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  • If you've walked across a school, or office campus, or through a shopping center, you've probably noticed little paths like this.


  • Perhaps you took the shortcut through the bushes instead of staying on the formal brick path,


  • or maybe you shook your head at the thoughtless cretins who trampled through the landscaping just to shave a few seconds off of their walk.


  • These rogue paths have been called desire lines, desire paths, cow paths and they've had a surprising influence on the technology we use every day.


  • In 1998, Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas won a fiercely competitive bid to design a new building at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

    1998 年時,荷蘭建築師雷姆·庫哈斯在激烈的競爭下贏得了為伊利諾理工學院設計一棟新建築的建案。

  • It would be his first project in the United States.


  • This is what he designed.


  • Back in 1997, he had a team go and observe the way students moved across campus: the way they cut to and from residence halls and academic buildings across this lot under the train tracks.

    在 1997 年時,他派了一個團隊到大學中觀察學生們是怎麼橫跨校園移動的,查看他們在往來宿舍區與學術建築時,是怎麼橫跨這個在鐵軌下的區域。

  • He used those desire lines to inform the interior layout of the building, which won wide critical acclaim at its unveiling.


  • Schools from the University of Maryland to UC Berkeley, to Virginia Tech, Ohio state all have some version of this lore.


  • The campus was pathless until students formed their own paths, which were later formalized by bricks.


  • Weirdly enough, hashtags are another example of desire lines at work.

    奇怪的是,井字號標註 (#) 也是期望路線現象的例子之一。

  • They're everywhere now.


  • But Twitter's designers didn't build that feature, their users did.


  • In early 2007, a Twitter user who also happen to be a developer, Chris Messina suggested that Twitter begin grouping topics using the hash symbol.

    在 2007 年初,一名同時也是網頁開發者的推特用戶克里斯·梅席納建議推特可以利用井字號來開始統整網站上的話題。

  • Twitter kind of shrugged it off.


  • There are fires all along the roadway there.


  • It just came roaring through. In the matter of...


  • In October 2007, San Diego County was besieged by a series of wildfires.

    2007 年 10 月,聖地牙哥郡被一連串的野火所圍困。

  • Fire just seems to be uncontrollable, unpredictable. I... There's just no words.

    火勢看起來完無法控制且無法預測。我... 完全無話可說。

  • For almost a month, the county was engulfed in flames.


  • Over a half a million people were evacuated and ten people died.

    超過 50 萬人被疏散,十人死亡。

  • During the firestorm, people began using the #sandiegofire at Messina's suggestion to post updates about the rapidly changing situation.

    在這場大火之中,人們開始依照梅席納的建議使用了 #sandiegofire 標註,來不斷更新快速變化的火勢。

  • It was clear that people wanted a way to join specific conversations organized by topic.


  • The hashtag took off.


  • By 2009, Twitter had officially incorporated the hashtag into its platform.

    到了 2009 年,推特正式地將井字號功能整合到了平台之中。

  • Desire lines are the unvarnished truth about how people use what you've built.


  • So, pave the cow paths has emerged as a mantra among the people who build apps and platforms user experience designers.


  • They think of the Internet as a wide open, grassy plain and they can watch to see what users do and where they go.


  • Once you see how desire lines work, you'll spot them everywhere.


  • Celebrities from Ariana Grande, to Kim Kardashian, to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, have all used screenshots of the notes app to get around the limitations of Twitter or Instagram.

    從亞莉安娜·格蘭德到金·卡黛珊,再到推特的創始人傑克‧多爾希等等的名人都曾經使用筆記應用程式的螢幕截圖來規避推特或 Instagram 的字數限制。

  • So, you could think of that as a desire line.


  • Google's autocomplete search results are another response to desire lines.

    Google 的自動建議搜尋結果也是對期望路線的回應。

  • So, our job is to watch for these desire paths emerging and where appropriate pave them.


  • Designers are using our behaviors and desires to shape the digital worlds we inhabit.


  • Now that you know what desire lines are and how they function, you'll probably start seeing and feeling them at work in all of the digital tools you use.


  • Thanks so much for watching.


  • Beat a path down with the comments section to chat all these desire lines.


  • What examples have you noticed in the digital world or the physical world?


  • Like, subscribe and we'll see you next time.


If you've walked across a school, or office campus, or through a shopping center, you've probably noticed little paths like this.


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