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  • In today's Business English episode we're  talking about the art of negotiation.

  • Now, negotiating looks  different in different cultures.

  • But, today we're going to  look at the first two steps  

  • and language must-haves to negotiate  within a British cultural context.

  • So, to start off with, you  have to take step number 1:

  • Learn the gentle art of small talk.

  • Don't get down to business straight away.

  • Morning, morning, so I'll give  you £200 for 10 garden gomes.

  • That approach is just going to frighten people,  

  • and make everyone feel uncomfortable. Rather, you need to break the ice.

  • Hi, lovely day today isn't it?  I thought it was going to rain

  • I know, we should conduct this meeting  outside, although apparently it's not  

  • going to last. My app says it's going  to rain in 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

  • Or

  • Hi Hello, welcome! Before we start,  

  • would you like a cup of tea and some cake? Yes please, oh my goodness, you've read my mind

  • This cake is just amazing, did  you, did you make it this morning

  • Oh that's very kind of you, no, no, no, it's just  Marks and Spencers, but they're good aren't they?

  • The best small talk is on topics that aren't  

  • controversial. Never talk about things  that people feel too emotional about,

  • for example, politics, financeswhether you love or hate Marmite.

  • The best and most comfortable small talk  is when you talk about everyday things.  

  • Food, travel, the weather.

  • Once you've covered the appropriate subjects for  small talk, you need to take step number two:

  • Open negotiations reluctantly. I'm sorry, you're not there to negotiate, they're  

  • not there to negotiate, who's here to negotiate? You all are

  • After 10 minutes of tea, cake, talking about  whether you should bring your umbrella to work  

  • tomorrow, you can shift into the,  'let's get down to business' gear.

  • Do me a favour, take a pen and paper  and write down these sentences.

  • 'I suppose we'd better get  started. Does anyone mind?' 

  • 'If no one objects, shall we  take a look at the agenda?' 

  • 'Would anyone like more tea  before we get cracking?'

  • Remember, you need to make it sound  like you're having such a good time  

  • and the last thing you want  to do is start negotiations.

  • Cue step number three:

  • Make your proposal.

  • But I won't talk about it in this video.  

  • If you want to read about the 6 language  must-haves to negotiate in English,  

  • read the blog linked to above. You'll be selling gnomes in no time!

  • We have so much Business English  language knowledge and skills that  

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  • To read the full blog, the link is also in  the description. See you next time, bye!

In today's Business English episode we're  talking about the art of negotiation.


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