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  • Everybody knows the Minions, the lovable little mischief-makers that star in the "Despicable Me" franchise.


  • The small yellow creatures live to be henchmen, trusted followers of the most villainous villain they can find.


  • That's why they serve anti-hero extraordinaire Gru.


  • Minions have a unique look, but what's even more unique is their language.


  • On the surface, it sounds like they're speaking complete gibberish, but if you listen closely, it's really an intricate and nuanced vocabulary.


  • Very nuanced.


  • Here's what it all means.


  • "Minionese", as it's known, is a constructed language created by "Despicable Me" co-directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud.

    「小小兵語」,是由《神偷奶爸》的導演 Pierre Coffin 和 Chris Renaud 創造出的一種人工語言。

  • While it may sound like incoherent babbling, the practically indistinguishable words are actually a handcrafted dialect specifically designed for the Minions.


  • What?


  • Argh! What did I say?


  • Minionese is a combination of several real languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, and Japanese, among others.


  • One example of how these words are blended together to create the jumbled language comes from "Despicable Me 2".

    我們可以在《神偷奶爸 2》看到這些詞彙如何混合在一起形成小小兵這種雜亂無章的語言。

  • Uh... poulet tikka masala?

    Uh... poulet tikka masala? (小小兵語)

  • Masala?


  • The phrase he uses there is a combination of French and Hindi that describes the popular Indian-style chicken dish.


  • A lot of what Minions say consists of silly-sounding words strung together from various different languages with some actual gibberish thrown in.


  • So, no matter where you are in the world, you probably recognize something that comes out of the Minions' mouths.


  • Thank you.


  • It's not inconceivable that the Minions would know so many languages,


  • considering their origin movie, the aptly-titled "Minions", established that they've been traveling the world since the beginning of time in search of the perfect villain to serve.


  • Why wouldn't they speak multiple dialects?


  • In addition to all the foreign languages the Minions use to express themselves, English is also in there, loud and clear.


  • In fact, "banana" is one of the Minions' favorite words.

    事實上,「香蕉 」是小小兵們最喜歡的詞之一。

  • Banana.


  • Banana!


  • There's usually a recognizable word or two thrown in every few sentences when Minions talk, which allows English-speaking viewers to feel as though they're following along.


  • Minions...


  • But that feeling of "Ah, I understood that!" isn't just for American audiences.

    但不只有美國觀眾會有那種 「啊,我明白了!」的感受。

  • The filmmakers make sure the movies are dubbed so particular words and phrases still stand out.


  • That means that people all around the world can also have that "a-ha" moment when they watch the movie in their own languages.


  • There's more to Minionese than just words.


  • Like any other language, there's tone, body language, gestures, and expressions, among other things, that help convey a message.


  • When a Minion is happy, he may squeal, smile, and excitedly jump up and down.


  • When he's annoyed, he may mumble, cross his arms, and roll his eyes.


  • These are all pretty universal symbols of communication, so even the youngest kids in the audience can pick up on a Minion's feelings without trying too hard.


  • Also, context is very important in the "Minions" movies, as it helps make the language easier to understand.


  • An example is when the Minions run to an ice cream truck, chanting "gelato" in "Despicable Me 2".

    一個例子是在《神偷奶爸 2》中,當小小兵們跑向一輛冰淇淋車時,他們高喊著「冰淇淋」。(註:gelato 指義式冰淇淋;ice cream 指美式冰淇淋)

  • Gelato!


  • Gelato... gelato... gelato.


  • That's Italian for "ice cream", and it's also the kind of word that probably sounds like gibberish to young ears, especially since the Minions kind of mispronounce it, but it totally fits in context.


  • As simple as it may seem, this helps you know what's going on without needing to fully understand what's being said.


  • Phonetics also comes into play.


  • Humans are wired to understand a word if it sounds similar to a word they're already familiar with.


  • When Gru orders some of his Minions to replace a toy unicorn for Agnes, the Minionese word they use rhymes with toy and conveys that they understand their mission.

    當格魯命令他的一些奴才(小小兵)為 Agnes 更換一個玩具獨角獸時,他們所用的小小兵語和 toy(玩具)這個字押韻,並表達他們懂他們的任務。

  • Papoy?


  • No, no, no, no, no. Papoy.


  • Ah, papoy!


  • There may be thousands of Minions, but for the most part, only one man voices themPierre Coffin, who also co-directed several of the movies.

    電影裡有數以千計隻小小兵,但大部分都只有一個人為他們配音 —— Pierre Coffin,他同時也共同執導了幾部電影。

  • While Coffin and fellow director Chris Renaud both created the Minions' language and contributed voices to the characters at first, Coffin quickly became the go-to guy.

    雖然 Coffin 和同為導演的 Chris Renaud 都創造了小小兵的語言,並都在一開始為他們配音,Coffin 很快就成為了天選之人。

  • By the time "Minions" came out, he was the sole voice of the creatures.


  • Coffin didn't originally intend to take on such a big role outside of directing.

    Coffin 原本並不打算在導演之外承擔如此大的角色。

  • But the ball quickly started rolling when, during the early stages of the original film's production, he made a test voice-over to demonstrate how the Minions should sound,


  • and the producers immediately handed the job over to him.


  • The rest, of course, is Minion history.


  • If things had gone differently, however, Coffin may not have had the chance to develop the Minions' bizarre language because the Minions weren't always supposed to be so cute.

    如果不是這樣發展,Coffin 可能就沒有機會可以發展出小小兵獨特怪異的語言了,因為小小兵並不是一開始就設定得這麼可愛。

  • In fact, during the early stages of the first film, they were supposed to be big, ugly brutes.


  • Coffin told "The Guardian", "We quickly realized that they were very unappealing and made Gru a totally unsympathetic anti-hero."

    Coffin 告訴《衛報》,「我們很快意識到,他們非常不討人喜歡,也使格魯成為一個完全沒有同情心的反派英雄。」

  • "To make him charming, we had this idea that he'd know all of his little helpers by their forenames, even though there were hundreds, and suddenly, Gru was sympathetic."


  • "And from that first scene, we knew the Minions gave the other characters counter-balance, had great comedic potential, and were super cute."


  • Alright, everygo, go, go to bed.


  • Thanks for watching.


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Everybody knows the Minions, the lovable little mischief-makers that star in the "Despicable Me" franchise.


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《神偷奶爸》最可愛的配角——小小兵的語言是怎麼創造出來的?! (The Minions' Language In Despicable Me Explained | Netflix)

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