Its status and lyrics are unfortunately for the world, timeless No two, Billie Jean, Michael Jackson, there are a plethora of hits that helped Michael Jackson earn the title of King of Pop and Billie Jean was one of them.

    它的地位和歌詞對世界來說是不幸的,永恆的No two,Billie Jean,邁克爾-傑克遜,有大量的名曲幫助邁克爾-傑克遜獲得流行音樂之王的稱號,Billie Jean就是其中之一。

  • Jackson was inspired by women who would fawn over his brothers while they toured as the Jackson five and later claimed to be carrying their Children.


  • Jackson knew he had a hit on his hands, but producer Quincy Jones disagreed around.


  • Mm Although jones had denied that he felt it was too weak for thriller.


  • He disliked the lengthy intro and baseline.


  • He also felt the listeners would think the song was about tennis legend Billie jean.


  • King Jackson got to keep everything his way in the end and it's now a standout track on what is arguably his best album.


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  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications, number one smells like teen spirit.


  • Nirvana.


  • The opening track to Nirvana's masterful.


  • Never mind defined an entire era of music.


  • But the band members, including Kurt Cobain himself, were initially dismissive of it.


  • Cobain admitted the signature riff came from him trying to rip off the pixies.


  • A band he greatly admired drummer Dave Grohl and bassist Krist.


  • Novoselic weren't too impressed with Novoselic calling it ridiculous.


  • Now It could have ended right there as Cobain had only begun writing the song a few weeks before recording the album, but he made them play it for 90 minutes with all three members bringing something different to it.


  • Yeah.


  • It's now considered one of the best songs of all time and is certainly one of the group's most enduring.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


  • Let us know in the comments and hey, if you're a fan of the song playing right now, be sure to check out the music video for it right here.


Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 hit songs that were almost never released.


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