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I get around 4-5 hours of sleep a night
Five hours of sleep.
Three to four hours of sleep.
Five hours a night.
Nearly 30% of Americans are sleep deprived.
9-6 work, then you go home and eat something then like
10-2 or three is all the other stuff.
I live far away so I get home late,
I also like try to make time to workout
I just have really bad insomnia and I tend to overextend myself
so when I do have the time to sleep a full night, I just don't know how to even begin sleeping.
To me, sleeping is just something that you have to do
so the quicker that you get it over with, the better.
One potential side effect of sleep deprivation is premature aging.
So we brought in a makeup artist to demonstrate how sleep deprivation would make someone look in 20 years.
I do worry it.
At what point will the makeup sort of stop covering up my lack of sleep.
I think I look sort of exhausted under my eyes
It's sort of baggy and my eyes look a little bloodshot
and my skin, kind of looks dull...
There's definitely times when I wake up and I feel like look older.
I notice that I don't get enough sleep because
the first thing I think of when I wake up
is coffee
I am trying to change my sleeping habits
because I know it's detrimental to my health and my appearance.
I will never change my sleeping habits
I will just figure out more ways to ingest caffeine.
Then we gave them a mirror...
Oh my god.I'm so scared.I don't want to open my eyes.
I sort of recognize myself,
but I don't at all...
Oh! Close-up it's gross.
I think it's more disturbing because I look younger than I expected but still terrible.
My skin both looks and feels tired.
Definitely don't love how I look.
I hate the under eyes, man.
The under eyes are the worst!
This is the first time I've ever seen myself with wrinkles, I don't like it.
I didn't expect the wrinkles under my eyes
I look really pale...I don't look like a happy healthy person right now.
I said nothing would make me change my sleeping habits.
I think I'm a little convinced.
It's really weird to see myself with all those wrinkles above my eyelids.
I definitely feel less invincible like
I realize now that these bad habits are going to catch up to me at some point...
It definitely makes me want to change my sleeping habits.
I don't know why I'm actually going to...
It definitely makes me wanna sleep more if this is what I'm gonna look like.
It's certain...I don't know...Melancholy to the overall look that is off putting...
I think that's worse, that projection to the world to look like someone who's sad
That's startling, also makes me wanna sleep.



睡眠如何影響你的面容?How Does Sleep Affect Your Face?

120135 分類 收藏
朱朱 發佈於 2017 年 9 月 9 日   朱朱 翻譯   彭彥婷 審核


現在的年輕人越來越多人是夜貓族 (late-nighters),可是你知道睡眠可能會大幅的影響我們的面容嗎?在今天有趣的主編精選影片中,化妝師靠著高超技巧讓人這些夜貓子瞧瞧自己20年後的樣貌!看完後,他們都不敢鐵齒說自己絕對不改善睡眠習慣了!到底這結果有多吃驚,我們快來看看吧!

deprive 是「剝奪、使喪失」的意思,而在影片中,sleep deprived 則指 「缺乏睡眠」。
deprive 的名詞則是 deprivationdeprive 在句子中則常會用 deprive sb. of sth. 的形式出現,代表「剝奪某人某事物」。
His heavy workload deprived him of sleep.

The flood caused a deprivation of food in the city.


bereave 使喪失(親朋好友等)
The war bereaved him of his parents.

strip 剝奪、剝去
He stripped away his son's opportunity to study abroad with a scholarship.

divest 剝除、迫使放棄
Steve was divested of his power after the scandal.

2be detrimental to1:12
be detrimental to 指的是「對... 有害」,detrimental 這個形容詞本身就是「有害的、不利的」的意思。
Alcohol overdose is detrimental to your health.

一些與 detrimental 有相似意思的形容詞包含:destructiveharmfulpernicious 等。
The destructive storm had caused severe damage to the crops.

【生活英文】想要有效率的學習嗎?教你九個最棒的讀書小撇步!(The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips)

3figure out1:17
figure out 這個常見的片語代表的是「理解、解決、想出」。
I couldn't figure out a way to solve this problem.

figure out 這個片語乍看之下跟 find out 有點相似,但是 figure out 指的是需要花腦筋去做一個決定、解決或理解一個問題,而 find out 通常只是指找出、查明某個資訊。
He found out more about the company through the internet.

你敢不敢跟你的前任這樣額頭貼額頭問問題呢?(Exes Ask Questions Forehead to Forehead)

invincible 是「無敵的、無法征服的」,名詞則是 invincibility
in- 這個字首表達「不、無」,很多 im- 開頭的字也有相同意思。
This team is invincible in this county.

那我們就來看一下與 invincible 意思相近,也是由 in- / im- 作為字首的字吧!

impregnable 難以攻陷的
This fortress used to be impregnable in the 19th century.

indomitable 不屈服的、不服輸的、堅定的
George is a leader of indomitable spirit, not giving up in the face of difficult challenges.

invulnerable 不會受傷害的
Their superior knowledge of the sea made them invulnerable to attacks.

小編在這邊也小補充一下, -able 結尾代表的是「能...、有...特性的、有...傾向的」。

【TED-Ed】長城為什麼那麼特別? (What makes the Great Wall of China so extraordinary - Megan Campisi and Pen-Pen Chen)

startling 的意思是「令人吃驚的」。
The investigation to this case produced startling results.

startling 的動詞則是 startle,指的是「使驚嚇、使驚奇」。
The noise startled her so badly that she fell out of bed.





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