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  • gentlemen, we can talk this thing over.


  • What is it you require?


  • Welcome to watch mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 most brutal scenes in R rated movies?


  • We got us a fight going on.


  • That's a good bit of fun for this list.


  • We're looking at the most intense and graphic scenes from movies with our ratings.


  • However, we won't be including horror movies as that just wouldn't be fair since some of these scenes arrive at crucial moments.


  • Here is your spoiler alert.


  • Do you have to look away during any of these scenes?


  • Let us know in the comments.


  • Number 10 tongue cutting old boy old boy is a movie all about desperation After spending 15 years imprisoned in a hotel room, businessman.

    10號割舌老男孩老男孩是一部關於絕望的電影 在被囚禁在酒店房間15年後,商人。

  • Oh, Dae Su will go to any lengths possible to locate his daughter and find out who's responsible for his captivity, not to mention his release.

    哦,Dae Su會不惜一切代價找到他的女兒,找出對他的囚禁負責的人,更不用說釋放他了。

  • Upon learning some horrifying news, he dare not speak Desu hacks his tongue completely off.


  • As soon as the bloody day Sue reaches for a pair of scissors and sticks his tongue out.


  • It's clear there's no going back.


  • Mm hmm.


  • While we don't see the moment of impact, the sound effects and Choi Min six brilliant portrayal of anguish are more than enough to fill in the gaps.


  • No nine.


  • Soap beating full metal jacket, full metal jackets depiction of military life is brutal enough to give anyone second thoughts about enlisting you little maggot, you make me want to vomit.


  • This is especially true during the basic training scenes where the new recruits are subject to the tyrannical rule of gunnery sergeant Hartman, why did you hide a jelly doughnut in your footlocker?


  • Private Pyle?


  • Because I was hungry because you were hungry when rule violations by private Leonard Lawrence, cruelly nicknamed Gomer Pyle, Get the rest of the recruits in trouble.

    因為我餓了,因為你餓了,當時二等兵倫納德-勞倫斯違反規則,殘酷地綽號為Gomer Pyle,讓其他新兵陷入困境。

  • They treat him to a blanket party.


  • This involves wrapping bars of soap and towels and holding Lawrence down while they strike him.


  • Lawrence has literally given a rude awakening, being beaten and gagged with his muffled screams and thrashing movements, showing just how traumatized he is.


  • Oh and anyone who's seen full metal jacket knows that the trauma does not end there.


  • Number eight sloth seven.


  • David Fincher Seven quickly establishes a bleak and brutal world that only gets dimmer as the film goes on.


  • This was found behind the same refrigerator written in grease.


  • There are seven deadly sins while investigating a string of gruesome murders based on the seven deadly sins, detectives, William, Somerset and David Mills see things not suitable for human eyes at the crime scene, for the victim meant to represent sloth the detectives and swat team encounter a man who has been emaciated beyond recognition.


  • Get your people out of here.


  • Now no one touches anything, There's some kind of freaking wax sculpture or something.


  • He appears dead.


  • The keyword being appears, the man suddenly coughs and starts writhing in agony, terrifying everyone in the scene and the audience reportedly the actors playing the swat officers didn't know the character was still alive.


  • So their shocked reactions are genuine.


  • Number seven squeal like a pig deliverance.


  • What the hell you think you're doing heading down river?


  • The tranquility of nature butts heads with the cruelty of humankind in john Boorman's deliverance.


  • And few scenes are as hard to watch as this one.


  • This river don't go to the entry.


  • You done taking a wrong turn when Ed and bobbie, one pair of Atlanta businessman on a canoe trip down a Georgia river encounter a couple of mountain men.


  • It turns into a scene of unimaginable brutality.


  • Now let's you just drop them pants drop, just take them right off.


  • I mean, what's this all about?


  • The normally relaxing sounds of nature are anything but when juxtaposed with such a horrifying act and the acting from Jon voight and ned Beatty makes it all the more painfully real.


  • Here's a scene that will make you want to simultaneously close your eyes and cover your ears.


  • Number six execution scene the green mile, you've been condemned to die by a jury of your peers, sentence imposed by a judge and good standing in this state.


  • Do you have anything to say before sentence is carried out while the heart wrenchingly wrongful execution at the end of the film is what most of us think about when we think of The Green Mile, it's a botched one about midway through that really horrifies us beyond belief.


  • When the bitter and spiteful corrections Officer Percy is set to oversee the mild mannered Del's execution.


  • He deliberately neglects to dampen the sponge that's meant to conduct the electricity to Dell's head.


  • As a result, Dell's entire body is ravaged beyond belief, making for a drawn out and needlessly painful death as if we needed another reason to hate Percy.


  • This scene is shocking in more ways than one.


  • How many years you spend pissing on the toilet seat before someone told you to put it up.


  • Number five arm amputation 127 hours.


  • It's one thing to hear about someone cutting off their arm, but it's another thing to see it recreated in this incredible true survival story hiker Aron Ralston spends five full days with his arm pinned to a boulder at the bottom of a canyon, 150 mL of water left, which should keep me alive till tomorrow night realizing there's no one coming to rescue him.


  • Aaron knows the only way out is with a multipurpose tool and that it won't be an easy operation.


  • Director Danny Boyle knows how to focus on the moment in a way that makes us feel like we're stuck right down there with erin if there's one lesson to take away from this film, it's to always tell someone where you're going hiking, number four face smashing pan's Labyrinth Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's labyrinth is like if Alice in wonderland were less about whimsy and more about horror, both real and fantastical and there are few movie monsters who are quite as terrifying as Captain Vidal, played by Sergi Lopez.

    導演丹尼-博伊爾知道如何以一種讓我們感覺到自己與艾琳一起被困在下面的方式專注於當下,如果有一個教訓可以從這部電影中得到,那就是永遠要告訴別人你要去哪裡登山。第四位:《潘神的迷宮》 吉爾莫-德爾-託羅的《潘神的迷宮》就像是《愛麗絲夢遊仙境》少了點奇思妙想,多了點恐怖,既真實又奇幻,很少有電影中的怪物能像塞爾吉-洛佩斯扮演的維達爾船長那樣可怕。

  • Vidal is the epitome of psychopathic going to any lengths he deems necessary to suss out rebels.


  • One supposed rebel is captured and has his face mercilessly beaten in by biddle, who performs this with chilling detachment.


  • Mhm And Vidal's desire for bloodshed doesn't stop there watching Lopez's masterful work in the scene, it's clear that Vidal is not someone to be reasoned with, but someone to avoid at any cost.


  • Number three, man, Dingo fight Django Unchained.


  • Some movies try to downplay the horrors of the american slave trade, but not Quentin, Tarantino's Django Unchained.


  • Get back on top.


  • Now, turn around.


  • There you go.


  • There you go, recently freed Django and bounty hunter, Dr King Schultz find themselves in the Gentlemen's club of brutal slave Master Calvin Candie.


  • Here they see slaves being forced to engage in mending go fights where only the winner leaves alive.


  • Use your weight or use your workday.


  • Tarantino keeps us somewhat distanced from the brutality at first, but the bloodshed and desperation eventually become too great to ignore.


  • We're not sure what's more shocking here the violence or that anyone could be so cruel as to ever let this happen.


  • Number two, hand or Foot City of God, City of God, an unflinching portrait of violence and crime in Brazil routinely makes you forget you're watching a movie after vicious crime boss lil Z, here's his name mentioned.


  • He holds two terrified youngsters at gunpoint asking if they'd rather be shot in the hand or foot.


  • He then forces a member of his gang steak with fries to choose one to execute the cinematography, including the shaky camera makes this moment and many others disturbingly immersive and the actors are heartbreakingly effective in portraying a situation no one should have to endure.


  • Before we continue.


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  • You have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.


  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications, number one curbstomp american history X.


  • When we think about scenes that are literally painful to watch, this is the first one that comes to mind after his brother Danny informs him of a black man trying to break into his truck.


  • Neo Nazi Derek retrieves a gun and starts firing in my mind.


  • I imagine what would have happened if I hadn't gone into that room and told, but it takes more than bullets for Derek to express his unrelenting hatred for those.


  • He sees as different when one of the men is left wounded on the sidewalk, Derek pulls him to the curb and demands he put his mouth on it before delivering a devastating final blow.


  • The very sound of the teeth scraping the surface is enough to make us clutch our mouths in horror right now.


  • That's it.


  • And once you viewed this scene, it stays with you forever.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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gentlemen, we can talk this thing over.


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